“Some old SONGS, You never forget”

Just have to check out another old memory, since my son, Lee  was asking me about “Lambs”  – something in the BIBLE that he was reading – just to see,  if I knew the story – and before he could say too much, there I was singing this old song from the 1940′




Mairzy Doats: The Children’s Song


I know a ditty nutty as a fruitcake
Goofy as a goon and silly as a loon
Some call it pretty,
others call it crazy
But they all sing this tune:

Mairzy doats and dozy doats
And liddle lamzy divey
A kiddley divey too, wouldn’t you?
Yes! Mairzy doats and dozy doats
and liddle lamzy divey
A kiddley divey too, wouldn’t you?

If the words sound queer
And funny to your ear,
A little bit jumbled and jivey
Sing “Mares eat oats
And does eat oats
And little lambs eat ivy”

Oh! Mairzy doats and dozy doats
And liddle lamzy divey
A kiddley divey too, wouldn’t you?
A kiddley divey too, wouldn’t you?

“Unforgettable memory – Aunt Irene…”

If you want small children to learn something “NEW” and “never – ever”  forget it  – be sure that they  are under the age of seven (7) years of age  – and make sure…you are having “FUN”  – – – since small children remember those times when they are having  more FUN …and the adults are having just as much FUN… with them!

During the early 1940s – – and WWII was also in full swing – that is when everybody was doing their part in trying to help … with the WAR effort – that is even our Aunt Irene  – – she was saving – since she would go to  the  downtown – Saint Louis  – department stores  – do her ordering and making arrangement for the merchandise to be sent out to her home.

Tuesday – that was the day – as Famous Barr stores gave double “Eagle Stamps” – and by saving on your purchases – well… everyone knows – you then have something for that “raining day” spending.

So… on Tuesdays – when getting on the BUS to come back home – Aunt Irene would be sure to get a “Transfer Ticket” so that she could catch the next BUS  – that is after having made a stop … at our house. Aunt Irene would be at our house before noon – and sometimes even had lunch with us. Then, she would always sit at my Mother’s sewing machine and either be making something for me or do some mending.

My two brothers and I would be standing around her as she would always have so much to say… but on this one occasion she taught us a “NEW SONG” that was very popular at the time on the radio. This “song” had words that – when you sang them a little fast and to the music as she did – you really didn’t know what you were singing – because it sure did sound “funny to your ears” and that was the whole idea of this song – – a play on the words – and as a little kid – I did not realize that then,  and not until I was working for the “Telephone Company” and I was working on the night shift.

We – that is – just a few workers – on the “night shift” and sometimes – so few calls coming through for assistance – that we “girls” had some spare time to talk about all kinds of silly stuff – which lead me to asking “Big MARY” – as she was a singer for some organizations on the side – I had ask her if she knew this old song and if she knew all the words???

A “Kid’s” Song

“Mares eat oats, and “Does” eat oats, and Little Lambs eat ivy – a Kid will eat ivy too, Wouldn’t you?  — If the words sound queer  and funny to your ears —  a little  bit Jumbly and Jivey,  sing – etc., —  you could go on with this forever.”

The words above are the correct words – but the way that I was singing them to “Big Mary” – well – she sure let me in on the whole song – the way – I should  say –  the correct way to sing this song  – and that with the correct words  – and sung fast … well that is where …the Jumbly and Jivey …do their thing.

I am guessing that this learning lesson came about when I was re-hired by the “Telephone Company” for the third or fourth time – as I had worked for them five (5) different times – Oh – almost forgot – I may have been in my 30’s … – took all that time to learn the correct and coolest words to an old song – that  our “Aunt Irene”… taught us three little kids… in maybe 1944???

Try singing those words and see if you don’t remember that old song – and then try to forget it – – That is one “old” song that just hangs on in the “memory bank” – forever!!! 

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“We LOVE Pilots and Flying”

“We just LOVE to go FLYING” – Today may be a little overcast and just not exactly  what we all like – but we do like to be at the “Airport” and have the Plane  fueled and ready for a take off – just as soon as we get the “OKAY” – -we are ready to enjoy this day – and be with all of   “FRIENDS  FOR Flying”  club – and thee is no other place to be – than at the “Airport”  when there is an “Air Show” going on,  with all of the NEW and  BEST of “Pilot Talent”  available – – right NOW!

“Just LOVE our newest  Pilot to be – Baby Lex with his MOM, Alyssa – the best “Airline Hostess – and on duty  – twenty-four, seven!

This is Al and ready to do some FLYING –  looks like the weather agrees with Al – Fly and have some FUN – everyone is waiting for a free ride, up and   into  the  “Blue Sky” above.

This is Alyssa, and she is giving us that million dollar smile with her wonderful wave – and if you want to FLY with her TODAY – it will be up and away – as everyone is getting ready for a real smooth takeoff,NOW!

Time a wasting –  do not let this day slip by – – without heading to the “AIRPORT” –  all of the latest and greatest sights to behold,   right…NOW!

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“Let us all go to the Air Show, TODAY”

“Come Fly with ME!”



In hopes of all  our Pilots being able to be at the “Spirit of Saint Louis Airport”  and doing  what they like doing – – FLY .

This is my favorite  – my Great Grand-son LEX – and he just loves to be in control  up there  – doing the Flying!     

This is our best and favorite FLYER Al, himself  performing like only he can do,  and I would like to see more young people start the course to learn to FLY – – and be able to enjoy  Flying in their very own Airplane today,  tomorrow and  forever!  

