“In the 2nd Grade and Learning Lessons”

In the “Second Grade” and Sister Damion was  the teacher- NUN  – – and she was a very good teacher. One of the learning tools that she used – – was a small card with numbers that each student would receive – – each card had a special identifying   number on the back – – so that she could correct our papers against for the correct answers.

When we received this card – you would put that  “card number” on your sheet of paper – – that way – SISTER Damion could correct the papers faster. Each child received a different card – – so therefore – – no one with very good “eye-sight” could cheat – – by looking at some-other student’s paper.  This same card could be used for addition – -subtraction  and multiplication – – as she had the “MASTER ANSWER SHEETS” – – for easy  correction of our papers when turned in.

To be in the “2nd Grade” and to learn so much with these arithmetic cards – – I would have to say… “arithmetic” was  one of the most important things to learn – – in the very early years in school. With these “cards” there was no way to cheat. – – These “cards” were handed out when we were to work out these problems – – and then immediately when finished – these “cards’ were collected. These “cards” were never left out – – and you did not have them long enough to copy – –  – as I do not think that when you are only  “eight or even seven years old”  – – you would ever think to copy these “cards” in order to cheat?

Since I was the oldest of  the three of us – – and each of us only a year apart in age – – each year following me – – my brothers,  Denny and then Tommy would follow – – in the same learning process. “My MEMORY”  of this learning with the “NUMBERS” is so strong, because – – my MOTHER did not like “MATH” – – and when she saw our Report cards – – always marveled…  at how well we each did in the “MATH” department.

NOW… that I am thinking about those early years in school – – I  can only hope that the “TEACHERS” today – – also  work as hard – – in the teaching of words – – pronunciation and spelling – – with the meaning and usage- – – since there are quite a few words  that  sound alike – – but are spelt  differently. WORDS and the correct spelling of  them  – – which… NOW –  make all the difference in the world – – as TODAY – -how can you communicate  – – as everyone is holding in their hands some type of  a hand-held gadget – –  and words and numbers are all that you have… to send an important message – – to the whole wide world – – to see and read – – that is all that there is… TODAY!

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