“Do ‘WE’ Decide – or Just Wait Here?”

“Are you thinking… what I’m thinking?”

“You’re in the lead, “CHLOE” – -Are you picking up something different than I am?”

“Just hold on for a second… there is some kind of a different smell  and  – or  – scent coming from that area…over yonder… and it seems like – – someone or even something – –  that we are not suppose to stick our nose in – – is… in  need of some kind of “HELP!” – – “BUT” – – “I do not want to get our “owner, ANDY”  into something – – that he may not be quite prepared for – –  this could just turn out to be a little more dangerous… than he is ready for – – all alone!” “Just sit back, “RUPEE” – – a few more minutes – –  let’s just see if  “ANDY”   can pick up some of the same things – – that we can… “OKAY???”

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