“Here we are MOMMY and Me, little Lex and we are going to take a  FUN trip on this big AIRPLANE – – and see all of the Saint Louis area – – from way up there in those big BLUE beautiful shies – – made for you and me!”

 “My MOMMY is so terrific – – she likes to do so many fabulous FUN things – – and the best part of the day is – – she is showing me, little LEX how everything works  and how to have FUN doing all of these new things in LIFE – – so that one day  – – I will be able to decide just exactly what my WORK and or or type of LIFE’s plan will be –  and very soon – – as I want to learn how to do everything, too!”

“OH MY GOODNESS” – – here I am all alone in this big Airplane and as the “Co-Pilot” have to let the Control Tower know what is going on up here!  Some how or the other…  MOMMY is missing – – and I am NOW in control     of this big PLANE – – I NEED – – HELP – – to guide me in the landing – – sure do not want to crash a big beautiful PLANE – – – on my first flight!”

“MAY DAY – – MAY DAY”   D.V.

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“Great Grandma… This song is for YOU”

Getting to know you… Getting to  play on my MUSIC BOX – – Songs just for the  ONE  I LOVE – – – the MOSTEST – – the best of GRANDMAS…. and NOW … watch me  dance my feet around – – doing some high kicks into the air – – cause I am flying through the  “Air Ways” directly to you… MY LOVE!”

Image may contain: 2 people, stripes and baby

“Remember that this SONG…  that I am singing is just for YOU… “DEAR GRANDMA!”  – – – – and I know that you remember that old time song – – – I LOVE  YOU a bushel     and a peck – – and a HUG around the neck – – – yes in deed – – from a way back and when!”

My very first songs go to my MOMMY and DADDY that teach these good songs to ME – – and GRANDMA you get to hear the best of all – – as we travel the highway of LIFE… cause I LOVE YOU!

“Have I got it made in the shade???”   “Come and PLAY in my BAND… the youngest  “MUSIC MAN”  and my “2018” crew   to give the backing that I need!”    D.V.

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“A Special TREAT for TONIGHT”



  • 1cup all-purpose flour
  • 1cups sweetened flaked coconut
  • 1teaspoon salt
  • 2cup sweetened condensed milk
  • teaspoon vanilla extract
  • ounces dark chocolate, melted (white, or milk can be used)
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease large cookie sheet.
  2. In large bowl, stir together flour, coconut and salt. Add condensed milk and vanilla; stir until well combined.
  3. Drop batter by Tablespoon / scoop (original recipe called for 1/4 cupfuls), 1 inch apart, onto prepared cookie sheet. Bake 15 to 17 minutes or until just golden on bottoms. Transfer to wire racks to cool completely.
  4. When cookies are cool, dip top halves into melted chocolate of your choice; let stand until set.         

Ready in 30 minutes

Serves  18     *****      1 1/2 dozen cookies


*****    Free: New and Sweet Recipe! *****

Do you have the “Good Housekeeping”  issue for May 2013?  If you can get your hands on this issue  –  grab it!  The reason for getting this issue  –  the free recipe  is  from    Julianna Margulies  – who plays  “Alicia Florrick in the  Good Wife!”

“Good Housekeeping”  did an article about  “The Good Wife”  –   and on page 48 , left bottom corner…  it states to  tell all of  the readers to…    “Steal This Sweet!”  This is  “Julianna’s  fave  macaroon recipe”     and as I was reading  that it only takes four (4) ingredients  and chocolate chips  if you want chocolate icing on top.  As I was reading how easy  this recipe is to make  –  just  had to try  it out  –  and was  so happy with  the good and sweet results.  So if you to   –  like coconut and easy recipes  –  this is the one for you to try,   now.

Another  way that I use coconut is with  “Jello”   – I add a can of  “Fruit Cocktail”   –   walnuts  and coconut.   This is the best dessert for me in the evening  and with all  of the ingredients  that I  really like   and so good for you!

Since  the “Good Wife’s recipe only takes  a portion of a can of the  sweetened condensed milk  –  you need a back up  recipe  – to use the rest of the can.    My suggestion  –  as…  this is what I did.   Another  favorite recipe of mine  and for at least thirty years is  the  “Magic Cookie Bars”   –  so…  this is  a very and sweet use….  If you check this recipe out you will find   –  as I did  –  cut all the items   in half …  since you have almost a half can of condensed milk to use.  Also I used a glass pie plate and you will find  –  this is just the right amount of dessert needed.  And all of this is so easy and a nice sweet treat in the evening!

If you have a “sweet tooth”  and like something quick and easy  –  try my suggestions!    “I’ll be right over   –  to enjoy  with  You!”      D.V.

