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the Czech Kindertransport



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“Birthday Party with “Hot-air Balloons” – over head”

“What a wonderful “Birthday Party” at my house – – the  “Forest Park Balloon Race”  carried   on a spectacular array of  colorful BALLOONS – – headed for the St. Charles Airport. – – and vehicles all kinds of  followers of the race – — looking out their windows  – – to follow the 

“AIR RACE’ – – taking them over  to the “Sunset Park” – into and through each and every  nearby street – – some streets do not allow traffic through – – what … disappoint on their faces – – but…  at least a thousand vehicles – – – and the smart travelers came the fast and easy  way – – on their  “BIKES” – – in fact in talking with some of the people  – – one bike rider was celebrating his 61st BIRTHDAY  –  – and he said… that on his Birthdays – – he will ride the “BIKE” that number of miles – – and it was 61 miles  to ride on the 16th.”

This is the “Pavilion at  Sunset Park” – – and cars and people were all over the roads and in the parking areas – – and standing at the peak of the PARK – – there …I was. Will see what my PHOTO looks like,  and will post later.

“Does that “BUNNY” get around … or what?”   “His batteries get him…  everywhere and anywhere – – and he sure does look real good  – – up and over the crowd – –  as they  are busy … preparing their “BALLOONS” for the RACE.”

There was a “BALLOON” up and flying for “MaryGrove” and they may  be in need of help – – and or a vote for their “BALLOON” – – to WIN some of the PRIZES.”

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

“What a terrific sight to behold – – all of these beautiful “BALLOONS” – – taking part in an “Air RACE” – – Is  it skills that will help you to WIN – – or just being in the right place at the right TIME?”

Just have to THANK the Almighty YAHWEH – – for finishing my 80th Birthday Party WEEK… with a wonderful out-door activity – – watching all these beautiful BALLOONS – –  come over my house and the surrounding PARK – – giving me the opportunity to talk with the crowd of people  – – and after such a wonderful time – – sharing more “CAKE and Ice Cream” with Family and Friends! What a one of a kind of “80th Birthday” celebrations – – to remember the rest of my days —   “WHO could ask for more?”

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“Like I always say… ‘Enjoy your “BIRTHDAY”  all week’ – – that way…  you are sure to have done enough – – to remember the occasion – – with good memories – – for the rest of the year – – and then… can hardly wait till the next exciting date arrives – – just to do it…  all again.”

This is North Saint Louis… do you know where?

Same location… and “Friend, Eleanor Faucher”  is the one taking these PHOTOS – – and they are not too well focused in…… on.

This is in  “O’Fallon Park” – – near the Pavilion  – – can not remember the name of the street – – but if you have ever been there – – you know exactly where this is.

This is me again – – and…  this is  where they have their “FISHING” contests – – or at least as I remember  – – in the late 1940’s to early 1950’s – – as all of the us  ORPHANS were brought here by “Greyhound Bus” – – as a treat for a  nice  Summer Time  – – FUN TRIP – – and some of the kids did  –  WIN –   prizes  for … most… biggest…. and most rare – – what ever they had freshly stocked the water with – – we  did have some…  LUCKY ORPHANS – –  – – and we did receive Food snacks  – – that made everyone – – real happy!

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“Enthusiasm in our Daily Work”

“Lightens efforts and turns even LABOR  into PLEASANT Tasks.”

Some posters worth posting – – here and thee – – just to be motivated – – making  those large jobs – –  just  turn into small and easy – – so quickly  done in no time at all jobs.




“Pass the good words on…”

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“Birthday Celebrating all Week”

Seems… that the whole wide world is just  traveling so fast… one needs at least a week to see and be with all  the “BIRTHDAY”  well wishers – –  They too…  either want you to visit them – – or at least have lots of time for a nice long visit at your house – – and  have something good to eat – – so that  it feels like “TIME” is standing by  – – no big hurry up to be some where else – – – since  – – we will be

talking about the good old days.

Having lots of old PHOTOS – – for “Show and Tell” – – sure brings  thoughts about the stories and old things we used to do – – some good and  then there is also those things we tend to forget – – since we are NOW much older and wiser. Now… that I’m thinking back – – found this other old PHOTO of  “Eleanor Faucher” – – 

Well… here we are – – and we are thinking of some where to go – –  we would go to the “Downs Swimming Pool” on South Broadway – – have no idea… if it is still there – – but we were always trying to get a good “TAN” – – what for … just so we could complain afterwards – – and maybe even a week or  more  – – as to …  how burnt we got – – and can not move.

“While there  is still lots of…  BIRTHDAY Cake and Ice Cream – – you had better plan on coming over real soon – – as these are my favorites!”

“With all those candles on the top of that cake…. I had better have the “Fire Departments” phone number handy… just never know the way that “CAKE” is being carried – –   could just have a… fall ” – – “oh… well”… I’ll do my best to save the “DAY” … “I’ll catch that CAKE…some… HOW!”

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“Mary Ellen…Younger than SPRING-time”

Some old PHOTOS are just so old – –  and … YET SOMETHING ENTICING…  ABOUT  THEM – – 

Should they be kept forever…or like this one…

Since there are books on the table – – I could have been at home – – and doing the work for classes – – as I worked at night – – while going to Harris Teachers College right after the night shift ended at 7:00 a.m.  – – and on some days at College – – my first class was GYM – – and that is where I did learn to stand on my head.

Then too… I did start to teach  High School at Sophie Barrett – – – and could be preparing my class work for the students – –  or with the spread of papers and books – -could be correcting papers. – – Teaching at an all “GIRL High School” was FUN and  well worth the effort – – working with lots of GIRLS – – and I wasn’t much older than the oldest of the students – – in my classes.

Those were for sure  – – the days when I had very high levels of energy – – lots of   “get-up  and go” – – and where ever it  “got-up and went”  – – I sure would like to get a second dose – – for the miles  ahead — for the roads ahead – – for all the  harder than ever ventures… that are calling me – – for  one  more big   “Hoorah!”     or if  and as  the     Marines say “Oorah!” – – I did sign up for the MARINES!

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