I always knew that some people would get thin – – on a “Liquid Diet” – – and NOW – – I know the HOW and WHAT – – and the WHERE with all???

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It is the “PIT”S”  – – I keep remembering what I  was told when I was a little girl… “Eat your vegetables – the poor kids on the other side of the globe…are starving – – and we are still at WAR – – the “ration coupons”  will only let us buy a few things in the store – – so clean your plate!”

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“Healthy Snacks are BETTER”

Sometimes… one needs a quick reference – –  of what they can substitute…  for that favorite easy and fat snack – – that they are trying to stay away… FROM!

So… this is my favorite place to check … and  each and every time – – when  I need a reminder … this is going to be  the place  – – where I will be reminded… some foods are better than some others – – for a quick  and “healthy” snack!





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“Old Photos and even OLDER PHOTOS”

In this month of   “JANUARY” … it sure is good to look at some old PHOTOS – – – just to see if what you are looking  at… is better NOW – – or would you say  – – that the even “OLDER”  – – has promise … to be a real “KEEP SAKE!”



The models used by Grant Wood for his famous painting, American Gothicâ.

*********                  *********                  *********                  *********

Now….    this next PHOTO is  a later copy of the above.

Just seeing this in color – – does put a “DATE” stamp  – – for the TIME – – and add to that the dress attire – –  When you think back – – the dress code even for “FARMERS” back then – – how did they keep from passing out  – – due to all  of that “HOT ” weather – – ????

When TOM and ROSE are out  posing in their up-to-date attire – – you know that they are going to be working longer hours – – making sure that each and every beautiful flower gets just exactly the correct amount of  water and special fertilizer – – the good stuff that makes for “Prize Winning FLOWERS” – each and every year!

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“FOOD FOR THOUGHT – for… 2017”

Starting a “NEW YEAR –  2017” – – have to first … just say “WOW”… “WOW-eee!””It sure is great to be alive – – and have this opportunity to think about the “TIMES” – – that we are now living in… the “BRAIN” is working over time – – just trying to figure out… “what is my next STEP … to be?”

You are never too old to set another goal, or to dream a new dream.—C.S. Lewis

“LOVE” – – has so many “FACES” – – and I feel that … when we are always looking out  for our “life-time mate”  – – for exactly what would always be for their best – – that is   the real true “LOVE”  – – in its highest form… for a longer LIFE … and… always together!

Love is unselfishly choosing for another's highest good.—C.S. Lewis

“As “we” travel on our long journey of  “LIFE” – – “WE” train and work at doing something better than the previous generation – – – “WE” are guided by what they thought was important – – and we start to follow in some of their ways.”  “As we travel – – we find that their way was hard and does not always work in the advanced ways of easier living – – we get entangled in too much of the worthless ways – – and sometimes it is  too late – – some of the heavy loads that we tried to carry on with – – just have to be left behind – – to  NOW find out what is really the correct path for “OUR”  very “own”  LIFE – – on this road!”

There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.—C.S. Lewis

You sure do know that you  are FRIENDS – –  – – when…   “what ever happens to one – –  you find out already happened  before – – and to your  FRIEND!” – – – – “Nothing like sharing all the little “ups and downs”  in LIFE – – and when you are very young – – to really understand… WHO is going to be your very best FRIEND!”

Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: “What! You too? I thought I was the only one.”—C.S. Lewis


“Unless and until… you can say that you have had some small  obstetrical in “LIFE” to hit you just at the wrong time – —   some may call this a  little “HARDSHIP” – – a little out of the ordinary…  but at the  TIME  – an  extremely difficult situation – – “easy  for YOU – difficult for ME” – – but –  what some might  say  – – “DESTINY” requires extraordinary preparation early on – – to reach the TOP of the MOUNTAIN!”

Hardship often prepares an ordinary person for an extraordinary destiny.—C.S. Lewis

“Set your goals NOW… Due DILIGENCE required … all the way!”

“Just think a full 365 days – –  make your plans – and PRAY as often as necessary – – but toughen up – – stick to your GOAL  – – and with the LOVE of your CREATOR – – you will accomplish…much!”



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“Apparently – there is a “PAUSE” in the “CLAUSE”

“Do not… forget the “LOOK” on this Cat – – – because…  if  “we” come back as … “CATS” – – remember … to look for the “CAT” that looks just like this “one”  – – “It will be ME” – – give me a chair and the newspaper – – and I will be happy – – forever…  in one of my “NINE LIVES” with you!”  *********  “Be a “DEAR” and do NOT… Forget!”



Apparently” *********   “Apparently” ********* “Apparently”Displaying

“Since I am a “MAC” – – Apparently… No ONE sent me the MESSAGE… Apparently – – it was not too important a MESSAGE  – – to notify me… that  as the …  “OLD MAC” that I am – – should support WINDOWS – – Apparently… WINDOWS being supported by this old MAC… was not important???  ********* Apparently something should be done!”

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“Announcement – Boston FIVE – Detective”

“Dr. Aldrich… Come to Surgery!” “code blue” *********”

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“Queen  of the  1940’s MOVIE Screen!”

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“Our new member to join our  Detective Services… from “SCOTLAND YARD” – – also known as … “Det. Boston Five” from their Fifth District – -has been able to solve many of their closed cases!” 

No automatic alt text available.

When on assignment and working with the Secret Service – –  special protection for the “QUEEN of England” – using only the the “CODE NAME… ALA” – – be ever mindful – she does know a thing or two – – when it comes to solving the unsolvable!

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“Remember to give our full cooperation – – to all and any requests that are made – – this message comes to us via the highest of  priority  channels – – remember our FULL cooperation is needed!”

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