“Send Mail to “DENNY”on Cloud 9”

After following your  “road map”  for your designated   TIME – – to be  here… on EARTH  – – if you are   unfamiliar  with reading  the  “Life Road Signs” that are  – –   for just you and only you – – – while here on EARTH – – check out your BIBLE… open it and get the “Spiritual WISDOM” you need to make this journey… a true success  … in finding  that “Seventh Heaven” – –  as you see below is   “DENNY McClarren”   – – he followed  the correct  road – – he NOW resides on “Cloud NINE”  – – and is  truly  enjoying  being in the “CLOUD NINE” section!

“When we also arrive to be with “Denny” someday… soon – – we will surely know   “De De” – – as that is how I used to say his name as a very  young child – – – –  We will know “De De” by that wonderful smile – –  and that wonderful shade of red hair – – always wished that I had it – – and all those “freckles” – – another thing that I did not receive – –  “Denny” just got the map of “Ireland” a true “Irishman” – – if I say so… myself!

“When you see those  “true BLUE skies”  rolling by… “WAVE”  – – and holler as loud as you can…”I see you… DENNY!” – -“I find you… on “CLOUD NINE!”

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“Yahweh” still holding “DENNY” in “HIS HANDS”

My younger brother, Denny H. McClarren is being remembered on this date again – – with a song that he liked – – and I like, too – – guess anyone  that goes to Church today – – will hear this song – – and feel some up lifting in their LIFE – – and for those that have already left EARTH… for a much better  heavenly realm – – will enjoy … “On Eagle’s Wings” *********

“DENNY still has  – the  very best  “IRISH” Smile…”  and will always be… “Tis Himself”…now and always!”

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“Memorial Day” My Brother, DENNY, JR.


“Thank your Serviceman” – on Memorial Day!

DEN & ME 001

My brother Denny H. McClarren Jr. – on home leave from “Redstone  Arsenal”  –   Huntsville, Alabama – –  he has  the best and biggest of smiles – –  he sure is happy to be on leave and at last home!

My thoughts are that on this “Memorial Day” weekend – we should all give to every “Service Man  and Woman” – a truly  heartfelt   THANKS – –  and a blessing in the name of the Almighty – that each of these young people who are defending this –  America – for us to have Freedom and Prosperity – that we can only receive – if and when we are grateful and continue to daily pray  to the Almighty Yahweh – since there are so many situations  – – that if we do not get together   in “United Prayer”  – –  we may not continue to have  the United States   of America!

During WWII – as a very young and  little girl – I remember hearing  every day  – in Saint Louis, Missouri – – on  radio station   “K.M.O.X” and at “twelve o’clock noon” – “Kate Smith”  singing… “God Bless America” – – –  this song is a prayer and we should  – and need to sing it as a prayer  – to protect all of the young   people  – – today – who are signing up to serve –  America  – and in some cases  – even having to give their –  LIFE – the ultimate gift  – that they can give –  –  and so…  we need to pray  NOW – like never before  – – for their daily protection!

“D.V. – – The ALMIGHTY willing – – someday we will not  need to send our young people to WAR – – maybe…   we could learn to live with each other… and live in PEACE?”

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It is a terrific day to have a BIRTHDAY… today the weather is beautiful – – the SUN is shinning and we have the doors and windows open…for all the nice fresh air. This PHOTO of my brother, DENNY… is the best map of IRELAND – – a true IRISHMAN!” – Even the “shirt” he wears states… “Tis Himself!”

“NOW this is a real favorite – – if I do say so… myself!”

This PHOTO of my brother, DENNY – – sends a message to all of us – – do not forget to make arrangements…  for the “HERE AFTER” – – –  “ONE” never knows… when  and  or  where our good friend,  “Saint Michael” will  be sending us our own personal “R.S.V.P.” – – depending on the prior arrangements we made – – – where our own “soft and fluffy  CLOUD NINE”  will be put into our own special orbit!

“Sure does look like brother, DENNY Jr.,  selected a choice section of “Cloud NINE” – – to rest back on – – as he  continues doing … all of the things  – – that he pre-arranged to do – –  his “SMILE” tells us … he is enjoying himself!

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“I’ve got my EYES on YOU…”

This is the “PLACE” to be… never ever before – – would I have thought this is truly the “LIFE of RILEY!”

“When I was there … on “EARTH” with all of my FAMILY – – I knew that … my “Aunt Irene RILEY”  had it made in the shade… but  – NOW – – that I am also in the “heavenly Realm” – – everything on EARTH – – is just “KID” stuff.”  – – “Just wait and see for yourself – –  this “Cloud” that I am floating around on – – is called “CLOUD –  9” – -this is “TOP DRAWER”  – and from here I can see everything going on – – down there on EARTH!”

Getting back to the “RILEY” situation – –  on “TUESDAY” – – that is my “GOOD NEWS DAY” – – everyone picks out a day that they would like to be especially busy – – doing all kinds of “GOOD” things on – – and I selected “TUESDAY” as the day for me  –  – to be very helpful to all of my FAMILY and FRIENDS – – since I am on top of the situations – –  that are going on  – –  on the EARTH scene – – and just as fast as I can – – I’m there interceding  – – getting the exact type of HELP – – that you might NEED!

At this tine of the year – – that is for the people on EARTH – – seems that everyone is in such a big hurry to do all kinds of things – – that they think  – – may need to be done – –  at  this CHRISTMAS   TIME – – but from up here – – I can see  in advance of your situation – – that is why…  I said that “I have my “EYES” on you – –  just exactly what HELP – – you really need” – – as for the way – – that you want to do some things – – you could only be getting yourself – – into… a bigger mess – – with  more problems – – than ever before!

“SO…” “I’m  still here – – looking out for you – – and I am helping in every which way – – that  I am directed by our CREATOR – –  as HE sends HIS LOVE to each of you daily – – and for every minute of the day – –  just remember…  HIS  BLESSINGS and HELP – –  on coming to you daily – – and  forever!”


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“Call on DENNY at CLOUD #9”


Denny H. McClarren Jr.http://fourgrandmas.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Denny_001.jpg

Express your condolences
Denny H. McClarren

Died: August 09, 2015

U.S. VeteranDenny H. McClarren, 76, Holmes Beach, died August 9, 2015. Born in St. Louis, MO he moved to Holmes Beach in 2001 from Wheaton, IL, was a member of St. Bernards Catholic Church and was a Veteran of the US Army. Survived by wife, Judy of Holmes Beach, FL; sons, Tim (Sharon Vosmek) McClarren of San Francisco, CA and Mike (Desiree) McClarren of Porterfield, WI; daughter, Kelly Schultz of Winfield, MO; brother, Tom (Rose) McClarren of St. Louis, MO; sister, Mary Ellen Aldrich of Florissant, MO; grandchildren, Ashley, Kristina, David, Elizabeth, Kayla, Brandon and Jesse; great grandchildren, Ayden and Adisyn. Memorial Services will be at a later date. Brown & Sons Funeral Homes & Crematory 43rd Street Chapel is in charge of arrangements. Memorial donations to the Alzheimer’s Association at www.alz.org. Condolences to www.brownandsonsfuneral.com.

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This is for those who are not in Florida – – but, for those that… would like to get in touch with my brother, Denny;s   wife, Judy and  their  family – as we all know – that sometime in this LIFE – our road and path closes –  and we find that – –  we  have  become “citizens” of HEAVEN.

DENNY  – – as I remember  did not like to FLY  the Commercial  Airways – – but  – – NOW that he is in HEAVEN – – DENNY enjoys FLYING on CLOUD #9!



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