When you have  had enough TIME – – here on EARTH – – more than likely … YOU have had your picture taken for  just being a BABY – – and then for your FIRST BIRTHDAY – –  and then every YEAR there after – – and then when you enter into the SCHOOL SYSTEM – – you have a new PHOTO – – just to show  that you are going PLACES  – – that is up the ladder to higher education – – and then WORK – – – Of course  “YOU” must be photographed – – and even if or when YOU might enter into  one of the branches of service to your native Country… AMERICA. 

“WOW” – – We sure do a lot  of Photographing of our ourselves…  and  our Families.

So… after all that attention to what we look like – – over the years – – have you ever found one – – just one PHOTO – – that you could say…  that you – – yourself –  you really like??? Is there something about – THAT – –  one PHOTO – – after a hundred years – – would stand out – – this one PHOTO – – after  looking at it – – can you say that it is YOU!

The above Photo of ME – – is that ONE PHOTO of ME… the one I like more than any  other. This PHOTO in a smaller size – – since I had enlarged for here – – is the one PHOTO that I saw of myself – – hanging in the kitchen – –  back in the 1940 and 1950 era… never paid a lot of attention to it – – guess no one did – – but there were times – – when I would wonder… “What am I looking at? – – “What am I expecting?” – – “Is someone talking to me?” “I am trying to figure out what  is attracting my attention… as I have such an inquiring look –  – just waiting for  something to be told to me… maybe – – and or am I paying the correct amount of attention to something – – or…  WHAT?”

“This PHOTO is always  asking me … something… but WHAT?”

The longest day – – that I may live – – I will be wondering – – and I guess that  is what I like about this PHOTO – – since there is an un-answered question – – keeps the brain… guessing – – will the answer … ever come to me?

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This first PHOTO… of DADDY and  DAUGHTER (me) is when I was eight months. Since I do not have the photo handy – – can not write the whole list of stuff – – that my MOTHER wrote on the back side – – as to what I could do and say… which is  a good thing for parents to do – – because… without a written record… who would remember everything that a first child  – – is learning  – – and then is also able to do.

  • Should I run across the “PHOTO” above – – I will add those wonderful things – – that my MOTHER – – did take the time to make note of – – especially for me – – as I am one of those “types” – – with inquiring minds  – – sometimes people get sick of my questions – – but how then does one learn – – if they can not ask  more than enough “QUESTIONS” – – so as to be well informed  – – 
  • “What television series is that – –  where the investigator always comes back – – just after taking a few steps to leave… and he says. .. “I just have …ONE MORE QUESTION?”  **********        **********
  • This is JUNE 26th, 2017 – – and I have the answer…  to pass on  – – to one and all – –  so and since ‘no one’ sent  to me an answer – – will have to save this “PRIZE”…  for another time – – – so…  the  “STAR of Colombo” is the  man in the very old  ‘Rain Coat”  – -“PETER Fault” – – himself” – -“Good Luck…  till  next time!”
  • “Every one has my “number” – – for doing that exact thing – – when they think  – – that I have turn to leave – – and with a quick step back… “Just one more thing,

“Do I look like – – I  am pushing ‘two’ – – in the above photo? – – WELL… that is DADDY holding “ME”  – – and we are in the back yard of my “AUNT Irene RILEY” — on ASHLAND Avenue, in Saint Louis – – – we would visit  Aunt Irene – – as it was only a quite run through the FAIRGROUNDS PARK – –  – – short drive…

This was a “BIG DAY” for me. It is JUNE 8th, 1952 – – and I have graduated from the eighth grade – – “WOW”

That is DADDY, DENNY, SR. standing on my right side – – and on the  left of me … is my younger brother DENNY, Jr., – – who is in the seventh grade – – and next year – – he  will be graduating from the eighth grade.  Isn’t it wonderful… to have a child of yours – – graduating each year – – after so many years of the same thing – – you finally know the general routine and  can almost … do it in your sleep.

After living a fairly…  long time – – it the the good memories that you have – – and if you also have old photographs to jog the old marbles floating around in the old brain – – well… “It is a wonderful WORLD… after  all  is said and done!”

