“Miami, Florida – Boat Races”


Lee Aldrich, Sr.  and sons, Al  and Lee Jr.  – sitting along the Inter-coastal Water-ways – watching the “Boat Races” – just one of the spectacular events held  each year with all kinds of “Free” sitting  spaces for anyone who is able to find a close enough “PARKING” space – near by!

I am taking the pictures and the big worry was that “Baby Al” woud lean over too far and fall in  – Daddy and Lee Jr. are both good swimmers – but who wants to have something to upset an exciting event, like the “Boat Races?”  A real good and safe time was had by all!

“Happy Birthday Lee Sr.” – The above picture date is  July 1964  – so that is exactly –  50 –  years ago this event took place?    Nimbers – Place –  Time There is something to all of this  – my thoughts are trying to fit the pieces together  – to come up with something exciting???


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