“Do You Know what – DAY – it is – TODAY?”


“It is August 1st – 2015”  – – “It is “DADDY’s Birthday!”

BUT… the day this photo was taken  – – was in 1962 and most probably near the end of January – – –  because little baby Al was born in January! That is “DADDY” holding baby “AL” and  next to “DADDY” is little Lee, Jr., –  and the SUN must be shinning in the wrong direction – – as no one is able to open their eyes!

This looks like the front yard – – as the sidewalk is right there in front of Lee’s feet –  – that is  – – so that he can run into the house  with baby,  AL – – –  do not want him to get too much SUN –  – but just outside  – long enough to get a couple of photos –  – so  – that in a hundred years from NOW – we will all know what we all looked like – way back – and when??

Even – when I was a baby – – my parents took a few pictures of us kids –  – that is my two brothers and sister – which I am forever – grateful and thankful – – – so I do hope that more FAMILIES – will remember that  – and if at all possible – take a few pictures of the kids –  – – they will forever LOVE – you – that they have some old pictures of you, too –   – the parents – and also – some pictures of what they looked like and it will help them  – – with their memory of the FAMILY – the best of FAMILIES!

“Happy Birthday Lee” – sure hope you are having a real good time  – “UP THERE” – – with all  of your FAMILY and FRIENDS!

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“Here is the Latest and Greatest!”



Here is the “LATEST and GREATEST”  –  – – Alyssa at her BIRTHDAY PARTY – – with a new gift – – and we know   –  these are the gadgets that  will make “Alyssa’s”  life easier   – –  and take a look at the plate of food!  Now you know where to go – –  when you are celebrating  – any occasion – –  just look again at that plate of food – sure makes everybody want to join in the  “FUN and GAMES!” –  “Is this a “HAPPY OCCASION”  – or not???   “I sure hope  that you put a big amount   – on that bet!!!”

Just looking at Alyssa – you can see that she is really enjoying this party –  – – your best of “Parties”  start with your Family and Friends – and  it  sure  looks like  – the main  ingredients are here and  we  – all will mark this occasion down in our books – giving it  a “A+ to the 9th power”     – hoping that we  – all  will be around again next year – – so we can do it again!!!

The best of things  – in  LIFE are basically “FREE” –  the Joy  and Happiness comes about  in  the having of  the Family and Friends  – that LOVE you – –  “with you”   – when-ever you  might decide to celebrate   –  any event –  –  or celebrate any occasion  – – – one must first start  with just talking about getting together – –  and that is the first step   of  many communicating  on the new social trains –     and before you know it  –  you are on the top step –   –  to getting something  very  exciting   accomplished   – – for all the FAMILY and FRIENDS –  – for yourself  and everyone who will help to make this   get-to-gather  – the very best   and “FREE” – for all –   that you are  in communication –   with!!! 

“DO  IT  UP  RIGHT – NOW  –   ENJOY  IT   –   LATER!”

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My Name is … “Anne SMART!”


“My name is … “ANNE SMART” – – and I am English and Irish –   I came over on a very  “BIG BOAT” and  “Great- Grand  Mother  Anne Smart”  –  brought me  – as well as several of her young children.”   You know that when you live in a family of   “PEOPLE”  –   that they have a way of thinking of a “GOOD NAME” to call  their favorite “feline”  members of  the family – – –   because the name that you are called is – – “WHO”  you become –  you are the name that you are called!

So, since the  “Great Grand  Mother” was  a very smart person – – and also her name was “SMART” – they figured that if they called me  by her name, “ANNE SMART” – – – that I would be the “SMARTEST” of cats around!  Also – you know that when you travel as much as they do – – that they need a very “SMART CAT”   – – to look out for all of  the “PEOPLES” in the family.  Their very young children  – may not know about  that animal called a “HOUSE-MOUSE” – and could think that  – that they could  play with that small animal???   “DISASTER” could come to a family  – without a good  and smart cat!

I have been told  and praised for being very “SMART” and helpful   – in  America  – searching out all the dangers – and seeing to  – should I say “SEEING” a second time – –  I eliminate all those problems  – it is that special problem – that when most “WOMEN” see it – – they stand on a chair and scream!!!    So, now you know  – what I do  –  I, personally  –  take care of the “PROBLEM”   – –  the “HOUSE-MOUSE!”