“Thanks to the ALMIGHTY – – for all the wondrous things – – that ‘YOU’ have provided me with – – I am grateful and thankful – – each and every day – – LIFE is every thing and more – – some times… we just forget to give THANKS!”  DV

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“…a TIME to START to WORK…”

In order for me to start to “WORK” for  “Southwestern Bell Telephone”  – – I had to go to the “Board of Education”  and get a “Worker’s Permit” as I was not as yet eighteen years old.  In preparing for a  “JOB” as soon as possible…  I also went to Summer School – – so as the get the required  “credits” needed to Graduate  or at least get a diploma as soon as possible.

This is the mid 1950’s – – and there were five (5) other girls starting to work  – – and with me – our group of six with one  “Instructor” went and did everything together – – our  day starting at eight in the morning and ending at five in the afternoon. We had one hour for LUNCH in mid day – – we also had a break in the afternoon and morning.

This is me – – on  one of the days… the  “Instructor” i forms us that we will have our PHOTOS taken for their files – – and so I ask if I could have this Photo of me – – as it was not good enough for their files – – and rather than throw it away – – thought I would like to take it home – – to show my MOM.

As you can see – – the setting on the camera was not set to get enough of my face – – but there is just a small amount of of a good smile – – this “WORK” included six weeks of just learning  – – and each day was FUN. It was like going  “back” to school – –  we were given  a “Steno Note Book” and pencil – – we were to write down everything that the “Instructor” told us.

In “Saint Louis” back then – – every part of the City and areas that I did not even think about  – but  where telephone service was – – like in North Saint Louis where I was living – – the telephone exchange  name was “Evergreen” – and our telephone number was “EV1-4650” – – so knowing what the “EV” stood for – – made it  easier to know where  that phone number  would be located  in the “CITY”  and also the numbers “3 and 8” were correct for that area. I still have my old book with all of the information that I needed to know – – before ever sitting at the “Switch Board”  and taking a “live” call.

Today… it would not be necessary for the six weeks of training – – as most children have their own “Cell Phones” and know more about calling everywhere – – and even to foreign destinations and all without the “HELP” of an “OPERATOR” – – because way back and then – – it was “long” distance to call “Arnold, MO.” – – and we would have slips of paper for each call made – – the “TO and “FROM” numbers and the “NAME” of the called party – – for the “PERSON to PERSON” calls – – we did a lot of writing and had to be good with the numbers – – did have to figure out the “TIME and CHARGES” for those “CALLS” made from “PHONE BOOTHS” – – needed to know what a “quarter” sounded like or if it was a dime or nickle – –  – – there was a lot to know then – – but  “TODAY” everyone can call anywhere in the world – – and probably on their   little “hand-held”  CELL PHONE…everything  in “one”  MACHINE! ******** “Very few “Telephone Operators”…  and  “BELL TRAINED” …  needed!”

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“Blue Ribbon Winner”

“For as long as I can remember… This PHOTO  of little “MARY ELLEN”  hung on the Living Room wall – – and  in those  homes…  that had a “Fire PLACE” – – there I was   all  ‘toastee warm’  – – with my big smile – – just waiting for someone to walk  over – – looking at me and asking questions or just some simple  ‘small  talk’  to me!”

My grand-daughter,  “JAIME”  – – was over the other day – – and she has a cell phone that will take good PHOTOS – – so without  removing the glass from this frame – – because the back side is sealed up – – ‘what a job that would have been’  – –  we do see some reflections in the glass – – no matter what we tried to do.

Most “PHOTOS” that I have  – – have a story  – – and here is the story for this PHOTO.

There I am in the back-yard playing with some other little kids  that live in the neighborhood… this is  now ‘mid day’ … my DADDY pulls up into the driveway – – driving like a “maniac” as my Mother tells it – – –  jumps up  – out  and running into the house …”Where is MARY ELLEN”” – – have to take  her and real quick” – – my MOTHER points to the back yard saying that I am playing with friends.  So my DAD runs out to the yard – – just grabs me… headed back to the car. “WAIT … WHAT  FOR?”  My Mother is asking… waiting for an answer.

