With a PHOTO  as the above… taken from an AIRPLANE  –  – looks like the children put all of their  “TOYS” on the  kitchen    table – –  and set-up an arrangement – – that – – this  kind of looks  like  – –  this – –   just might be … the local AIRPORT!

( click on PHOTO – – –  to enlarge – – and see  – – up close )

If you did enlarge – the above  PHOTO…  then you will  be able to see the smoke coming up – – from the Bar-be-Que pits –  on the right side of this  day’s scheduled events.  On the right side you will be able to see that there is an area for you to pull in  – – with your large rigs  – – that you will be able to find the location – – –  for your FAMILY or  GROUP  with whatever kind of CAMPER  – – –   that you will use for the whole WEEK-END  of activities!


This  – – LOOKS like an even  LONGER SHOT of the AIRPORT area and how and where all of the VISITORS – – are finding a place for their over night stay  – – or a nice place to tie-down their Airplane.   There is a local MOTEL with in a very short drive – – as several of the PILOTS  – go together  for a run into town – –  there  will  always  be  some little item – – you remember – –  that you must have – – –  – – you just forgot to pack!


Try  to see if you can find me – – standing  and ready to  start serving the “SNOW CONES” – – in he hot weather – –  a “SNOW CONE” in your favorite flavor – –  or you might just want to try a  “SNOW CONE”   – – and have it several colors mixed together!

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“Cameras – Catch the Action!”


For the  “ACTION” – – get those CAMERAS   fixed on the “PILOTS and  PLANES” – –   don’t forget to  LOOK UP and catch the “SKY-DIVERS” – –  

(click on PHOTO – to enlarge)

To have the bleachers set up – – on either side of the  Airport   “Taxiway and Tie Down”  area – – sure was a good idea – – as there were individuals doing “SHOWS” just for  FUN – GAMES and PRIZES – –  –   and  there was a special  “SHOW” – – that I was  not informed before hand  – would take place – –

A Pilot..dressed like an old lady  – you would have thought that she was at least “80 years old” – – started to take off in a small aircraft – – made a few circles – -look like she didn’t know what to do  – – much less FLY a Plane – –  the  “Announcer, GENE PATRICK”  – – made the announcement to stay off the  “Taxiway and Tie Down”  area – – and for someone to come to this old LADY’s aid – –  lots of people  called    to her   to pull the PLANE over – – would you believe the old LADY got out of the PLANE and the PLANE was rolling slowly all by itself…

Then …  the announcer told the old LADY to catch her PLANE and PARK IT! – – Well.. did she ever look silly running after the PLANE –  in circles and everybody laughing and some like myself calling for someone to go to her aid … and  – – DO SOMETHING – before she has an accident… I even looked for my son to  – – get out here and do something – I was scared!

Well… just as fast as all this had started – – the little old LADY – – jumped into the PLANE – – as it was going – – and just like   someone who knows what they are doing – – she turned the PLANE   –  and headed for the runway – – everyone watching – –  and before you knew what was going on – –  the PLANE was up and off the ground – –  and into the AIR – – “there she goes”   – – and then the ANNOUNCER – – let the public in on the “SHOW” – – telling everyone that this was a special arrangement –  – to be for the entertainment of all attending – – that everything was done with safety in mind – – as that –  this  PILOT was really an INSTRUCTOR  – –  and knew exactly what was going on at all times – – that the PLANE used in this type of stunt – – is only used for this type  of  demonstration – – and in training purposes.

Never the less – – it sure looked like a situation that needed an expert to take charge – –  and my heart sure – – got a full work out – – just watching.

“BLUE SKIES and HAPPY FLYING for all our FRIENDS that enjoy   doing  –  –  that which – –   all the rest of the World – – wishes they could do – – and –   want to  have  –  that same special  –   FUN    just  FLYING!”

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“NEW Look – from OUTER SPACE!”


“Didn’t  I tell you… they were getting Al’s  “Experimental Plane” ready – – and that is how fast  – – Al can go – – his speeds – – if you are not looking – – you just missed him – – FLY BY!”

If … you are not up-to-date on your  “Airplanes” – – and You were looking up – – and saw Al in the AIR – – and zoom on by – – You would have thought – – the “Aliens” are here – and You were  and are the  very first to see …   how they are coming in!   They are FLYING those NEW type of PLANE with the propeller in the rear! 

