Baby Karen 001

Mom & all 4 001

“Happy       BIRTHDAY….

to our little baby “EVE Karen McClarren”

These Photos were taken in 1946.

“That is MOMMY in the first Photo…holding our new baby sister, Karen – – then standing and with a box of “CRACKER JACK” in his hands is the next in age TOMMY – – and then the next in age is our brother, DENNY, good looking with the  very  best shade of red hair  and as  always dresses well …wearing the tie. That would be “ME” – just a step behind my brothers, and if you look  carefully – – I’m helping…  by holding my MOTHER’s  purse – for safe keeping – – while we have a chance to take photos.

In the PHOTO  – – on the right is…DADDY and the three of us   standing, and DADDY is holding our little baby sister, EVE Karen. The “NAVY” outfit that TOMMY is now wearing… well it was DENNY’s and it was what DENNY was wearing when he took the “GREYHOUND BUS” ride …all alone to OHIO – – to stay with our Grand-Parents. 

Also… at this time my FATHER had to go California…to work on NAVY SHIPS and took little TOMMY with him – – this was the time when everyone in AMERICA was doing their part for the WWII war effort.  Everyone was traveling …and I was the one who was going to get to go…but I had a very good case of  the MUMPS and just was not in shape to travel.

The best part of having old PHOTOS…you can remember better…what you were doing and what everyone else was doing. Another good memory of the TIMES – – back then…is having a  lot of the old “MAIL” – – all of the old communication – – who wrote to who and what was important for each to do – – and who said this and did that – – we were always connected in thought and word!

TODAY…the 16th…my sisters – Kathleen and EVE Karen were born – and amazing TWINS…but – – what ever we may have wanted – – everything changes for us as a FAMILY – – our sister Kathleen did not live longer than a week – – each of the TWINS weigh in at eight and a half pounds – – but – – one of  Kathleen’s lungs were crushed and – – she was not saved…I do not feel that they even tried to save her.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY…KATHLEEN and EVE KAREN – – NOW …. that you are both..  in a far greater place… that would be…in  HEAVEN!”

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“Karen McClarren Scott”


“TODAY is the  DAY” that my younger sister, Karen left this world…and…just two weeks before her fiftieth birthday.

My sister, Karen is just  eight  years younger than me and also Karen is the identical twin to Kathleen… being…the twin that died within the first week of birth. They said that Kathleen had a crushed lung…but both twins …each weigh eight and a half pounds – and I know that babies weighing only a pound or two and   with  their general condition not even as good as Kathleen’s … live and survive…so I am guessing that they… did not really try to save her.

So… TODAY is not a happy day for me…because of this being… that DAY…that my sister, KAREN left earth for eternity…but then…there may have  reasons …   that none of us… will  ever understand????

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