“Birthday Party with “Hot-air Balloons” – over head”

“What a wonderful “Birthday Party” at my house – – the  “Forest Park Balloon Race”  carried   on a spectacular array of  colorful BALLOONS – – headed for the St. Charles Airport. – – and vehicles all kinds of  followers of the race – — looking out their windows  – – to follow the 

“AIR RACE’ – – taking them over  to the “Sunset Park” – into and through each and every  nearby street – – some streets do not allow traffic through – – what … disappoint on their faces – – but…  at least a thousand vehicles – – – and the smart travelers came the fast and easy  way – – on their  “BIKES” – – in fact in talking with some of the people  – – one bike rider was celebrating his 61st BIRTHDAY  –  – and he said… that on his Birthdays – – he will ride the “BIKE” that number of miles – – and it was 61 miles  to ride on the 16th.”

This is the “Pavilion at  Sunset Park” – – and cars and people were all over the roads and in the parking areas – – and standing at the peak of the PARK – – there …I was. Will see what my PHOTO looks like,  and will post later.

“Does that “BUNNY” get around … or what?”   “His batteries get him…  everywhere and anywhere – – and he sure does look real good  – – up and over the crowd – –  as they  are busy … preparing their “BALLOONS” for the RACE.”

There was a “BALLOON” up and flying for “MaryGrove” and they may  be in need of help – – and or a vote for their “BALLOON” – – to WIN some of the PRIZES.”

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

“What a terrific sight to behold – – all of these beautiful “BALLOONS” – – taking part in an “Air RACE” – – Is  it skills that will help you to WIN – – or just being in the right place at the right TIME?”

Just have to THANK the Almighty YAHWEH – – for finishing my 80th Birthday Party WEEK… with a wonderful out-door activity – – watching all these beautiful BALLOONS – –  come over my house and the surrounding PARK – – giving me the opportunity to talk with the crowd of people  – – and after such a wonderful time – – sharing more “CAKE and Ice Cream” with Family and Friends! What a one of a kind of “80th Birthday” celebrations – – to remember the rest of my days —   “WHO could ask for more?”

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“Like I always say… ‘Enjoy your “BIRTHDAY”  all week’ – – that way…  you are sure to have done enough – – to remember the occasion – – with good memories – – for the rest of the year – – and then… can hardly wait till the next exciting date arrives – – just to do it…  all again.”

This is North Saint Louis… do you know where?

Same location… and “Friend, Eleanor Faucher”  is the one taking these PHOTOS – – and they are not too well focused in…… on.

This is in  “O’Fallon Park” – – near the Pavilion  – – can not remember the name of the street – – but if you have ever been there – – you know exactly where this is.

This is me again – – and…  this is  where they have their “FISHING” contests – – or at least as I remember  – – in the late 1940’s to early 1950’s – – as all of the us  ORPHANS were brought here by “Greyhound Bus” – – as a treat for a  nice  Summer Time  – – FUN TRIP – – and some of the kids did  –  WIN –   prizes  for … most… biggest…. and most rare – – what ever they had freshly stocked the water with – – we  did have some…  LUCKY ORPHANS – –  – – and we did receive Food snacks  – – that made everyone – – real happy!

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“Birthday Celebrating all Week”

Seems… that the whole wide world is just  traveling so fast… one needs at least a week to see and be with all  the “BIRTHDAY”  well wishers – –  They too…  either want you to visit them – – or at least have lots of time for a nice long visit at your house – – and  have something good to eat – – so that  it feels like “TIME” is standing by  – – no big hurry up to be some where else – – – since  – – we will be

talking about the good old days.

Having lots of old PHOTOS – – for “Show and Tell” – – sure brings  thoughts about the stories and old things we used to do – – some good and  then there is also those things we tend to forget – – since we are NOW much older and wiser. Now… that I’m thinking back – – found this other old PHOTO of  “Eleanor Faucher” – – 

Well… here we are – – and we are thinking of some where to go – –  we would go to the “Downs Swimming Pool” on South Broadway – – have no idea… if it is still there – – but we were always trying to get a good “TAN” – – what for … just so we could complain afterwards – – and maybe even a week or  more  – – as to …  how burnt we got – – and can not move.

“While there  is still lots of…  BIRTHDAY Cake and Ice Cream – – you had better plan on coming over real soon – – as these are my favorites!”

“With all those candles on the top of that cake…. I had better have the “Fire Departments” phone number handy… just never know the way that “CAKE” is being carried – –   could just have a… fall ” – – “oh… well”… I’ll do my best to save the “DAY” … “I’ll catch that CAKE…some… HOW!”