“Let me know – if and when you want a    “SMART – CAT”   sent over to take care of your  “BIG”   problems    –   immediately!!”

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“Getting ready to portray – “JOSEPH!”

Saint Joseph 001

In the above picture – you can see all the parents and “GRAND-PARENTS” – that is me with my Grand-son, Alan – and we are getting ready to see the  most important people – our children  preparing to do the part  – the part  in the  re-enactment of the “Nativity Scene”   something that they were called on to do – from the beginning of all time!

This is a learning experience  – an honor to portray a person from the “BIBLE”  – to give Honor  to the strong beliefs –  we hold most dear to all of our hearts  – – as we know that the coming  to this sinful world –  – – Almighty God  wanted all of us to be saved – –  so HE sent His only begotten –  SON – as the Baby Jesus – so that the –  SON  would give HIS LIFE  – – through the terrible   death that was fore-ordained for HIM  – -in the future –   to be our Salvation!

In our “WORLD” – today  – – – it is amazing that so many people have an objection to what some  other people do – in the the good belief – that what they are doing is good and correct according to their environment   and life-style –  and the “OBJECTOR”  is allowed to condemn  and has the media and government backing them in the shutting  down of  the something “GOOD and DECENT!”

My question is – “Why can we not  – learn to live and let live – – –  since we are all created by the same  “Creator”  – – –  and we were all given – – – free wills –  – – so why not allow our “Creator”   do the judging  of    HIS  CREATIONS – – – –  according to  HIS  JUSTICE!??”  Also –  this is the “SEASON” to be charitable and kind to all mankind –  – so let’s put the “shoe on the other foot”  – – kindness  out-weighs  – selfishness  – any time of the day!

“May the Almighty – give to  all of us –  – –  HIS – very special blessings at this time of the year – which –  we  are – – all in need  of – – –  –   so very – much understanding  – – – just to live with our neighbor – as ourselves?!?”

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“You – better be “GOOD” – NOW!”


“Did you hear, Al  –  what I heard?”      –   ” The Christmas Record   – that MOM has playing – right now,   the song said – “You better be “GOOD”” –   “Santa”  is coming to Town”  –  that means  – that if we want    – what we ask Santa for – when we saw him the other day  — we have to really be  “GOOD!”  “OKAY?”   – “OKAY!”

“Did  –  I tell you, Al   – why we have our  “RED CLOTHES”  on – today?”    “It is because we are going to be “SANTA’s”   helpers   – and help MOM decorate   the CHRISTMAS  TREE!”   “So, here’s the deal – when I tell you   –  that you have to do something – that’s what I want you to do   –  and don’t say no   –  or that you cannot do it   – because I will help you!”  “And, you know why   –  that  – I am going to help you???   It’s because MOM said  –  she will give us some of the Christmas cookies –   that she is baking while we listen to the Christmas music and help her with all of the decorating  –  of the Christmas Tree!”

“ONE –  more   – BIG –  surprise for us  – when “DADDY” gets home after working at the Restaurant   – “DADDY”   is  going to let us help him decorate the front of the house and yard   –  with lots of lights and …  he  is  putting that   “Big SANTA”  – up   –  on the roof – and the lights  will all be on   –  today!” 

“What   –  do you do think, Al???     –     Are you “HAPPY”  – that you get to   be  a helper???”

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“December – Birthdays are the Best!”

Lee 3 001

“Happy Birthday Little Lee”

This is another photo that has me thinking –   – “What are you thinking, Little Lee”  – Your whole “LIFE” is waiting down the road – which road will you select?”

We can see three (3) candles on your “Birthday Cake” – which tells us that your  baby brother “Al” has not been born – as yet –  and you are still the baby in the family  – and you are so use to getting so much attention as the cutest baby! This picture  is when we lived on NE 18 Avenue – in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. We had so much “FUN” living in the “SUNSHINE STATE” – and one of our restaurants was located  on “SUNSHINE” Boulevard – in the Ft. Lauderdale area –  where we sold more of the best “Pan Fried Chicken” in town! My favorite piece was a “Drum-stick” – and  probably  the reason that I put  on   —  my first extra pounds?

What I see in your very serious look – is that you are concentrating on picking the  very  best “WISH”  – while we are waiting for me to get done taking pictures –  so that someday – like today – I can remember  what happened  – way back in the   1960’s –  as you blew out all your candles on your cake and probably got your “WISH!” ??? 

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