“June 17th, 2018 Father’s Day”

You can tell  – – just by looking at this old PHOTO  — that this is when the world was in “better times” – – when you take the time to think about the past – – and do a little comparing – – how and what we were doing  – – way back in the 1930’s – – what do you think??

“DADDY and ME!”


Looking at me – – – in the strong arms of  my “DADDY” – – I am sitting on top of the world!  Being the first child in the FAMILY – -I am taken everywhere – -I am getting to meet all of the FAMILY  and FRIENDS – and from what my MOTHER told me – everyone liked me and wanted me to visit them – evidently – – the one thing that which –  I do  even  NOW – – I was doing then – – and that  was  asking questions – – asking  “WHY”  was the one word – that I used more than any other…  just wanted to know  WHY  everything was the way it was?

One story that – – my MOTHER told me  – – was  that  when  she had the refrigerator  door open – she was  getting something  out  –  – and walked  away just long enough – – and I was just the right size to stand there – – looking in at all of the food – – – and what a “mystery” to me – – was  the wire basket full of “FRESH EGGS?”  – – I had round balls – – that were small – -about the size of those eggs – – and must have been trying to make a connection – – as to “WHY” my toys would be in there??

So…  before she knew what I was up to doing – – I had taken hold of one egg – – and threw it down on the floor – – – and just looking at the broken egg on the floor – – and not   able to figure out why…   this ball  did not   bonce    up and back to me – – the mess – – just did not look right – – so I am guessing to see what was wrong – – I grabbed another egg – – and threw it…  also down to the floor! As my MOTHER turned around – and saw the mess – – I started to cry – – as   there was something happening here – – and I did not know about eggs – – and that these were not balls for me to play with.

I am guessing that after – – someone would be telling me more – – about what I could touch and what to keep my little nosy hands off – – before there was too much damage done!

This…   “PHOTO” of me and  DADDY is one of my   favorites – – you can see that I have my shoes and socks on – – and I always knew – -I was then ready to go somewhere – – and as you can see my “HAND”  is busy pointing to where we should be going – – and it sure was good to be up so high – – so as to see and be able to be  the “director” of where we were going and what we would be doing!

“It sure does pay… to be  DADDY’s”  little girl!”  It was always FUN… to get to travel in style – – being carried in the arms of   “DADDY

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“When WAR is Declared… YOU Enlist to Serve!”

“WHY… WAR? “What will a “WAR” – – remedy?” 

Dad Service Photo 001

“TODAY” – – is one of those “DAY’s” that we will remember – – and forever – – just because  “AMERICA” was attacked  and without warning??? – – Today  – – we let the  “Whole Wide World”  know we are sending our men and women to attack another Country – – and they are prepared – – to defend their Country – – and we call that “WAR” – – and if you check the records – – we have been at “WAR” – – forever!

“What is it about “people” – – that we can not live in “HARMONY” with others and other Countries?”  “WHY  is it… that we all  are so easily offended … and must seek revenge by  declaring “WAR” – –  is it that we are so jealous of others – – to have something – – that we do not have?” “Would it not be better to share and be “HAPPY” that our neighbors are doing well – – and that we can share our “HAPPINESS” with our fellow-man – – instead of thinking that we must covet our neighbor’s  possessions – –  as we…  all are well provided for by our CREATOR – – for the very  short “TIME” that we will be here on earth?” 

In the vary short  TIME – – that we are here – – and this is from my MOTHER – – she said a million times or more – – “We come into this world with NOTHING – – and we shall definitively ” LEAVE” this world the vary same way… empty handed – – there just is no-way we can take anything  – – that is in the material way from earth to our “JUST REWARD.” – – She would continue – – just so that I would remember and…  forever – – “YOUR reward for what you have done with your “LIFE” here on earth … will be stored up in the “HEAVENLY REALM” – – by our CREATOR and in the MANSION that…  will also be provided – – for our trusting in HIM and doing good for each of our  brothers and sisters… here on this temporary testing ground.”

“So… to “ALL” those that served – –  when they were called up  – – and also  to those…  that immediately volunteered to fight   – – when WWII was declared – – I was only a small girl… but we soon stared to do our part on the “HOME FRONT” – –  providing…   everything needed for the “WAR” effort – – let us put an end to “WAR”  and  let it be – NOW!”

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Daddy recuperating after injury!


