“I Find you – A Day Late and a Dollar Short”

“Isn’t  it  terrific – – when you finally find…  what you are looking for?”   “I knew that I had a PHOTO of little baby “ALAN” – – but … you know how easy it is – – for just one little PHOTO – – to be somewhere – – where you would never expect – – to find it?”

“A first Grand-child”… a  “GRAND-Son”… “ALAN” – – “WOW” – – and more “WOW…eees”“All the wonderful “GIFTS” that we receive here on EARTH… have been planned for us to receive – – way before anything was ever created by the Almighty.”

“I am very grateful and most THANKFUL to be where I am  now and  that in all of this  time…  that  – – I have so far spent here on EARTH – – as we  are all… only  a part of a bigger and better purpose – – with this journey here and now – – to end with a more glorious future together… for all ETERNITY.”

“Here is that wonderful smile – – the one that I LOVE – – just so glad that  “Alan” was not afraid to have his PHOTO  taken – – some small children – – for some reason – – start to cry – – and carry on – – you would almost think – – that they think – – they are at the “Doctor’s” office.”

 The children… when small…  have to be all dressed up to go to the “Doctor’s Office” – – and then…  without a word – – receive a “shot” in the arm. – – – With a surprise like that… I think that I would start to cry – – and maybe even holler… loud enough to let he WORLD know – – that someone hurt me!

“Does this look like “BOYS’ NIGHT OUT” – – or what?”

“HOLD UP” on the eating – – you are now on candid camera” – – “WOW” – – Just a few PHOTOS – – to keep track of how “TIME” flies – – when you are having FUN – – and when you are getting bigger – – just doing what comes natural – –  “growing up” – – one years at a time. Nothing like a PHOTO taken – – from time to time – – just to show the smile is still the best smile  – – It is the smile that I LOVE – –  “Alan is…   ‘A-Number -One’ …  in my book!”   DV

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“JULIA CHILD” in the Kitchen -with ALAN!

Have you ever seen  “JULIA CHILD” …  at work in your KITCHEN?

IMG_1003 (1)

Grand-daughter JAIME was taking pictures as “GRANDMA” was putting  “31”  candles on a home made cake  for the  best GRANDSON, ALAN — – and since this “Birthday Party”  was for him – – he was giving his  approval   – – as he  over looks the last minute preparations.

When I saw this PHOTO – – I just had to die laughing – – as I remember seeing “JULIA CHILD” bending over as you see me – – because as you hit the older years in LIFE – – looks like the straight back … takes a good bend forward . That bending  seems to just creepe up … on us senior citizens – – as we approach the beyond  “GOLDEN” years.

Many… years ago – – I would watch “JULIA CHILD” in her cooking shows – – and always thought that she really enjoyed all of the cooking that she did. In fact – I even had to buy her book, “The FRENCH CHEF”  – – and that is one of the very many books on cooking – – that I have. Years ago… when I would be in the KITCHEN – and my MOTHER would be there, too – – she would remark  to me…  that she thought that I would be talking like “JULIA CHILD” – – I did not think so – – but I do have one of those voices – – that when…  you hear it – – you will remember me!

Getting back to “ALAN’s” BIRTHDAY PARTY…  we had a very good time – and everyone liked that cake so much – – even some took seconds.    Something  to think about … a  most important thing that  is happening in our world  TODAY – –  I feel…  that there are lots of FAMILIES – – that will not be celebrating special times  with “GRAND-CHILDREN” – – as  FAMILIES  are cutting down on having  children… so it seems  to me…  this world  will soon have a  shortage of children.

When I was a small child… in school – – there was the saying… “The FAMILY that PRAYS together… STAYS TOGETHER!” Something that I have not heard in a very long time!  Every day I give THANKS to the ALMIGHTY… since HE gave to me the best children and “GRAND-CHILDREN” – – something that I wish more people could  or even would say…  and be grateful!


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“A Wonderful Party…Yesterday!”

What words would one say – – and or use to say THANKS – – to everyone – – YESTERDAY was a WONDERFUL DAY… for all!

img078Everything was just right yesterday… the weather – – was terrific – as we were outside  for enough time …  took  photos – – including the “SUNSET” overlooking the park – – caught even a few with their Bar-b-Que   fires still burning –  – for the late comers for dinner.

