“Bless all those we LOVE… Our VETERANS”

“You’re…  in the NAVY… NOW – – – NOW… hear this!” – – –  My son, Lee is A #1 in my book – – my Thanks and PRAYERS for Lee and the whole crew that were with him aboard the U.S. Ranger  – – as their SERVICE was the best  – – and like all Moms across the NATION – – – – it is WONDERFUL – – that your  Son is able to return HOME!”

“Next going back in time… my brother,  Tom McClarren – –  the “Para-Trouper”  – – he just LOVES… to fall out of a perfectly good flying  – – nice and high… Aero-Plane – – just so happy that TOM was able to make it back to the STATES – – he was in service in GERMANY – – when “Elvis” was station  there – – – those were the days!”

“This is my brother, Denny Jr., – – and he has that “million dollar smile” – – this PHOTO is with me – – and he has the best shade of red hair and freckles – – that came from   the Irish side of our FAMILY – – was stationed at  “Red Stone Arsenal”  – – but in this PHOTO Denny is on leave for the “HOLIDAYS”  – – and there I am with a ‘tidbit’  of something in my hand to eat!”

“This is a very old and well worn PHOTO of my “DAD”  –  Denny H. McClarren Sr. – –  this PHOTO was still in his wallet – when he passed away – – so it did get lots of wear and tear – – “Daddy”  was stationed in the  PHILIPPINES” – – and he did sign up for three… two-year terms – –  and in his last sign-up  term… was injured – – and sent home.”

Here is a very old PHOTO – – and of my husband, Lee’s – – brother Al E. Aldrich – – Al  served in  “AFRICA”  – – when they were running around in those  “tanks”  – – and from what I heard – – surprised that he was able to live through the mess – – of fighting that was going on back then.

“This is TOM Aldrich and ….    In the 1960’s… when Tom was in the Army – the K-9 group – – he was in HEAVEN – – he just LOVED  training and working  with dogs – – he had special communication skills – – with animals and the DOG  – – was the best  place for his talents to be used.      This is  a very young TOM and his  “WAR DOG, SHANE” – –


So to all the Veterans – – and to those that are in the “SERVICE” today  – – YOU are the ones that protect and keep AMERICA  a NATION under the direction of our Almighty Creator Yahweh – –  a land of FREEDOM for all – – and if we all stand UNITED with our AMERICAN FLAG – – flying  high … above us all and at all  times – – remember  – – that it  is… when we all work together  – – in unity  – – we will be  a NATION always protected    – – knowing that to LOVE our neighbor – – makes LIFE worth…  LIVING!  D.V. 

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“Do YOU like Number…91”

Everyone has “FAVORITE  NUMBERS” – – and a reason for   deciding on a certain number – – – something had to happen – – for YOU to make a  NUMBER – – stand out in your LIFE – – and become a FAVORITE!  “RIGHT?”

When I was only “eight years old” – – my two brothers  and I were  temporarily placed in an Orphanage  – – suppose to be for only six months – – since my Mother was going to be having “TWINS ”  – – MOM being 45 years old and only a five foot two inch woman – – small frame and not  too strong – – –  since each of the babies weighed in at eight and a half pounds. Those were the basic circumstances – -and of course my FATHER  was not of much help… he, himself and  his work and drink  – – a mixture that did not make for  a FAMILY that sticks together through thick and thin.

When you go to an Orphanage to live – – everything that belongs to you needs to marked – – as everyone there already has an identification number on all of their items – – so that perhaps your personal belongings will be given to you – – and “YOU”  will also become   “KNOWN” as that number – – since the NUNS will call you by that assigned number – – instead of using your name. MY assigned number was “91” – – and I still know a lot of  “NUMBERS” – – of FRIENDS – – in my grade  – – some younger girls and some older – – just heard them so often – –  – – they  are that person – – as well as their  personal NAME.

Why do things in LIFE happen the way they do? – – Number “91” is a very special number –   “PSALM 91 in the BIBLE”   is so special – – and in reading the BIBLE each and every day – – new verses become  so informative – – more understanding and LIFE in each and every reading – – and today ran across something   – – that I feel that everyone should see and hear – – as everyone is using their computers more and more – – and to me – – it is important to pass on the  good messages from the BIBLE – – and  “PSALM 91” – –   comes to LIFE – – for those that want to see and hear – –  “Listen and let me know  – – if YOU, too enjoy this message?”       D.V.


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“Do NOT… Forget Our Veterans”

If we  just stop and THINK – – NOVEMBER is here for us to REMEMBER… and to REMEMBER our VETERANS – –  that is our first priority – – – – so this next video is something…  that I like  – – the song and words – – let me know if you also – – get a gut feeling – – we need to do more for the young men ad women that serve – – some even giving their all – – their LIFE – – for our FREEDOM!