(  Click on the above photo, You will  get a better view –  Al Aldrich – FLYING)

                    ( –  Well…  What is up… NEXT??? – )



Everyone attending is here to see  a full range of  “Aircraft on Display” – – and so we are going to  give the visitors a surprise with this little special number we thought all “PILOTS” would like as an extra plane – – just something a little different – – – and lots of FUN for the Pilot.

Just a reminder of  some of the  “Day and Night Entertainment” – – we have Skydiving – display of aircraft – Antique Classic – Experimental – GYRO Copters – Ultra Lights – – and Airplane Rides – – a variety of Prizes – – and Camping – RV Area – – and plenty of FOOD and DRINK – – and  since the weather is so good – – we expect everyone will be having lots of FUN!


“What have we got here?”

We saw your “FLYER – for a WEEKEND –  invitation to camp on your grounds FREE – – and to be able to FLY – – whatever we have and want to FLY and have FUN!” 

So… here we are  – we are willing to  entertain – – – and spend the WEEKEND FREE – with you  – – and if it is  “OKAY” with you – – we will park here and camp – – and when ever you want us to help out in any way – –  we are here to help everyone have FUN!

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The “YELLOW BIRD of PARADISE” – – will soon be ready  – – and as soon as my flight check is completed – – you will see me doing  – – that which I like to do best – – and that is to entertain the crowd!

While you are in the cockpit  – – checking out everything – – I have  some  thing to check out with the front tire – especially the tire pressure –  – – sometimes you find something … that in  checking  needs a little “TLC” – and right now.

Looks like  the last of  the PLANE –  up and above is dropping off some “SKY DIVERS” – just letting the crowd see how nice they just float in – – like little ANGELS!


Down on my knees – – and doing all kinds of checking – just want to be sure nothing is out of place and nothing is loose – – almost ready to get up there in  those blue skies – – – and just show the crowd – – how much FUN – – it is for me to FLY!

That “WHITE” plane next to mine – – – looks like  it belongs to Al Aldrich – – when he gets up there – – everybody really gets the thrill – – that they came here for – – Al loves to do more thrilling turns and  so…  nice and low for everyone to get a good look at how he does – – all the stuff he loves doing, too!


Well…  I’m already to go – –  reporting in that I am ready – – – and heard that – –  that they are getting Al’s plane ready – – looks as though  – –  that Al   will be up soon again to thrill the crowd of visitors – – just like he did earlier this morning!

“Wishing all the Pilots – – lots of HAPPY BLUE SKIES – today and tomorrow – – just like all the FUN – – that we  all  had yesterday!”

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“Which AIRPLANE is going …Next”


How do you like this – – which Airplane  will be ready…NEXT??? Everybody is eager to see each PILOT – – FLY and  put on the best SHOW  – – for all  the ground spectators…to rave about and take lots of photos – –  MEMORIES – –  last forever… when you have lots of photos!

      ( Click on above  PHOTOS –  the red tail was on left PHOTO )


Looks like the “PILOT” is getting lots of help – – while he is fueling up – – so he can show the crowd  – – all the FUN you can have  – – when you are FLYING – – and really enjoying what you are doing!  That also looks like – –  BIG Al – – standing opposite of the PILOT – – getting some last little bits  of information – – to pass on to the   Announcer, GENE  PATRICK – – so that as the PILOT is performing – – the crowd will know  the name  of the specific  maneuver.


NEXT – – PILOT and PLANE – – standing  by  –  ready – to go – – only need the signal  – – and up in the AIR – – here we go!

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“Spectacular Performers!”


Those  “Daring Men” in their  “Speculator Flying Machines” – – doing maneuvers – – just above the tree tops  – – for all visitors to be able to get the best photos  – – to have memories  – – forever!


Another  “breath-taking” maneuver after another – – how can they do such  exciting  tricks in those small airplanes? – How do you train  – – to be able to  perform all these aerobatic twists and turns – – and always keeping  good control of what you are doing???   Can the pilots hear the crowds… calling out and up…  for more …  and  more?  Does the roar from the ground crowd – – keep the pilot  doing one more  – – more daring maneuver – –  – – And to think that the pilots are doing all this – – and all for FREE!


Just to see the “TREE TOPS” in these photos – – you know these pilots are  FLYING as close to the ground level – – for all the people to get the same daring feeling  – – that some of the pilots must feel – – when they are on the “STAGE of LIFE”  – – they are called to perform – – to give the best  SHOW  possible – –  just to make all the visitors feel like they would like to try  FLYING – –  like those “DARING PILOTS in their  SPECTACULAR FLYING MACHINES!”

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