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“LOOKS like the CAKE… needs two more candles…”

Happy Birthday, Ellen!


When is International Chocolate Day in 2017?

International Chocolate Day in 2017 is on the Wednesday, 13th of Sep (9/13/2017).

International Chocolate Day is on the 256th day of 2017. There are 109 days left in the year.

Quick Facts : International Chocolate Day

  • Date: Sep 13, 2017
  • International
  • Also Called:
  • Celebrations:
International Chocolate Dayi

Chocolate is one of the world’s favorite flavors, possibly THE most loved taste across 7 continents. This magic bean has been consumed by humans from as far back as 1900 BC, and was an integral part of the Aztec and Mayan civilizations and culture. Europeans combined it with milk and sugar, and with the Industrial Revolution and mass production, the modern era of chocolate began. Though it originated in the Americas, today the small African country of Cote D’Ivoire produces 30% of the world’s cocoa. Everyone loves it, the recipes are endless and September 13th is celebrated as international chocolate day.

While most of us don’t need a special day to indulge in the rich creamy glory that is chocolate, International Chocolate Day gives us just one more reason to consume this delectable confection in copious quantities. It is celebrated mostly by individuals, local candy stores and bakeries, independent chocolatiers and large candy corporations. It is marked by a profusion of delicious recipes all over the internet, from a 15-minute chocolate milk pudding to extravagant meringues, pies, layer cakes, souffles and mousses. Everyone shares everything chocolate, and food bloggers in particular usually have a field day around this time, reviewing the best desserts in town and fondly reminiscing on their classic home-cooked favorites. Candy stores and bakeries hold chocolate festivals, inviting customers loyal and new to sample the delights of their kitchen. Mass producers like Hershey, Nestle, Cadbury, and organizations like the National Confectioners Association also take the opportunity to celebrate what is a huge industry all over the world. Exclusive manufacturers like Ghirardelli, Godiva and Neuhaus capitalize as well, with large-scale festivals and events for producers and consumers of this scrumptious pleasure food.

Dark chocolate also has many proven health benefits. It is a powerhouse of antioxidants, which neutralize free radicals produced by metabolism of fat. This has an array of positive effects on your body, ranging from improving cardio-vascular health to preventing chronic diseases. It has been shown to reduce blood pressure, as well as, interestingly enough, help regulate blood sugar. Finally, it has also been linked to the release of endorphins – the feel-good hormone, which might explain why it is so widely known and loved as a mood-lifter. It is often mixed with other foods and flavors which enhance the taste and may improve your health as well, such as mint, orange, peanuts, almonds, coconuts etc.

So International Chocolate helps us celebrate chocolate in all its multi-faceted glory, throwing bake sales, creating desserts, understanding chocolate or simply enjoying it.

“I just LOVE the dark Chocolate… and   NOW… I know …  WHY!”


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“Happy Birthday… GRANDMA”

“Today is your “LUCKY DAY” – – because … Daddy and I are taking you up…  in a helicopter – – for your first exciting ride!”


“Cheers to everyone… just in case you do not see and or do not hear from  ” ME – ”  – anymore – – you all will know that something happened!!!

“Signing off – – and with the “Almighty’s  special…  BLESSINGS ”   for and on…  me – – and  my son, BIG Al – – and his Daughter,  the newest ‘PILOT’  in our FAMILY – – the beautiful ALYSSA!”

“YAHWEH’s Blessings  on us all!”

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This old time MEMORY was from  SEPTEMBER 2015 – – and with all the big smiles – – you can see that we all were having a real good…  old fashion…  time at the Saint Vincent’s Picnic!

“St. Vincent’s Home – Chapel”


Here we are … in the St. Vincent Chapel… on a tour guide to see all of the new and different things going on…     today… September 27th – 2015!

GRANDMA MARY ELLEN ALDRICH,  Grandson, ALAN  and his Father, big Al and…   Al is a published author of   “AEROS: THE STAR  GOD  of AEROS”…  Book by Al Aldrich *********

This was one of the best days  for a “senior citizen ” to have – and to think  – – that I had to wait all  of the ‘seventy” and more years to arrive – and be surprised…  “WOW” what a wonderful   LIFE – and if we just  – do not weaken…  – – Let’s do it again!

We are just having lots of FUN – – at the “GERMAN ST. VINCENT ORPHANAGE  PICNIC – –   in blue dress  Mary Ellen Aldrich – – and next to me – grand-daughter, ALYSSA – – and standing behind Alyssa  – – is grand-daughter JAIME – – and that is their MOM, JILL  – –  we sure would have liked to see ….   more of the old timers… ALUMNI  – – from way back and when – – but maybe there will be another TIME…  and soon!

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