“I’m Outside and ready to go for a SWIM!”

“Looks like it is a real nice day… to go for a “SWIM” down on  the “Ocean Beach” where you usually  take all of  us!”  “So… How much longer do we all  have to wait… to get into the car and leave?”  “As you can see… – -I’m ready in a minute!”


“Can we take my friend, Arthur – – you know him – – he lives down on the next block?”  “Arthur likes to go with us, too…  especially…  if it is to SWIM?”  “If it is  OKAY…I’ll run on down and tell him – – we are all ready to go!” “Sure does look like  – – we are all going to have lots of FUN… today!”img103Nothing like having the “OCEAN” within a mile to drive. This is Fort Lauderdale, Florida – – and as you can see  –  there are always lots of people that like to just sit on the warm “BEACH SAND” – – and then when you feel like it…  make a running dash into the ocean water and see…  just how far out you can swim?

“Just doing the “arithmetic” – – when you live in “FLORIDA” –  and you are “LUCKY” – – that’s Lee, Sr’s name – – – really “LUCKY” to have the “Atlantic Ocean” in your  “own”  backyard – – giving you all the TIME to enjoy having …   FAMILY just  all  together and resting  – –  just doing what comes naturally  and easy in the “SUN” – -we need to give “THANKS”  – – to our “CREATOR”  –  – for this most wonderful of  gifts  – – – and it is all…  for  FREE!

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