“This is the WAY to Prepare for the big DAY”

Everybody has their own WAY… to PREPARE for a  “Thanksgiving Day Meal” … but this …  WAY  – – over the years  – –   I found to work best for me.

When we were little kids – – in the  early 1940’s – – my DAD would start the big cooking the night before…  the special DAY. Of course “ME” the oldest and always watching and there in case something was needed… as I was the  “Go-For-Kid” – – and  was  “Mama’s little helper” – – as she always said that I had  the “Wings of MERCURY” on my heels – – a first class messenger.

So… early in the day – –  start making cookies… warming up the house – – with good smell and snacks for the energy to continue till done.  Next a couple of pies – – making the pie crust from scratch … Pumpkin and   APPLE  with another fruit  and in a larger size  baking dish… where you make the crust larger than the dish… put the apples and fruit and nuts and spices in and with the over-flowing crust – – bring it up and over – – and in the center area… it is open. Brush the top with butter and  extra cinnamon-sugar – – and have the best of desserts since the other fruit used …  generally  pears – – just so terrific.

The “TURKEY” is  clean and ready to be filled with the stuffing and put in the oven – – it could be one o’clock in the morning and I am tired and everybody is already in their bed.

BUT… when we were kids… Daddy would be cooking up the onions and celery and spices in a cast iron skillet and lots of butter. In the oven… trays of bread… toasting just enough to then be broken up into  a large pan —  and then the magic of  him being a CHEF by trade – – some of  this and that – –   combine  all of this – – and into the cavity of the bird and up and under the neck opening all filled with the home-made dressing.  Into the oven… and we all went to bed… DADDY stayed up a little longer  – – to be sure the oven did its start up on baking – – then lowering the temperature – – and the aroma was just as if you were floating around in HEAVEN.

Since we all were up late  – we would get up later than usual but still in time to go to CHURCH. The oven temperature was low – – so that the “TURKEY’ could take its time – – baking to just the right ‘tenderness’ – – and the house  would smell like HEAVEN – – with all of the cookies and pies and  “WOW”  that  TURKEY and DRESSING – – and of course there was always mashed potatoes  – -as my DAD was called “TATTER MAC” – – everyone in his FAMILY loved potatoes.

Since that was the way my DAD  did the TURKEY – – and the house always smelled so good all night while…  you were dreaming of being in HEAVEN – – it  just was the  “WAY” to make magic – –  and around two o’clock  in the afternoon … the company would show up – – and everyone could just sit back – – enjoy the day – and always remember – – that this was this best day for a FAMILY get it all together – – -making more memories to remember!

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“You did say, ‘GET a TURKEY’ for THANKSGIVING”

When you think about…  “THANKSGIVING”   – – and having guests over to share  a very nice dinner – – and to stay for even a  ‘second’ helping of  ‘TURKEY’  – – you will certain ally  need  the biggest and best TURKEY!

Can you  just hear…  Al asking – – “Is this one big enough”  or… “should I go back – – and see if I can find one larger?”

Lucky…  to say – – this one is just fine – – and with all of the other goodies that we will be making – – just hope  that everyone will have plenty of room for the extra side dishes  – – that we are  preparing?

Just had a thought that I have to pass on… Years ago when I would have my  MOTHER and her sister… our AUNT Irene over  for THANKSGIVING – – everything had to be just  “so-so”  as she was the expert in the FAMILY – – when it came to getting together and fixing a big meal. I do have to give  “AUNT IRENE”  credit for teaching me a lot of her own  ‘cooking’ preparation and purchasing of all that would be needed – – for just such an occasion – – and so on one of our “Thanksgiving Dinners” had to ask her  – – “What is your favorite     part of  the TURKEY” – – ???

Everybody has a preferred part of the  ‘ole BIRD”  – –  and when we would be eating  – – I never paid any attention to the  part… THAT SHE WOULD SELECT AND  PUT ON  HER PLATE – – who does that??? Everyone is busy talking and eating – – going back for seconds – – and what they eat – – who knows? 

You will not believe what our “Aunt Irene” said was her favorite part  of the “TURKEY” – – Aunt Irene said… “I like the part that goes over the fence… last!” Well… when that registered in my brain – – and I guess everyone else… we all  – – almost died laughing. From that point on – – all of us were talking about the part of the TURKEY  that we like to eat … and  WHY – – and as I remember – – no one else even thought of that part as being good – – but when Aunt Irene finished telling us   – – all of the  “WHY and WHEREFORES”  – – it may have changed some on the parts we eat and why – – but she did not convince me…  that… that…  was the best part of the TURKEY!

