“Today… NOW is the Moment”



On this day of your life
 I believe God wants you to know…

…that it is only This Moment that counts, This Moment
that matters. Dwelling on anything else is pointless.
Yesterday is gone, if not forgotten, and tomorrow is
not yet here, so why waste precious time and mental
energy focused on either?
What is going on right now? That is the question. And
what can you do Right Now to make Now better? Make
each Now better and the future will take care of itself,
while the past will not matter.
Love, your Friend …

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“Remembering Gail Porter – – one more time”

May 13th…  is GAIL’s  BIRTHDAY – – and we sure do not want to forget to wish “GAIL” a very “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” – – and with the Almighty YAHWEH’s  BLESSINGS – – many more!”

1952 Class 001

Happy Birthday to Gail – – from all of your old and do I mean old class-mates  and that is even  – – if – – half of us are still around to lift a glass of something to cheer you on –  for many more years  – and hopefully – we can all remember the words – –  to the “Happy Birthday” song!

L to R – Back row – Stella – Mary Ellen – Gail

L to R  – Front row – Mary Agnes – Jeanne – Theresa – Violet

Taking this picture is Betty Jean  – –   “Elma and Eleanor”    – – would make the rest of our class mates – – were not around at the time we  were taking a few photos.

In the photo on the right –  is Mary Ellen and Eleanor and this is in  the NORTH Saint Louis area  –  and some time… after we had graduated from German Saint Vincent’s Orphanage.

Gail – – – –  have the very best   “Birthday”  ever!  “BEST of WISHES”  from all the rest of your class-mates – –  via  my thinking of you and our class – – even if … half are no longer here – – but are wishing to you… all the best – – from the great beyond!.

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“MAY” – – -“May Almighty YAHWEH” – – know that … when I look at this PHOTO  of  “Alan… Alyssa… Jaime”… my terrific “Grand-Children” – – I have to give “THANKS”  from the bottom of my “HEART”  for the privilege…  to be  Grand-Mother  – – for the most wonderful of wonderful  “GIFTS”  – – that HE could have given to me.

Just have to take a moment – – for some thoughts to shift around in my brain – –  in the BIBLE – – there is a verse regarding  – “GIFTS and PRAYERS”…     ‘we’ receive not, because ‘we’ ask not.

In GRADE SCHOOL – – I remember praying for that which I thought I wanted – – and so strongly – – that…  I have even prayed Novenas and lit candles in hopes of receiving – – but nothing  seem to be  working  – –  that is… the way that I thought “it”  should. My “Prayer Petitions”  were on going for years – – no positive answer. As TIME  passed – – that  “old” request was no longer on  the request board – – situations changed – – and no longer of  a need.

Years and years later… there were lots of things that just seem…  to fall into place – – all good for me and everyone around me. Then…not having a very special  “WISH” to request some special intercession for – –  but a  good TIME to review LIFE…  and how things were going – –  “IT” – dawned on me.

A TIME came to just talk with a friend – – and I remember telling  this about PRAYERS.   We need to PRAY – – often and always – – not just for some special thing and or changes or even wishes that …  we think  – – that we need – – because “PRAYERS”  are really conversations  with… our CREATOR, the ONE that LOVES you and  me…  and wants to be with you  and me  in all that  we do.

So… after  – –  all those “PRAYERS” that I had said for years – – and with no answer – –  ‘they’ were like money in the ‘BANK of HEAVEN’  – – someday – – when really needed…  for the right ways of my LIFE to flow – – then  … the “BANK DOOR”  opens – -and plenty of good things just start happening – – like never before – –  looks like over the years – -I had built up a  very good credit  account  – – and with learning to take  “TIME to TALK”  – – with the ALMIGHTY – – and without a ‘laundry list’  – – but with a  most grateful and THANKFUL  HEART – –  –  NOW – –  for the  most wonderful of wonderful GIFTS… for me to have received – – are my   wonderful  “GRAND-CHILDREN”  – – especially chosen – – just for me…  “I am  NOW …  remembering always to give “THANKS” – – every  ‘twenty-four and seven’ – – for as long as I receive the breath of Life!”   DV

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“Just one more PHOTO – – – JAIME, the “BIRTHDAY GIRL” with “DADDY” – – and big sister “ALYSSA” – – and one more big…”HAPPY BIRTHDAY” – – with  many more BIRTHDAYS – – forever”

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, closeup and indoor

“Happiness is the one thing we LOVE to SEE  – –  and  when “IRISH EYES” are SMILING – – with large amounts of LOVE – – that is the “NAME” for the above PHOTO – – – “SMILE and give everyone Millions in LOVE” – – share and pass  “IT”… on.”

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“If you want to fly, it’s the moment…”

Close your eyes and enjoy it <3


If you want to fly, it's the moment… Close your eyes and enj…

If you want to fly, it's the moment…Close your eyes and enjoy it <3

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“A Special Day for An Extra-SPECIAL PERSON” “JAIME”

Sure hope,  that  – – everyone … has TODAY… circled in RED INK – – “It is “JAIME’s BIRTHDAY… TODAY” – –  and my rule…  is – –  to celebrate  for “SPECIAL” occasions… all week!

“Here we are – – the whole FAMILY… wishing DADDY and MOMMY a safe flying trip to FLORIDA – – looks like a “Thumbs-up DAY to FLY!”

That is  baby,  “JAIME” in the arms of DADDY – – along side of MOMMY – – Grandma with ALYSSA – – and big brother, ALAN is standing in  front of DADDY. 

This is a bigger and more “SUN-TAN”  “JAIME”  showing us what she can do… ready to get into that “OCEAN, BLUE”  – – on a trip to Fort Lauderdale, Florida

This is one of my  ‘favorite PHOTOS’ of  little  “JAIME” – –  she was not the type  to start to cry – – when it was TIME to be PHOTOGRAPH – – she will show the camera – – her best smiles – – and every PHOTO is “PITCHURE  PERFECT – – if…  I  – – do say so myself!

And… this next PHOTO… well – – what can I say – – “It is most  BEAUTIFUL…”  If only  I could have such a glamorous PHOTO of myself – – but I just never  receive those qualities for taking a real good PHOTO…  (some in LIFE… have IT – – and others… like me – – well… we only wish… a lot)

“For these beautiful  and wonderful “GIFTS” that I have receive from our ALMIGHTY CREATOR – –  – -I have to give THANKS – – since these GIFTS – – are the kinds of GIFTS – – that there is nothing that I can nor could I have done – – to receive – – only by the special GRACE of YAHWEH – – and I will be eternally grateful – – and that is forever and ever more!’

“Happy Birthday… JAIME – – and many more” – – and MAY the ALMIGHTY bless you … even mote… than  He has blessed me…AMEN   DV.

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