“We are in LUCK… I found it”

This looks like my first bike… and do you see that it comes with brakes??? – – That’s right…  that  “big FOOT” of my DAD’s – – keeps me from going – – when  I want to get moving on! – – BUT… I guess we have to stop… for “PICTURE” taking. This PHOTO is so old and almost faded out – – can hardly tell if  – – the baby is my brother, Denny, Jr., or  or baby, Tommy?  That is my DAD,  Denny, Sr., – – probably  checking out  – – how far I can go down the street – – in each direction – – to see if – – I get too tired to ride back? – –  I was always on the move to go – – surprised that  I did not get lost?

Here we are on Clara Avenue – – the house  in “Pine Lawn” sold so fast – – and then we could not find another house – – this was during the beginning WWII years – – and with three children – –  my parents were looking for a house to buy – – but the TIMES – – were hard for everyone.

This is baby, TOMMY and ME – – looks like I was like all the women in those years – – wearing slacks and a “HAIR  NET” – – since all the young men were drafted for the WAR effort – – and the women were now working in the “ammunition plants” – – we did have to do our part – – no matter what!

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