“Mary Ellen’s Mama”

“In the beginning… and before anybody knew…  not even the close relatives – – – were in the know – –  but in nine months – – the whole wide world – – would get to know – –  a brand new little baby girl…”MARY ELLEN” in 1937!  “WOW” *******

“Nothing like having a ‘hands-on’ with a ‘doll baby’ – – a course in how to hold a baby and some other techniques – – on infant care – – all before the big day arrives… in SEPTEMBER.”

“Mary Ellen’s Mama” sure does look good sitting on the swing – – practicing what she will be doing  – – when the  ‘nine’  months time arrives” – – 

Nothing like a change in the  ‘seasons’ – – to being on the need for a  ‘hat and coat’ – – and a walk in the PARK – – but when expecting – – one must take a rest – –   and to sit  on the ground… with a nice  ‘leg’ shot – – to be remembered… forever – –  – as we are now feeding two – – and those extra pounds – – one must get used to the new pounds – -and allow time to carry them  them around  – – gracefully – – “WOW”  – – some wonderful good old times to remember – – sure glad these old PHOTOS of MOM and ME – – were found.

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“MOM wanted to be a TEACHER”

May 9th was “TEACHER APPRECIATION DAY” – – and what better “TEACHER” does one have – – than their “MOTHER”… first and forever.


The above PHOTO is one that I like… as that is “Irene Brady Riley… a “Glennon Family,”  cousin… and  “Marie Brady” standing on the right. Someday in the future she will be my MOTHER.

As the thirteen child in the “BRADY FAMILY”  – – and a girl – – her destiny was to be there for the parents –  in the home as the care-taken and companion – – and the question of working  outside of the home – – well that was out of the question.   Marie did continue in school and was educated to do almost anything – – but her personal dream was to be a  “School Teacher” and to teach the “Kindergarten class”  as she loved the little children.

Every FAMILY has some extra special and natural  qualities  of which we give credit to our Almighty Creator – – because  if the talent was  not already given – – no amount of extra education would help. There are just  some natural abilities that  we receive  – – and each of us – – receive different amounts of talents – – to make us different – – but  there are a select few – – that receive mega amounts of some  artistic  talents – – that  we receive  – – and when we have these abilities – – we do like to share – – and that was  the one quality of my MOTHER – – she wanted to share her gifts to help small children see the beauty in  world of artistic  drawing and design.

In FAMILIES… if you look up and down the generations – – you can see where some have the same qualities as certain others – – and when you look and see who did receive and who did not – –  for instance…  let’s take myself… I only wish I received more of what my MOTHER ‘s artistic abilities were – – but when … I look  to the future generations from me – – “boy o’boy”  it is wonderful  – – how Life after Life… copies itself!

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“I Remember Mama”

“Mother’s Day” in 1967 … was the same DATE as it is this YEAR…May 14th – – that is “Fifty years ago” – – and the  week – – was a week of  SORROW for the McClarren Family  – – Mama died.”

How could I have thought to write… TODAY  – – exactly “50 years ago” – -I had to double  check the calendar – – just to be sure  – -never thought that my MOTHER was in poor health – – and there were no health problems – – at least none that I  could think of – – to  keep on the alert side – – so as  to keep an eye on what is going on?

BUT… MOTHER’s DAY  is not a  ‘one DAY a year’ thing  – – when it comes to your MOTHER – – – remember MOTHER every day of the year – – she was there for you – – and is still there…  for you.

This PHOTO of Mama is in the mid 1950’s – – sitting on one of the swing-seats – – of the “home built swing set  – – that my Dad had built for us kids in the 1940’s. On the “Army Cot”  in TOMMY – – and as you can see – – he has  had a ‘bike accident” – – so now he must rest after having to be taken to “City Hospital” and getting his arm cleaned out – – –  and a lot of shots for the pain and possible infection.  Also … sitting behind TOMMY is little “EVE KAREN” – – just taking in all of this  excitement with TOMMY’s situation.

This PHOTO  is  MOM – – TOMMY – – DENNY Jr. and  our DAD, Denny, Sr.  – – on the Pavilion –  with  one foot on the bench, leaning forward…  so as to give me directions on how to take this PHOTO – – and still it is not as clear  as one would want it  – – but the memory is with us forever – – and this visual  is just a reminder – – this was a “VISITING  SUNDAY” at  SAINT  VINCENT’s”

Some children never receive a “VISIT” from their parents – – but my MOTHER came out to visit us every  second and fourth SUNDAY of the month – – and even came out through the week – – and when I was older – – I remember saying to the girls around me – – “Sure wish that my MOTHER  – -” would not”  come to VISIT me today” – – And…  I would continue to swing on the swings – – and would say that same thing a couple more times – – and so often… someone would be running over to me… yelling.. “Hey Mickey…your MOM is walking in the side driveway area” – – and I would  just holler back – “I don’t think so?” – – But…  I was watching… and sure enough – – there she was…  with a bag of goodies for us – – “OH…how… “HAPPY ”  – – I was then!”

This  is 1939 – – that is my little brother, DENNY, Jr. in my MOM’s arms  – getting as close to me – – in the rocker – –  to see my  baby brother,  Denny – – close up – –  so  all of us –   could   be in the PHOTO together.

Back then…A MOTHER would stay in the HOSPITAL  for at least  three  (3) weeks – – before getting to take the ‘new born’ baby home. While in the HOSPITAL – – MOTHER would receive training in the ‘new born baby’s care’  and also receive care for herself… so that she would be able to have all the strength that she would need.

“I remember  – – as I was … MOTHER’s  ‘little’ HELPER.”

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“A Day of Love!”



Take note of the Date on the top of this clipping – “October 4. 1941”  –  This clip is “73 years old” – It is amazing how some small piece  of clipped paper is saved completely in tact – just as fresh as the day it was printed in the “Globe-Democrat Newspaper”  –   Seems that we should never forget that  “LOVE is TRUTH”  – and no mater what else happens in LIFE – just having LOVE – you will have Life – and that’s the “TRUTH!”

This “CLIP” was my MOTHER’s  – in one of her books – who lived to almost be “74” – she enjoyed   “The Late Show”  and movie star  “Humphrey Bogart” was probably on her list – as everyone has favorite movies that “HUMPHREY BOGART” and his wife Lauren Bacall  – both were terrific in! (They were in LOVE!)

My favorite Humphrey Bogart film is – “Casablanca” – I may have seen that movie more than the 45 times noted in the clip for the  “MALTESE FALCON” – How do you rate these movies???

“Remember”  “LOVE is TRUTH”…



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