“We LOVE the NAVY”

“How does that song go… “Your in the NAVY… NOW”  – – and you are the  best NAVY MAN in our FAMILY!”





If the music for the “NAVY” does not put you in the mood to rush on down to your   nearest… NAVY Requiter’s Office  – – right…  NOW – –  –  Put some blood in those veins – – Open up a can of  “Pop-Eye’s” best Spinach – – and turn yourself into one of  “AMERICA’s”   finest NAVY MEN  – – for all TIME!

“Thanks for serving – – when called on to do so… Your COUNTRY,  “AMERICA  loves you” – – and the  “ALMIGHTY  YAHWEH”  loves and strengthens you – – and I am praying for you… every day and night.”  “Thank You!”  DV

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This is one of those PHOTOS – –  that only the ALMIGHTY – – had plans for me … to be able to remember… “the LOVE of  MY LIFE” – – since only our CREATOR knew – – that “LEE and Ellen forever”  written inside my wedding ring – – was not to be.


“MY LOVER” as you can see  – – was in the newspaper – – could have been in the Saint Louis Past-Dispatch – –  and I would so often read  “BEN BURROUGHS’ SKETCHES” – – because … his writings always have important messages to all of his readers!

Try to read the above words… think about them… I will bet that you too… will feel that this same message applies to you  and the LOVE of YOUR LIFE! After reading these words… there are some  phrases – – that sound as if  “BEN BURROUGHS”  had at some time read “SONG of SOLOMON” – – also a message of LOVE to LOVERS!

That is one thing that we do not know… how much TIME will we have  TODAY – – to enjoy a full LIFE with the one you LOVE.  

August 1st is Lee’s Birthday – – and it is almost here!

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This is one of my favorite Photos of my husband, LEE ALDRICH – – the Detective… working out of the 5th District – – Saint Louis, Missouri – – late 1950’s.


When Lee Aldrich  – – the LOVE of my LIFE died in 1967 – – there was one thing that I was worried about… “Will  our children forget him and how he looked – – because they are so young?”

So this is what I did. Every PHOTO that I could find – – and after searching though so many old and newer PHOTOS  – – the above PHOTO is the one…  that I liked the best.

At that time – – there was a department store that I did lots of shopping and always liked the merchandise that they had and their PHOTOGRAPHY department  at the downtown Saint Louis location is where I took the above PHOTO. I did have a couple of other PHOTOS – just in case this one was not good enough to use.

What I wanted – – was for this PHOTO to be enlarged as large as possible – – to take out all of the background in the photo – – and to do it in color – – so that when you would look at the finished   enlargement –  –  you would see my husband as he really looked. They asked me about all of the coloring of everything – – in a couple of weeks they gave me a call.

When I went to pick up the finished PHOTO – – I could hardly believe my eyes – – “They made a real “ART TREASURE” of this project – – and had it in a frame – – which looked so good – – all I could think was – – that the ALMIGHTY – – sure did direct the hands of the artist that put this all together.”

When I brought  Lee’s MOM out to our house – – to see this photo of her son – – hanging in the entry foyer of the house – -she almost had a heart attack – – this PHOTO looked so real to her – – she almost thought  that  her son, LEE was alive!

LEE is always … right there in the entry foyer area – – he   welcomes  …  everyone – – and looks so good!    Lee’s birthday is the   First of August!

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“The MEN in BLUE – Working…”

When ever I see … “MEN in BLUE” – – I know that we can feel safe – – because … just their presence at any event – – indicates to the large crowds – – that if anything at all happens – – we  will have  the “MEN in BLUE” right there  – – they will know exactly what to do – – should there be a need – –   and…  all will safe and secure.

Officer Lee 001

This  is an old PHOTO – – could be at least sixty years ago – – and on the right side  –  standing is LEE ALDRICH with the Fifth District… and the back side of  this   photo … does not have the name of the Police Officer standing   on the left side – –  and no note  as to this event.

Just was thinking that – – when there will be a large event to take place  – – it is always a very good idea to have SECURITY GUARDS   to work at your event – – so that everyone taking part in the event and  all of the paying guess to this event will feel safe and secure.  In the above PHOTO… something that caught my eye was the   revolvers on the POLICE OFFICERS’s hip. Just seeing that  the GUARDS  at this event are armed – – and that they are POLICE OFFICERS – – means that this should truly be a secure event.

What really makes you feel safe at any event is the fact  – – that the vehicle you came in and had to park… could be blocks  away from where you will be enjoying an event – – but more than that – – is the situation … when events – – that are in the evening – – and sometimes in the late hours – – when it is very dark – and you are now in need of finding your car – – you could feel all alone  – – but then… there is an OFFICER with a large flash-light – – and  ready in a moment to give you all the HELP that you need.

This is just a memory of   LEE ALDRICH – – and all that he meant to me – -but   now is no longer here – but his birth date will never be forgotten!

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“Injured POLICE OFFICER makes a change”

After  Lee Aldrich  served as a  POLICE OFFICER and Detective on the Saint LOUIS  POLICE Department – – having been injured  – – needed to take an early retirement – – so what to do??

Lucky to have a younger brother, Al Aldrich…  associated with the DOBBS HOUSE Snack Bar restaurant business  – – and they were going  to open up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida – a SNACK BAR – right across from the BROWARD GENERAL Hospital  – and so Lee and I decided to take the challenge and work together – – and the Photo below shows the two of us – – all ready to work.

Lee & Ellen 001

During the HIGH SCHOOL… I worked at different restaurants – – so I did have  the “KNOW HOW” to serve customers with their order of good food – – and also … the importance of cleaning up. One thing in the restaurant business in having the place nice and clean – – and always ready for customers. The main thing at a SNACK BAR – – there are twelve stools for customers – – so when they come in to eat – – more than likely – – they are in a hurry – – maybe this is their LUNCH time – and they can not wait too long for the food to be served – – they need to be back to work and on TIME.

So… to keep the customers as  good  “return customers” – – you want to serve in a very polite manner – – getting the order taken correctly  – not having them wait – get exactly what they need to enjoy their meal –   so that they are very  well satisfied. One thing that  as good worker needs to – – is to be sure the dishes are being cleaned  and plenty ready to be used for the next customer. Lots of little working jobs  – – that after awhile – you can do so fast – – you even surprise your self – – with being a very worked.

Just another memory of the LOVE of my LIFE – LEE ALDRICH.

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