So… for this…  THANKSGIVING… if you find that there is not enough “chit-chat”   going on at your  DINNER TABLE – – just throw that question out – – and see what the response is and if you learn anything  NEW – – about those that are sitting at your table – – and find more good things out about everyone – – that will make memories – – that will last forever.

After all…the reason for these special  “HOLIDAYS’  – – is to be “THANKFUL” for all of our  LOVED ONES…. to be gathered  – – to remember all of the past good times – – and to make more of the “BEST OF MEMORIES”  – – memories that all at our table will  be passing on – – and each time they remember – – will only have the best of thoughts on the occasion – – and always want to  be  close  to those … that they LOVE and will remember throughout the years to come!

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“Your level of success is determined by your level of self-discipline and perseverance.”   Anonymous

“Develop self-discipline. Do what needs to be done, even if you don’t want to do it.”    Anonymous

Discipline is just choosing between what you want now and what you want most.”    Anonymous

“Discipline not desire determines your destiny.”    Anonymous

“Self-discipline creates a brighter tomorrow.”    Anonymous


On this day of your life *********

********* I believe God wants you to know …

         … that you cannot tailor-make your situation in life,
but you can tailor-make your attitudes to fit those situations.
           World famous motivational speaker Zig Ziglar said that, and
        he was profoundly right. How you shape your attitude is not
            a small part of how you shape your life…it is the only part.
         Does it sound as if I’m saying that attitude is everything?
                                     Good. Because I am.
          *********          *********          *********          *********          *********
“Self-discipline is doing what needs to be done when it needs to be done even when you don’t feel like doing it.”    Anonymous
Marcus Aurelius   “Our life is what our thoughts make it.”
― Marcus AureliusMeditations
Winston S. Churchill     “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”
― Winston S. Churchill
Leonardo da Vinci
          “I love those who can smile in trouble…”
― Leonardo da Vinci
Irving Berlin
“Life is 10 percent what you make it
and 90 percent how you take it.”
― Irving Berlin

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“Be very … CAREFUL…”

In  TODAY’s world… we are teaching our domestic animals – – how to talk – – and what to do… – – and when to go outside – – and when to be inside the house – – and we even have several types of   “Animals”  that ordinarily are not   for the regular …  in the home and  to be of  the domestic type of animal – – but we have decided that – – our FAMILY must be different – – and do things differently – –  – – so that  _ NOW – – our ANIMALS – – can communicate with each other – – and would YOU believe – – some can even communicate with the POLICE – – – and they will report – – what you are doing to them!


Just this last weekend – – there were two nice looking dogs in my back yard – – they were inspecting everything – – and even so much as to mark a few places – – as if they were going to make this their home – –  my son asked me if we had something to give them – – so I went to the refrigerator and found a few pieces of   “HAM” – – and took it out to them. 

Well.. the one dog was the  “BOSS” and took charge of that treat – – and was…  not one to share. So… my son said,  “don;t you have something else – for the other one?”   Well… I did have some “CAT FOOD” for the  “Sunset CAT” – – she still comes  by – –  now and then – – –  so…  another dish and a dish with water – – took this out – – and  – – everybody  is so  happy.

My son, Al  said – –  “I’m going out and take some of that    ‘ham’   from the one dog and give some  of it … to the other”  – –  “WOW”  – – that was not not going to happen – –  the dog with the  “HAM”  growled like – –   “take this and loose your hand”   – –   “you did not give  it…   and you can not take it away  – – even if  to share.”  

Well.. they both finished up  – – looked around – – left a deposit – – here and there – – marking that they were here – – and should they need to let some others – – to  know – – this is their territory – – they discovered it – – finders… keepers…   forever!       D.V. 


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“Oh… Beautiful…”

“Wow – – Beautiful —— and it is ours – – for all of us in AMERICA – – – such “BEAUTY” – – but what a price of LIFE – – was paid  –  – – I only HOPE that the Almighty Creator can have mercy on us…






“My Favorites”     D.V.





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“A Little Music… Goes a Long Way”

“Life is a musical… DREAM – —  when you first hear the “Doctor” declare that you are now  ‘expecting’ – – YOU feel that you are in a  ‘dream world’ – –  even in the BIBLE… “MARY”… said…  “How could this be!” – – – and nothing happens in a day – – it does take months  – – but – – to be sure… the  ‘MUSIC’  of the process in our bodies starts to play… mixing different little notes of this and that – – some tapping together and joining in on the  building up of  power and strength – – and in a very  few months – – – that  “FIRST HEART BEAT” – – the best music to our ears –  – – we are expecting our first baby!”









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