“GRATITUDE is of an inner ATTITUDE”

In  November… if ever we should start being GRATEFUL – –  take a  note  from the change of the “SEASONS”… it was “WARM” and now…  it is turning “COLD” – – but…  there is a lesson to learn – –  in the words of  changing  our  “ATTITUDE” by just showing the world our   “GRATITUDE.”

Each and every day we are different – – change is in  just the slightest way – – and  makes for us to act differently  in all of our duties for the day – – someone near offends us – – a word or two that we  just do not like – – the words sounded harsh – – where not what we thought we should have received – our immediate thought is how we should retaliate in some defensive way – – and we  are brewing an internal hurricane… to be sprawling out in full force to and on  everyone near and dear.

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So… with an  “ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE”  in yourself… each day and very early in the morning – – just with the ‘mind-set’ that to make this the best day for those near and dear – – we will find at the end of the day – – we feel so good – – something special happened to all those in that  day – – they just sorta – – were so happy and pleased with what we were all doing – – “It just seem to be a magical day…I’m going to do the very  same  in the morning.”

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Each and every morning – – no matter what – – this month of   “NOVEMBER” – -I am  going to ask our Almighty YAHWEH – – to lead me in his ways – – to put others’ and their feeling first and foremost – – checking that I can see and am willing to be of a support in their ways of doing things  – – holding back the usual words of complaint and disagreement – – that leads to discouragement in their plans – – helping them to know that what they have to do and what they  are thinking  about  – – needs my encouragement to help  them feel so good – – that  my “ATTITUDE”  is the correct helping hand they need.

“Gratitude” is received back  and forth – – when the  “ATTITUDE” is working on the front burners – – sleeping better at night and waking up each day with the best of   “ATTITUDES” – – we will all find “LIFE is WORTHWHILE” – –  and ever so much more enjoyable for all… for ever!   D.V.

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