“Remembering Gail Porter – – one more time”

May 13th…  is GAIL’s  BIRTHDAY – – and we sure do not want to forget to wish “GAIL” a very “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” – – and with the Almighty YAHWEH’s  BLESSINGS – – many more!”

1952 Class 001

Happy Birthday to Gail – – from all of your old and do I mean old class-mates  and that is even  – – if – – half of us are still around to lift a glass of something to cheer you on –  for many more years  – and hopefully – we can all remember the words – –  to the “Happy Birthday” song!

L to R – Back row – Stella – Mary Ellen – Gail

L to R  – Front row – Mary Agnes – Jeanne – Theresa – Violet

Taking this picture is Betty Jean  – –   “Elma and Eleanor”    – – would make the rest of our class mates – – were not around at the time we  were taking a few photos.

In the photo on the right –  is Mary Ellen and Eleanor and this is in  the NORTH Saint Louis area  –  and some time… after we had graduated from German Saint Vincent’s Orphanage.

Gail – – – –  have the very best   “Birthday”  ever!  “BEST of WISHES”  from all the rest of your class-mates – –  via  my thinking of you and our class – – even if … half are no longer here – – but are wishing to you… all the best – – from the great beyond!.

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“MAY” – – -“May Almighty YAHWEH” – – know that … when I look at this PHOTO  of  “Alan… Alyssa… Jaime”… my terrific “Grand-Children” – – I have to give “THANKS”  from the bottom of my “HEART”  for the privilege…  to be  Grand-Mother  – – for the most wonderful of wonderful  “GIFTS”  – – that HE could have given to me.

Just have to take a moment – – for some thoughts to shift around in my brain – –  in the BIBLE – – there is a verse regarding  – “GIFTS and PRAYERS”…     ‘we’ receive not, because ‘we’ ask not.

In GRADE SCHOOL – – I remember praying for that which I thought I wanted – – and so strongly – – that…  I have even prayed Novenas and lit candles in hopes of receiving – – but nothing  seem to be  working  – –  that is… the way that I thought “it”  should. My “Prayer Petitions”  were on going for years – – no positive answer. As TIME  passed – – that  “old” request was no longer on  the request board – – situations changed – – and no longer of  a need.

Years and years later… there were lots of things that just seem…  to fall into place – – all good for me and everyone around me. Then…not having a very special  “WISH” to request some special intercession for – –  but a  good TIME to review LIFE…  and how things were going – –  “IT” – dawned on me.

A TIME came to just talk with a friend – – and I remember telling  this about PRAYERS.   We need to PRAY – – often and always – – not just for some special thing and or changes or even wishes that …  we think  – – that we need – – because “PRAYERS”  are really conversations  with… our CREATOR, the ONE that LOVES you and  me…  and wants to be with you  and me  in all that  we do.

So… after  – –  all those “PRAYERS” that I had said for years – – and with no answer – –  ‘they’ were like money in the ‘BANK of HEAVEN’  – – someday – – when really needed…  for the right ways of my LIFE to flow – – then  … the “BANK DOOR”  opens – -and plenty of good things just start happening – – like never before – –  looks like over the years – -I had built up a  very good credit  account  – – and with learning to take  “TIME to TALK”  – – with the ALMIGHTY – – and without a ‘laundry list’  – – but with a  most grateful and THANKFUL  HEART – –  –  NOW – –  for the  most wonderful of wonderful GIFTS… for me to have received – – are my   wonderful  “GRAND-CHILDREN”  – – especially chosen – – just for me…  “I am  NOW …  remembering always to give “THANKS” – – every  ‘twenty-four and seven’ – – for as long as I receive the breath of Life!”   DV

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“Just one more PHOTO – – – JAIME, the “BIRTHDAY GIRL” with “DADDY” – – and big sister “ALYSSA” – – and one more big…”HAPPY BIRTHDAY” – – with  many more BIRTHDAYS – – forever”

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, closeup and indoor

“Happiness is the one thing we LOVE to SEE  – –  and  when “IRISH EYES” are SMILING – – with large amounts of LOVE – – that is the “NAME” for the above PHOTO – – – “SMILE and give everyone Millions in LOVE” – – share and pass  “IT”… on.”

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“If you want to fly, it’s the moment…”

Close your eyes and enjoy it <3


If you want to fly, it's the moment… Close your eyes and enj…

If you want to fly, it's the moment…Close your eyes and enjoy it <3

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“A Special Day for An Extra-SPECIAL PERSON” “JAIME”

Sure hope,  that  – – everyone … has TODAY… circled in RED INK – – “It is “JAIME’s BIRTHDAY… TODAY” – –  and my rule…  is – –  to celebrate  for “SPECIAL” occasions… all week!

“Here we are – – the whole FAMILY… wishing DADDY and MOMMY a safe flying trip to FLORIDA – – looks like a “Thumbs-up DAY to FLY!”

That is  baby,  “JAIME” in the arms of DADDY – – along side of MOMMY – – Grandma with ALYSSA – – and big brother, ALAN is standing in  front of DADDY. 

This is a bigger and more “SUN-TAN”  “JAIME”  showing us what she can do… ready to get into that “OCEAN, BLUE”  – – on a trip to Fort Lauderdale, Florida

This is one of my  ‘favorite PHOTOS’ of  little  “JAIME” – –  she was not the type  to start to cry – – when it was TIME to be PHOTOGRAPH – – she will show the camera – – her best smiles – – and every PHOTO is “PITCHURE  PERFECT – – if…  I  – – do say so myself!

And… this next PHOTO… well – – what can I say – – “It is most  BEAUTIFUL…”  If only  I could have such a glamorous PHOTO of myself – – but I just never  receive those qualities for taking a real good PHOTO…  (some in LIFE… have IT – – and others… like me – – well… we only wish… a lot)

“For these beautiful  and wonderful “GIFTS” that I have receive from our ALMIGHTY CREATOR – –  – -I have to give THANKS – – since these GIFTS – – are the kinds of GIFTS – – that there is nothing that I can nor could I have done – – to receive – – only by the special GRACE of YAHWEH – – and I will be eternally grateful – – and that is forever and ever more!’

“Happy Birthday… JAIME – – and many more” – – and MAY the ALMIGHTY bless you … even mote… than  He has blessed me…AMEN   DV.

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“Gateway to Heaven”

“This  ‘News Story’ – – is just something – – that one needs to  give some serious thought to addressing … LIFE and ETERNITY… TODAY!”

“If there is one thing – – that we should do…NOW – – is to read the BIBLE – – – make sure we understand what is going on in this “World” today – – are we ready to meet our  CREATOR – –  as this ‘NEWS STORY’ shows – – we are only  – – “SECONDS” away – – from… ETERNITY!”





“If you did not view this  ‘NEWS  STORY’ – – –   earlier… but NOW   have  some thoughts to share – – let us hear from you?” – – “THANK YOU”   “DV”



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