It just seem as though the hours  – – just let us have so much time – – to  have a meal – – Bar-b-Que – – with so many sides – – it was as if we were having a THANKSGIVING  FEAST – —  so…  we had to wait…  till we  could have room for the best part… of a  BIRTHDAY PARTY – – the CAKE  AND  ICE CREAM – –   some times the “EYES” are bigger than the stomach!

Looks like “ALAN” will get his wish… as…  we all   sang “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” – – “ALAN”…  blew out all thirty-one   candles! It sure is good that we all had plenty of time to – – eat slowly…  and take time to do a lot of talking – – even… some  time to talk  on  long distance call   from Uncle Lee – – to where we could all chime in – –  – – all with more “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” messages to “ALAN”   as we were working off … some of what we  had  just eaten – – so that we could go back for seconds. Had to even have thirds of some of the “CAKES” – –  just absolutely  the best yet!

The most important “THANKS” – – goes to the ALMIGHTY – – since He is in charge of what weather we have – – and  – – an extra THANKS – – for having such a good FAMILY  – – that enjoys all the good TIMES – – that we are given to enjoy together – – now and forever!


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“This is the DAY…”



“If you want some of the “BIRTHDAY CAKES” – – You ‘ll all have to start singing!”



“While the  “BIRTHDAY CAKES” are being cut… Let’s hear everyone sing nice and loud – – so everyone on “GRAND AVENUE” – -can hear and join in!”     “One of those cakes  is called a “Triple Chocolate Cake”  – – and that is for all of you that never have  enough of the good stuff – – it is also being served with your choice of  “ICE CREAMS”  – – since “we all scream for Ice Cream”  – – and we aim to please…    everyone  – – – with good taster’s  – – this…  is where you can “laugh” a little more than at any other time!”


“Happy BIRTHDAY….ALAN….and many – many – more!”

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“Just “ONE” more DAY…”

“Tomorrow….  is the “BIG” day  – – and as you can see I can hardly wait – – – Will tomorrow … ever get here???” 

Alan 001

“Does everyone feel so excited – – like me – – just the day before the “BIG”  day… my “BIRTHDAY” – – when I will be one year older…  than I am today.”

“I’m crossing my fingers and my toes – – for lots of GOOD  LUCK  – – just so all of my friends and FAMILY will have as much FUN – – as I know that I will.”

“You know… when you are my age  – – and it is BIRTHDAY  TIME – – there is so much excitement going on – – decorating the house – the “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” sign stretching across one side of the wall – to the other side – – – and all the  BALLOONS”  – – and inside each balloon is a ticket with a prize number – – to be matched with the matching PRIZE on the  PARTY display table – – as …we believe that everyone that comes to the PARTY – – should also have FUN – – by winning a PRIZE – – to take home – –  – – that is a for sure gift to take home.”

“Also… GRANDMA will be here for the PARTY – – she always has a list of games and silly things to do – – as she likes for everyone to participate in having FUN – – doing some of the silly things… that will have everyone having so much – – that the Laughter will be heard down on GRAND AVENUE – – that’s her   standard saying – –  so…  only if you know  GRANDMA – – will you have an idea – – of what she is up… too?”

“Everything  is ready for the PARTY – –  Be ready for lots of FUN and GAMES!”

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“Waiting for your R.S.V.P.”


“My special “BIRTHDAY”  Invitation… just for YOU!”

Alan working 001

“As you can see…  Alan is personally … making all of his “BIRTHDAY PARTY”   Invitations – – each one is a real “keep-sake” – – as each invitation has a very special message just for the person receiving.”

Just so you will know… Alan has each invitation marked with different numbers and phases on them – – as we will be   playing games – – that need some special “winning information” – – and that   little extra info. – – will help you  to  WIN – – if you were smart enough – – to remember to bring your invitation – – 

Lots of games to play – – ans lots of real good prizes – – all selected just for the person  – – that should  WIN – – as ALAN has a good idea… of exactly what each person coming to the party …LIKES and will want to  WIN!

So… be sure  to  R.S.V.P. – – and plan on having a real good  TIME – –  as that is what a “BIRTHDAY PARTY”  is for…   The more we get excited – – the more we know you are going to enjoy  – – and will have…  so much FUN!

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