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“Blue Birds and Good Books – Terrific”

         A “Blue Bird” with a Message!

The other day I started reading – “The Prayer of Jabez”   Devotional Book. I first received this book as a gift with another book written by   “Bruce Wilkinson” in July  of 2006.

Good books are like good movies that you can read and  watch  more times than you can count.  Like they say about movies  – the first time you watch a movie   – you just do not see half of what you thought you saw   –  and maybe  half of the movie did  not make sense and you need to see it again and again.  That is  so   – with life – you really need and  want to  know  – what it was –  that you enjoyed so well?

The same goes for books, at least   with me.  Some books I have to have  – in near by places  – so that I know when I need special uplifting and encouragement   –   and just to be  mentally refreshed  –  I have the right   book  – right there  –  the  best  reading material  –  as handy as it can be!

Today  – as I was reading   “Day  18”   – ‘Power with Purpose’    –  the line… ‘If you want to see the promise in action’,    right then a  “blue bird”   hit the picture window with a dull thud  –   down… but for a moment  –  unconscious   –  regained momentum  – landing on the near by porch rail!  She looked at me and  had a look  –  as if asking me   “why can’t…   I come inside there with you?”   I was asking  her  –  “are you alright?”   When  “she”  the bird – was confident of flying…  off  “she” went.  Such an earth shaking  mood  to put me in –  as  I was reading…  “If you want to see…”    so… “is that an immediate answer  to something   or not?”

Anyway  – I now have plenty of ‘food for thought’. I just love getting so “inspired ” as I read.  Try reading this book if you have  it,   again  –   and if not,  the library will have a copy.  But,  I like my own books as I have to write in them as I go along,  and  that is…   for the next generation to read and…  think about  as to what it  was that I  may have been thinking about  at that point in time … about the material and what was the difference  – – a change in LIFE or what?

Good books are the best of companions and always so close by  and  best of all  –  so  inspiring!     D.V.

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“The Donald” – – every FAMILY needs one…”

                 June Birthdays Remembered!


Happy Birthday Donald Lee Aldrich… and many more…    this is where you can really enjoy your LIFE – in sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida – where the weather is just the way you like  it… – and all year ’round!

That is Valerie Aldrich in the picture with  – “THE” Donald   – evidently –  Al Aldrich is taking the picture  – since he is on vacation and with his family  – visiting every where  especially  FAMILY and showing his children where he  was born –  – wonderful Fort Lauderdale  …

        “Donald Lee Aldrich – FAMILY….”


“The Donald” – with sons and his little brother  – “BIG AL” – – how is that … that the little brother becomes taller…  I should say…that  “AL”  becomes the “tallest”  –   in the whole  ALDRICH  FAMILY??

“May he Almighty Yahweh bless all of the ALDRICH FAMILY abundantly more than they had ever expected!”     D.V.

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“Baby Gramps and Baby Grand-son at 3 MONTHS”

“LIFE marches on….


Daddy takes time to play  with the newest addition to the FAMILY –  That is baby AL  and big brother Lee Jr.   – all are down on the knees – doing what babies do naturally – –  they try to get from where they are – to as far  away – –  just as if they can – –   and – as fast as they can crawling  – –  they are crawling so fast – that even a snail will win this race!

This is Fort Lauderdale, Florida – the land of strong SUNSHINE – as you can see from the strong light coming in. That side of the  house is the east side and being a mile from the ocean – – and Lake Melba  –  just  across the street –  – – too much light is just too much  – – – when you are trying to take photos of the FAMILY – and ME – not too well experienced in the proper way to take photos that will be lasting for a LIFE TIME – because these were taken at least  50 years   ago! So… the date on the back of the photo was 04-05-1962…

So… today…

Image may contain: one or more people

AL is holding  Grandson, Lex  – -as Mama, Alyssa makes sure that everything for this “picture taking” is just so and so!  

Al is now wearing two hats – – his children from the left… ALAN – – JAIME – – and ALYSSA the MOMMY of the “GRAND-SON, baby LEX – –  now in the arms of  our dear ‘ole GRAMPS himself!

The best part of the FAMILY – – is the getting together to enjoy  being with the new babies that come into our FAMILY – – for all of the FAMILY to take the time to enjoy each and every minute while we have them. Each new member to the FAMILY  helps each of us to remember our younger days and what we did – – and how much FUN there was back then – – and with new  wonderful babies added to our FAMILY – – our memories continue on and we live longer – – as that is the gift we receive by increasing the FAMILY with our LOVE for each other!

“Thanks be to our CREATOR for HIS LOVE to and for us – – and the gifts we receive to share with our neighbor, too!”




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