1967-2017…”It’s a Long Long Time”

“Detective Lee Aldrich”

This PHOTO of Lee  – – is just before the night shift – – which he would be leaving for – –  and ten years before he left his FAMILY and FRIENDS… for a much better reward to be with his CREATOR and receive a much greater reward  in  the Heavenly Realm!

Memories of our LOVED ONES – – never ever fade – – with the years as they go by – – and keep going so quickly – – Memories with lots of imagination keep one wondering – – what and where  and how could LIFE have been different – – if this or that and WHY – – must   “ONE” that we LOVE – – have  had… to leave us… so soon?


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“Remembering the MAN in BLUE!”

With all of the events going on  TODAY – – just had to post this PHOTO of “LEE ALDRICH”   a POLICE OFFICER in the NORTH Saint LOUIS  – -district 5 – – and if….  I say so my self – – one of the best men in BLUE – – because he is the MAN that I married.


It is easy to see that this is a very old PHOTO – – but I just LOVE him so much – – and I feel that all the women in America – – that are married to a Police Officer – – feel the same way about their husbands. 

Each Officer takes a risk when they must go to  the scene of   a disaster – – –  no one knows – – what is happening  – – everyone feels like an injured party – – each person wants HELP – –  and each incident needs a thorough investigation to determine – – what and who needs the priority  assistance and immediately. Some Officers  with more on the job experience – – can see  similar things to past   occurrences – – and just know who to respond to first in  this situation. Always keeping in mind that  the medical people on the scene will take care  to save each person – – to see death at a scene in the worst possible thing – – one ever  wants to be remembering.

Since I also worked  for  the  Police department – – I have always seen men and women – – trying to do the most that would  resolve a situation – – and always doing that which was necessary for the “GOOD” welfare of all the people…  needing their HELP.

This remembrance of LEE ALDRICH  – – is because he will be having a BIRTHDAY on the First of August – – and since he is no longer here on earth – there will be a big PARTY for Lee in HEAVEN!

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“I’m Outside and ready to go for a SWIM!”

“Looks like it is a real nice day… to go for a “SWIM” down on  the “Ocean Beach” where you usually  take all of  us!”  “So… How much longer do we all  have to wait… to get into the car and leave?”  “As you can see… – -I’m ready in a minute!”


“Can we take my friend, Arthur – – you know him – – he lives down on the next block?”  “Arthur likes to go with us, too…  especially…  if it is to SWIM?”  “If it is  OKAY…I’ll run on down and tell him – – we are all ready to go!” “Sure does look like  – – we are all going to have lots of FUN… today!”img103Nothing like having the “OCEAN” within a mile to drive. This is Fort Lauderdale, Florida – – and as you can see  –  there are always lots of people that like to just sit on the warm “BEACH SAND” – – and then when you feel like it…  make a running dash into the ocean water and see…  just how far out you can swim?

“Just doing the “arithmetic” – – when you live in “FLORIDA” –  and you are “LUCKY” – – that’s Lee, Sr’s name – – – really “LUCKY” to have the “Atlantic Ocean” in your  “own”  backyard – – giving you all the TIME to enjoy having …   FAMILY just  all  together and resting  – –  just doing what comes naturally  and easy in the “SUN” – -we need to give “THANKS”  – – to our “CREATOR”  –  – for this most wonderful of  gifts  – – – and it is all…  for  FREE!

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“Big Lee and Little Lee – relaxing!”


Ft.Lauderdale, Florida  – with the Ocean  – just begging “Swimmers” to come and enjoy – Lee Sr. and Lee Jr.are making a bet as to which one will run and jump in “FIRST” – since both are the best of “Swimmers”  – ready – get set – “GO!”

When your Daddy is a terrific swimmer – you just naturally want to do even better – if you can- and it always helps to be encouraged – all through your “LIFE” to excel in whatever your “DREAMS” are calling you to do!

Lee was able to save lives when he joined the NAVY  – when President J. Carter was in office  and had sent the Navy in areas where there were  people leaving their Country in boats not suitable for the high seas and – Lee was awarded medals for saving lives when the opportunity  was knocking!

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“I picked a Winner!”


Lee Aldrich   – – is a 100% “WINNER”  for me – here we are at the German St. Vincent Orphan Home  – it is their  “August Picnic”  and looks like,    Lee “WON” all the prizes  – just for little ole ME!

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“Lee Living Life in Love!”


“Happy Birthday Lee” – Today is the day! – Every day of  “LIFE”  is the best day  that we can have – and everyday that someone  we  “LOVE”  can remember all the good days we had   – makes for this to be the best day ever!

This photo was taken on Ft. Lauderdale, Florida  – Beach  – while we were living in Florida – to  open the first  Dobbs  House Snack Bars – the beginning of our restaurant business. The date on this photo is June 1958. That background – Ocean – looks like there is no end to the edge of the world? Living in Florida – is “LOVE!”

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