This picture from Daddy’s photo album- –  – Daddy  is recuperating after the  broken back  – that he sustained from being hit with  a hand grenade  – while riding  a motorcycle  – – to deliver massages.

This could possibly be a “Medical Ship”  –  where, my father is being cared for – as  are  other men that were  also injured.  If you look closely – you can see into the area at the top of his house coat – you can only see the top of   his  “BODY CAST”  – that he had to wear for at least six  (6) months. The problem with  wearing a “BODY CAST”    for any length of time – and you are also eating very  good  – – or should I say he  is  really enjoying the food and has  no way to lose the “FAT” that he is building up –  – produces another type of problem??

While  – my father was eating  “TOO” well  – the BODY CAST was beginning to put a very tight squeeze on  him and he was in  need of some fast  relief! So, to give my DAD relief – they could not take the cast off –  – but they did cut a hole in the cast –  –  in the  stomach area   – just to let the  stomach  area  – that was getting too much food – could now –  just hang out. If you scan through the stories and pictures  for my DAD – –  you will find that photo. I’ve never seen a person or photo of anyone who had to have part of their cast cut away  – just so they could put on some extra pounds!

Tomorrow – that’s the day  – – February 2nd – – Wishing you a very “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” –  –  and wishing you the blessings of the Almighty!


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Friend of Daddy’s – 10/19/1913



This picture has only the date  o f – 10/19/1913 –  – the young man  was in the Army with  my Dad   – and so I have to think that my Dad is taking this picture.

Since my father had this  photo in his album  – next to some  of himself  –  after he was injured in the Philippines  – this could be  where this photo was taken?

The photo-album that my father had was purchased in the Philippines  – as it has all kinds of special embossing on the outside cover – making it so enticing to just  want to look and study  the cover.  Also, my Dad had a keen eye for the ladies  – and has some beautiful photos of the women that were in and near  the barracks – where he was stationed. Some of the photos are done up in oil or some  special coloring system – they look as good as the photos you wold have made here  – at a Photography shop – today.

If someone has or knows of someone who was in the Army  – way back then – and may know who the above  young man  is   –  be sure to leave your comment – and if you want to see other pictures of people who are in the album – let me know – as there are plenty. I am happy that the Almighty took good care of all  our young men – who serve in the different areas  of  conflicts and even in the Wars  – – – to make America safe and free for  – –  – all  of us at home!


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Must Include “OLDER” Veterans!

Dad Service Photo 001

When you are giving  “HONOR” to our  “VETERANS”   – one must never forget those who served in the  “PHILIPPINE ARMY”  and with one our best Generals!

The above picture of Denny “MAC” McClarren – my father – was serving in the Philippines  – under  Gen. Douglas MacArthur  –  during the 1930’s  While  my Father was on a motorcycle  – taking messages around – his motorcycle was blown up –   the damage to my Father’s back   –  put him in a “body cast”  for over six (6) months. A back injury is one of the worst – – – it  just seems to be killing you – with your every move – and  now that I’m thinking about it – the “PAIN” never  really leaves   –   just the slightest of moves  –  the wrong way   – and you think you are losing your mind!

The above photo – was in one of my Father’s wallets   – and after  he had died  – I went through a lot of my Father’s things  –  and this  “PHOTO”  was one photo –  that  I had never seen?  I only wish he would have said something about having the photo refinished  and restored   – so that it would not now be in such a fragile condition? I guess that when we stop using old wallets and old purses – whatever cards and picture are in there stay – forever?

Lets not let our senior “VETERANS” be forgotten – let us remember to check on them and gather more of their stories – of all the things that they did and ask – what should be written up – for the next generations – so that they will  receive  “HONOR ” and Remembrance” – forever!   Almighty Yahweh bless all those that take the time to serve their “COUNTRY”   – those that honor the  call to help keep the “FREEDOMS” and “PROSPERITY” for all  citizens – first and foremost!

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Photo survives a lifetime!

Dad Service Photo 001

Denny H. McClarren – on back of photo  – 1st Infantry Div., Fleet Philippines.

From the looks of this photo – the “war” was in the billfold.  This is the oldest of photos of my Dad. Never a baby picture  – no teenage  photos – times back then were bad,  and if you wanted to eat  – you would join the ARMY  – and work in the kitchen. My Dad was a very good Chef!

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