“Today is MR. Wonderful’s BIRTHDAY”

TODAY is the  – 13th – – and   as a NUMBER – – standing for a “BAKER”S DOZEN” – –  – – which would make anybody happy to receive a “BAKER’s Dozen donuts – – just to receive  that  little extra donut – – all along the   “LIFE”  trail – – would put  “TOM”   into his  – – 6th –  dozen of donuts – – so…  I would guess “TOM” is  the BIG  “78”… TODAY!

So… the way I like to work with “numbers” – – a very difficult subject at any ‘old’  age – – – ha ha – – small/big  joke – –  just have to say that  all those numbers  – – all put together  – – only make for  our little ole  “TOM”  – – still  – – to be … the best looking  “MR. WONDERFUL” answering his door – – when his FAMILY and FRIENDS – – come a calling!

“If only every one would answer their door like you see in the above PHOTO  – – of our dear big BIRTHDAY  Brother, TOM – – this would end up being a “WONDERFUL WORLD”  for all of us – – such happiness – –   love –  spread to all – – making everyone so HAPPY just to be living and sharing the LOVE of LIFE…TODAY!”

TODAY – – BIRTHDAY wishes for TOM – –  LOVE and BLESSINGS from the Almighty – – who will richly bless us all  with LOVE and Kindness to share with all our neighbors far and near – – making for all of  us to be  smiling to receive  all those  that would come to our door. “KEEP sharing that  “WONDERFUL SMILE” to all the wold!”     D.V.

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“WOW” “Mr. Wonderful, himself”

Sometimes an old PHOTO – – will just pop up at the right time. Just wanted something new and different – – from  that which we have all seen – – a million times or more.  So… what I have  found on file – – and in just  looking  at this terrific old PHOTO  of  “TOM” – – well…  this is what I think  – – everyone  will  also be thinking…  that this  is the best  of  “Mr. Wonderful”   PHOTOS  that could have been  found  and selected to  be posted for TODAY!

Sometimes… especially around our “BIRTHDAY” – – it is good to see some old PHOTOS of ourselves – – just as a reminder – – that we were what we wanted to be – – that we did that which we wanted to do – – and that in all of what we did  and was able  to accomplish  with the help of so many – – on this  “LIFE PATH” – – we were able only with the real help of our CREATOR.

We are all given so much to work with in the beginning of our LIFE as it is stated in “Psalm 139” – – and with the help of the ALMIGHTY – –  we continue with His plan to continue  to make things with all of the resources  that He  provides us with  – – to further help all mankind – –  which is the “MISSION”  for our LIFE here – – until the day we all celebrate in ETERNITY – – forever more!       D.V.

 Waiting …just one more day to celebrate at the big BIRTHDAY PARTY – – with our very own, “MR.WONDERFUL”  himself.

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“It is TIME to wake up – MR WONDERFUL, TOM”


            “It’s NOT…the 13th…yet…”  – – “BUT”- – “GET UP!”


“HOW… can I get my  “beauty” sleep…If you keep waking me…before the 13th???”

“Some times a “guy” does have to get his rest…and that is what I would like to do!”


I hate to say…but if we do not wake you…. NOW… Your “BIRTHDAY” – – will be gone…over…all gone…it is NOW or never.  It is a little early…but you are too tired and  – – for your information – – just too  – –  too hard to wake up…especially…  when we have so many things for you to do  – – on your BIRTHDAY!

“and… What is a BIRTHDAY PARTY – – with out the “BIRTHDAY  PERSON” – – that we all call… “MR WONDERFUL” – – We all think that you have  had enough  ‘beauty’ sleep!”

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“Operator – Dial up TOM’s PHONE NUMBER, PLEASE”


“Long Distance” – Calling for a   “Mr. Tom McClarren”  – “Is he available?”  “If he is busy…  Is there a better time for our PARTY to call?  Thank you… we will call  for  Tom – at the time you suggest…  which will be later   today!”  “Our party does  want  to leave a  ‘phone -gram’  – Happy Birthday to you – Happy Birthday dear Tommy – Happy Birthday and many more!”







