“When all is said and Done…”

“Sitting in your very own… “Rocking Chair” is the best TIME spent – – – doing and or going somewhere!”

When “YOU” stop to think about how much TIME is spent in the just sitting around position – –  My favorite spot is a very good “Rocking Chair” – – it is so comfortable – – while just sitting – – and if the need arises – – – well just put those legs to work – – a little lite push – – now and then – – and your back nerves are feeling so relaxed – – you could just fall asleep.

I have had all kinds of  “Rockers” – – over the years – – and have  found…   that the ones that have plenty of sitting room – – should you feel like doing some “Crocheting and or Embroidery” work  – – you will have enough room – – to set something near to be used – – without stretching a mile or two away.

Another thing that I like for the comfort that  will keep me “HAPPY” to be sitting for a long period of TIME – – is for the “ROCKER” to have fitted…   but,  removable cushions for that extra  TIME  spent – – and the “BONES” – – do not feel like they are bearing too much pressure – – requiring an early  “get-up and move” – – to recirculate the “Blood” to the legs.

AND… of course – –  – – if there is a foot stool handy – – and adjusted so that I can prop up the legs for a “CAT NAP” – – that would only mean one other thing to have fitted for the perfect “ROCKER” for me – – – A very nice and cozy  “Head-Pillow” – – that fits around the  top of the “ROCKER” – – for  when you just want to take a “snooze” – – or like the “CAT” – – a quick  “40 WINKS” – – so that – – having rested just enough – – can NOW take on the WORLD and whatever the next “JOB” is … just a waiting to be taken care  of – – so that as the “WORLD TURNS” – – “I’ve had my “40” and now “rip roaring-to-go” – – before the day is over.

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