“Flannery Studio”  “has a “BABY CONTEST” today only…  and I have to get “MARY ELLEN” there… and in a hurry!”   “JUST a minute… let me clean her up and change her clothes!”  “She  has been playing outside and is too dirty for “PHOTOS” to be taken” … and … MOM  is trying to catch up with my DAD – – but…  he is just too fast – -has me under one arm – – almost like a “FOOT BALL” and into the vehicle,  and off my DAD  ‘flies’ – – – and  if I wasn’t … NOW  I am – – –  just a real mess of a kid – – but, when my DAD is doing something – – “his way”   – –  there was no stopping him.

“So…when you look at this PHOTO – – you can see my face is a little on the dirty side – – the tie for my cap … not tied – – and where is the rest of it – – and the clothes … sure could have  been clean,  fancy  – – maybe ribbons and bows in the hair  – – maybe even some bright colors for the clothes – – to be sure that I was a little girl” – – – But… maybe these PHOTOGRAPHERS were looking for  something  different  – – like…  just plain ole Jane… come as you are – – and just let the  “FACE” say something – – without all of the extras?

“Sure does look like I am talking to the “Photographer” – – – maybe even…  sometimes… ME thinks me speaketh… too much!”


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“This PHOTO… MEMORIES are Forever”

Early 1940’s… Some of the worst of  TIMES… America was now entered into the “WAR” and if you  were  not living then – – you missed out on  something – – that is only understandable if you were  a part – – and doing your part here in AMERICA – – to help our ALLIES.

In this PHOTO is little TOMMY and ME – – and since we are standing near the steps going to the basement – – only I noticed that I am ready for any quick moves little TOMMY  ‘might make’ as he has a tendency to  fly down ‘stairs’ – – when he  is close to them. On one… MONDAY  morning ‘wash day’… my MOTHER was in the basement  and the washing machine was running – – and I was down there also to help   sort out the wash – – TOMMY was upstairs and near the “trap-door”… where he should not have been – – he called down to us…  and in bending and trying to see down the steps – – there he was  – – in one fell swoop – – into a  pile of dirty clothes – – and with a surprised look. His “Guardian Angel” works over time!

ME & Tom 001

It was also some of the ‘best of times’ – – that is for children and the way that I am standing…  reminds me….  these  same  years that we were in WWII – – something  happened at “NIGHT” – – we had “BLACK OUTS” – –  of which… has not happened  since in AMERICA – – 

Who would have thought that  ‘air planes’ could fly across the ocean  non-stop and loaded with bombs – – fly into the state of Missouri – – but we did need to be prepared and so there were  ‘air-raid tests’  and the  “Civil Defense” wardens would be walking up and down each and every  street  – –  and if they saw a ‘light’  in your house – – – – they were knocking on your door.

There was one such  night – –  when we did get a knock on the door – – and the WARDEN calling – – “Turn off the LIGHTS!”  – – All of the windows in the house had extra heavy drapes hung – – besides the regular window blinds and drapes covering  – – but that one night – – just the smallest of light was seen  so then…  I just had to go outside to see what the world looked like?

Never before was Saint Louis so dark out side – — no automobiles   anywhere at all – not even the “Walnut Park Bus”  – – I had to see for myself  – – so I stood in the middle of  “Carter and Linton”     looking both ways – – and not a light to be seen. So… as a little girl – – no traffic – – the center of that street made a real good looking   “stage”  for me.

Everyone in their  homes… I  could now do… what I would do during the day on the sidewalk… “somersaults” and “cart-wheels” – –  now on  the nice wide and open street intersection – – not a chance of running into anything – – just me singing and dancing  with a up and over for as long as I wanted – – “WOW” … if only someone could have taken a PHOTO – – to really remember the FUN time I had – – until my MOTHER called and showed up – – Everyone was suppose to be in their “HOMES” for safety sake – – could be shot by the enemy or even bombed. So many reasons…  I was given  as to why…  I should have been in the house.

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This one is for “YOU” – – pass it on…Image may contain: text



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