Pas this message on…  D.V.  


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“George M. Cohan” – American entertainer

George Michael Cohan, known professionally as George M. Cohan, was an American entertainer, playwright, composer, lyricist, actor, singer, dancer and producer. Wikipedia
BornJuly 3, 1878, Providence, RI
DiedNovember 5, 1942, Manhattan, New York City, NY
SiblingsJosephine Cohan

When it comes to “NAMES”  for children… well…  even though the parents have a name  selected…   there is always… someone – – that  “KNOWS”  it all – – and has to put in their ‘two-cents’ worth of information – –   so instead of me  being called… Ellen  – – my parents were told that the  name has to be “MARY”  Ellen.

So… sometimes I am   “ELLEN” and then sometimes…  I am  “MARY ELLEN” – – – to me… “Mary Ellen”  sounds like a little girl – – but over the years  – – I used only  “ELLEN” as I was older  and thought  why have so many names – –  and so as to not confuse anyone – – when the names came up – – – I would just  – – end up saying… “Just call me… Dinner’s ready!”

In watching these old movies…  I do enjoy that…  so much was  made about the name “MARY” – – that it rated a song by  “George M. Cohan” a number  “ONE”  writer of songs – – and that another favorite of mine… Actor,  “JAMES CAGNEY” – –  – his singing  and his dancing – – just makes  me proud to have the name   “MARY”  and the  name, “MARIE” – – well…  that was my MOTHER’s name – –  so for all of  the  songs by “George M. Cohen” – – I have to put…  “four  GOLD STARS” – –   on his “REPORT CARD” – – when I was in grade school in the 1940’s and 1950’s – – to receive a “GOLD STAR”  – — you would receive  “Fifteen    Cents” – – that was a lot of money for a little kid to receive – – just for getting “GOOD GRADES”  on your report card.





If you agree that these are good songs by “George M. Cohen” and that you also enjoy  the dancing and singing by “James Cagney” – – let us know… Thank You!

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“Did you ever look for some PHOTOS – – and in your looking… you find an envelope from so long ago – – can not make out  – – as these PHOTOS just seem to be fading out – – “WHO” is on STAGE ?”

The receipt for payment – – seems to have a date… “04-30-1977”  – –  What City and STATE – – can not make out – – not even the store where these were taken for development?   My sons would have been “teenagers” – – and I am beginning to think  – – these were some of their old PHOTOS – – that were just put in a box  – – of old family PHOTOS – – which were mostly mine – – and so NOW  – – will only hope that they  or  even  someone else – – will have an idea  – – or recall some of the “OLD BANDS”   that – – they the would have gone to hear – – way back and then?

Just a second PHOTO… sometimes  more than only one PHOTO – –  will bring  to mind – – something not seen in the first – – just  thinking two of something is better than the one only – – and the  other three PHOTOS – – well – they do not show any more than the above – – – so if you see and or can remember back to…  1977    – – –   any popular groups playing in MISSOURI or even FLORIDA – – as we were in both places – – leave a comment – –  and THANKS … for remembering !

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“That extra HOUR of SLEEP was WONDERFUL”

This is the  “LIFE”  for a ‘cat’  like  ‘me’… MEOW… MEOW!

CAT 001

This indoor  – –   “LIVING” – – is what it is all about! “I just LOVE it… if I say so myself!” – – I know that all  “CATS” or Felines can not  say that they live on “EASY STREET” – – but…  when you have it this good – – may as well let the whole wide world… know about it!

This  home and farm on “FENWAY DRIVE” is where it is – – – they have horses…  dogs and cats – –  – – and for some reason… I  am the only inside the house Cat.   “LUCKY ME!” – –  There is one extra special “DOG” – – they say “SHE” comes with papers…. some kind of registered POODLE… they say the word…  “FRENCH”  – – as  if that means anything to me… with the name of “Miss Chantilly Cherrie of LaCoure” – – but…  I only hear them call her… “Cherrie” – -so go figure that one out – – when you have nothing else to do.

Just so everyone  will  know… I am called “Miss Kitty”  – – and sometimes  –   just…  “kitty” – – – and when they are talking about me … as if…   I do not know… “PUSS in BOOTS”  – – as…  there are times when I  also walk around – – just as if I  am from the  “upper class” of   all   of us superior… CATS!

*************             *************              *************

“BOY… OH BOY…  that extra HOUR of “CAT-napping – – is “TOP-DRAWER” stuff – – just check out these special little boxes – – just for ME!”  *********

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