                  “Everybody is  on the  “PHONE”  and  “Calling Tom”

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“TUESDAY the 13th” is on its way”

                                        “ME***** TOM*****DENNY”


(DENNY – – (TOM) – – (ME)    *******  (DENNY – (ME) – (TOM)


                                Happy Birthday “Tom”

Happy Birthday “Mr. Wonderful” – Tom McClarren!   Since  Tom is the  ‘baby  senior citizen’  in our FAMILY  – if you  take a look   back  –  in TIME   – you will find pictures of the  “golden oldie trio” – at their finest hour  – by the edge  of  “Fairground Park Lake,  in North Saint Louis.”

Today  as  Tom  is now  pushing  the years  gone by… up to    “78”  – it is like going up the steps  – each  child  is just a year apart.  This will  last only till September when everyone  will  start to get a year older?  Maybe even a little better  –  with each additional  year  added on   – to all those  that we are hanging on to  for  “DEAR LIFE”  –  we are getting  a  little  “old” – “ER” and  “short-er”  and good  “look-ers” for something exciting and special  to happen, NOW!

So…  here is a wish for all  those who are so  “Lucky”  to have a  “Birthday”  on the  “13th”  – this month  and or any month  –   as you are just so extra special  and  “Lucky to be You!”

Let me explain the “Luck” one may and or may not have.   “YOUR”  Good Fortune is the amount of  “Prayers”   – that  – someone has put  into  the  “Bank of Life”  for  those near and dear to them   –  for their    “Love Ones.”   The best thing in “Life”  is to be  “Loved” – and  by someone near  and  dear to you!

May Almighty  Yahweh  richly bless  “Tom” and all  of his family  –  today  – tomorrow  –  and always  –  for ever more!

Just have to add this old PHOTO from  August 1971 – –  may be at this TIME we called  “TOM”  – – the “GREAT WHITE HUNTER” – – just the way he looks – – what do YOU think?

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“In the 1950’s – a very young – Mr. Wonderful”

When you go back in “TIME”…

Where do we find the beginning of a  “Mr. Wonderful” – –  sometimes the answer can only be found after a very long LIFE — and many PHOTOS along the  way – – that catch  a second of  TIME  – – and only  for  that  instance – – and holds it – – in black and white… forever!These were the days when good ole TOM was working for “McDonald  Air-Craft”  – – so… while TOM would be ready and waiting for his ride – – I would try to get a few PHOTOS with my new camera – – never did think about all  of  these old PHOTOS  – – taken so many years ago – – but nothing like remembering the “good ole” days and with PHOTOS – – so we know exactly how we looked!


This PHOTO of  “TOM” – – – is of the same time frame – – but…  what I wanted to see  or try to figure out  – – a little better  on this  – – is the  “PICTURE”  hanging on the wall. From what I remember this was a special scene of some “GREEK  Mythology”  and something very  special to my MOTHER.

The reason I was trying to figure this  out – – is what ever became of this  wonderful piece of art – – which was  a  real treasure. When my MOTHER moved away from here – –  and since this was  extra special – – can not remember ever seeing it in any other home that my MOTHER moved to – – so today – – am wondering if it was left behind – –  – – or if the “MOVERS”  had it on their  truck in a safe place – – but was not  taken off the truck – – and no one thought about it – – as in moving from – –   one place to another – – I often heard my MOTHER tell us – – that so many things were lost or stolen – – and  can only be chalked up to the fact – – that – –  someone else needed  them more than she did!



This PHOTO taken at the same time… and one thing that I may not have thought about – – TOMMY   has a cigarette in almost every PHOTO of  him – – can not imagine any one smoking that much — – other than my FATHER – – and he smoked that “CAMEL”  cigarette – – too strong and he lost one lung from  smoking it – – and did have to quit… or die.

That is a  “Davenport – Sofa Bed”  that TOMMY is sitting on – – so comfortable  as either a bed or sofa.  Remembering back to to 1940’s   when relatives from  “OHIO”  would come for a week or two – this is  where they would sleep at night –  – and in the morning put it  back into the “SOFA” sitting  arrangement  area – –  for so many  of us…  in a small house.

Remembering  brother  “TOM” – –  will be having a “BIRTHDAY”    in  “FIVE DAYS” – – so hope that I am the first to remember and send “BIG  BIRTHDAY  GREETINGS” – –  – It is “WONDERFUL” – – to wish  the – –  for sure and only “MR.  WONDERFUL” – – many  wonderful greetings!     D.V.

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