 And, let us not forget,  that we need  our young people to learn to FLY, “Helicopters” – as you will never know  when you are young – but,  there could  just be that day when…   when you are working in a  “Corporate”  field – that to be able to FLY a Helicopter  – would bring you up that ladder of employment  success  – that will surpass  all of your dreams – making you just the most satisfied of all “PILOTS”  in the working market!

“Thanks be to the Almighty  for giving us Airplanes and the talent to learn to Fly them!”  D.V.

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“The 2018 Spirit of St. Louis Air Show”

Make your plans for Air Show – scheduled for October 13-14, 2018.

 Just have to post some PHOTOS from my memory bank – It is so wonderful for the young people to learn to Fly and to Fly as often as they can. To learn to Fly is what we should do, to help more young “PILOTS” become  available at all times and to promote  FLYING  to more,  with  wonderful   AIR SHOWS and  have one of the best of best hobbies  –  if only  we could all DREAM this  and  follow through – with becoming a PILOT.

The next best thing is have your  very own “Airplane” and being  able to FLY to all of the available “AIR SHOWS” – just to let others know – that this is a wonderful place to be – and with the family and friends enjoying  this activity – as much as we do!

Now this is what we all wish that we could do – and since we can not – the next best thing is to go to the “AIR SHOW” and watch the “PILOTS” show us how they do these wonderful twists and turns in the “AIR”  – always leaving us on the ground with the thoughts, “If only I could do that – sometime?”

“After watching this “Air Show”  – make yourself a promise to sign up – and learn to be a  “PILOT” and maybe be in the next “AIR SHOW” and let your own FAMILY and FRIENDS know that this is the best recreation  – and that your DREAMS did come true!” – –  You are now FLYING and enjoy every minute   being so close to HEAVEN!

“Thanks be to the Almighty – – for with these FLYING wings – we can go where ever we want – and when we want,  to be there –  we will be having more FUN!   D.V.

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“Nothing like Making a Telephone Blouse”

One thing that I really did a lot of  – – was to buy patterns of different things  that, with the right material, would like to  wear and just found this “Telephone” material – and figured  – that when working for the  “Telephone Co.,” – one should let people know,  that  I like working there so much – I advertise that  fact by wearing a blouse that I made – and it is just full of nice little “telephones!”                                                                           Way back and then, that dresser with  that really nice mirror   had been in the Family for so long – guess that, when it came to moving we sold it and  with a few other pieces  of  furniture –  and they all had  a nice heavy sheet of  “marble” – that if we had kept them – they would be still in style – and so much better than the light weight stuff that is made today. But that is what happens – – when moving it is better to just get rid of the good stuff – and buy cheaper stuff down the road.  That was well made, as I sitting  on the edge of the dresser – just low enough for  someone –  and what a terrific mirror. It is really hard to get a real good mirror,  today!

The PHOTO on the right was taken – just  for  a full length PHOTO of  my newly made blouse with a favorite skirt of mine – a PHOTO just for effect – – do I like it this way,  or would it look better another way?  Always had to take a PHOTO with something that I had made – sometimes  just looking in the mirror – you do not see what others would be seeing – and PHOTOS will give a better idea – is this a “keeper” or will I be giving it to someone, that just may like it a bit more than  I do?

Back then, working for the “Telephone Co.,”  there was a young girl that started working the same week as I did, and she did like some of the items I would wear and wanted the same thing but,  in the material that she would provide me with. So, I would sew different  things  for her and for my “TIME” she would also give me  a few yards of different     materials – – some I liked and made things for myself –  and there were some that I just never used – but it was FUN – and we did have FUN working together!

It is amazing how much,  I was able to do back then  – evidently, the days were longer than they are today – or maybe as we get older – we start to slow down – where is the rush – and why “RUSH”  when you do not have too!

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“First Time Vehicle”

When at College  –  what better place to ask friends  – about buying a vehicle – since so many have them and look like they like their purchases – – and not hearing any complaints – – maybe  the vehicles were made more sturdy as I did not see any with damage?

So one of my classmates, a Robert F. Duggar and as I remember a Marine, but,  here for  some classes told me about his roommate having a vehicle – that he was going to sell. So I ask them to bring the vehicle to this “Service Station” near my house to get an opinion of what they thought and if they thought it would be a good  “buy” for me. Having the checkout with an “OKAY” – I did agree to purchase it, “1955 Dodge Coronet”  and they brought it to my home – and so, I also took their PHOTO  – the man on the left was the “seller” and can not remember his name – and,  BOB Duggar is sitting on the right.

 We may have had the “TV” on – as it looks like they were quite interested in something televised,  other than me bringing out my camera. Those were the days when television was new to the world and there were a lot of the shows on,  that were “LIVE” –  so guess they could  have been more interesting – – everyone waiting to see something happen,  that they were not prepared to broadcast – and  just maybe even stir up some talk – causing more people to be wanting to buy these  “boxes of  nonsense”  since so many people back then enjoyed their regular “Radio” programs!

 Not sure  just when this PHOTO was taken – but,  it is “WINTER” time as you can see,  that there is snow on the ground. With the driving in the bad weather – the vehicle sure does need to be washed

The colors of the vehicle were a light creme color on the bottom and a dark shade of pink – it seems to me – but, since this was  so long ago – I will have to see,  if I  ever took a PHOTO in color – to even be sure of the colors. What I do remember, is  that it did go FAST –  something about my foot on that gas pedal  – and it just seem to almost fly.  It was nice to go fast – but after getting my fair share of traffic tickets – I had to move the seat further back – so that I could hardly reach that gas pedal.

Just thinking that,  I should thank the Almighty for sending His Angels to be with me, when I was first driving  – as  something could have happened – and I would not be here today – to even talk about those good old days!   D.V.


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