“Happy Birthday to TOM Aldrich”

“Just adding to the good memories,  that we all have of  “TOM Aldrich”  on his BIRTHDAY, TODAY!”

    Tom Aldrich with “MAN’s” Best Friend!

Tom & Shane 001

Thomas H. Aldrich in Korea with   “WAR-DOG SHANE!”

This picture of Tom and SHANE   – his “WAR-DOG” – reminds me of a movie “Call of the WILD”  – the stars were  “Clark Gable and Loretta Young”   – you will like it  – if you take the time to find it.   What caught my attention was  – was watching   “Clark Gable” with this very “WILD DOG – Duke”   – the control he had in getting him to obey him  and becoming his “BEST FRIEND!”  If anyone would even get near “DUKE”  – he would come after him and kill  – man or other beast!

That is what Tom had – that personality – that  – no matter what type of dog – TOM would be working with – the dog and Tom were able to become best of friends  – both knowing that Tom was the one and only  “MASTER”  – and the dog would know that he was protected by Tom and that the two of them would work as a “TEAM” –  with the both of them  – being able to read the other  – a move  – a whisper – a nod  – each would know exactly the next action that would be  needed and taking place.

When you can work with “DOGS”  as Tom did   –  my feeling is that you have received a very special talent  – an extra special “TALENT” that not too many receive  from the Almighty Yahweh  – and  more of us  should try learning very early  – what natural talents – they may have and work with them – to  the glory  and  with much  thankfulness  be to their “Creator”   – everyone should know that,  what you receive,  you should use and then,  you will receive  even more!  “Try it out,  and see if you don’t receive  so much more   – “YES”  you will definitely know,  where that extra  “MORE” is coming from!”

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“Tomorrow is TOM ALDRICH – Birthday”

            “Happy Birthday…Tommy…”


Tommy Aldrich, sitting in the center,  dressed in all black – is about to have his BIRTHDAY –  just after our  big move to FLORIDA!

Sitting  left,  and pointing to  “Donald Aldrich, who is  not in this photo”  –  is uncle,  Al Aldrich –  who is  brother to my husband, Lee Sr.,  –    Lee is taking this picture, so I decided to crowd in – holding  little Lee, Jr.,  in my left arm – and leaning in toward Tommy and Aunt Thelma , wife  of  UNCLE AL,  – just so we can have some memory of our get-together and moving to Fort Lauderdale.

One of the things that TOMMY wanted  for his BIRTHDAY, was a  DOG –  as his very own pet.  And, since Al and Thelma have been living in Florida  – for a while  and wanted us to also move to Florida, to help them ,  in the Restaurant Business –  well  – here we are and this is where Thelma was  of a great help to TOMMY  –  in finding just the right kind of  a dog.

Thelma had a real love for DOGS – and knew where to take TOMMY, so that he  could select just the right dog. I can not remember the DOG’s NAME, but  – as I do remember the DOG must have had some training, as Tommy was able to get the DOG to obey him and do as he was being trained.  Tommy’s LOVE for DOGS, lasted all  of his LIFE – as he enter the ARMY K-9 Corp. –  and even later was always working with DOGS and  helping to train DOGS for those that wanted a good and an  obedient DOG.

Some where in all of  the photos that I have, there is a photo of his DOG and  one of the baby CHICKS , that I got for the boys for an “EASTER ”  Surprise one year. It was one of the rarest of  things , that, when I put the food out for the DOG and CHICK, they were able to eat from the same dish, without a fight, and not trying to kill the other.   Just one of those amazing things, that you just do not see happen every day.  So we will see, if that PHOTO shows up???



P.S. the PHOTO is also posted of the Dog and Chick eating together – check it out!

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“Good Memories of CHRISTMAS – Past”

       “Christmas Memories” from 1942!

ME 1942 001

More people like this  old picture of me in 1942 – than so many others – that they send messages – just wanting more information –  – in fact saying that I do not write enough?  So, I thought that,  I would post this picture again, and tell about some of the Christmas activities,  that were good and fun for us – and remember  – this is during the WWII years!

In the living room of this house – there was a working fireplace and in some of the colder weather – my Father would start a fire. As a young child watching the fire  was exciting just to see how the logs burning and the flickering flames – and there was a cozy atmosphere in the room – that our whole family enjoyed. Some times – just for more excitement in the fire  – my Mother would sprinkle some granules from this round can  – and just so fast the fire would dance with all different kinds  of colors – it was almost like watching the “fourth of July – fireworks” shooting up and into the sky –  but,  everything had a way of flying up the chimney – and we would kinda fall asleep,  just watching the fire dance as my Mother would be reading some stories,   as only she could – as she could change her voice – for the different types of people in the story!

One the best things, that I remember  – this is again by the fireplace – my Father had a special pan – which had long handles  – seems that the top had small holes in it   – and there was a hinge –  to open it, and somehow – something that kept it from opening when Daddy would flip it around. – By now – you guessed what this was  – a “Corn-Popper” – …..

My Father was a “CHEF”  by trade and did most of the cooking in our home. One of the amazing things we all remember is to watch him cook and he would always have a cigarette in his mouth – he never took it out and as he would be cooking – we  would all watch – just to see if any of it would fall into the food – as it all stayed in tack – curling over and just looking like any moment  – there would soon be a  big mess!  – Getting back to the fireplace, going on’s –   we would be enjoying the “POP CORN”  just as fast as Daddy would make it –  we were eating it! Just before Christmas my father would bring home a fresh Christmas tree – that would be thick and full – because the lights that he would  be putting  on it –  were a much larger size “lite”  – than  those  that  we use for the inside tree,   today – and the size would really light up the tree and the whole room – just  had a very special “CHRISTMAS”  look.

While Daddy was doing the big and heavy type of work – My Mom  was helping us kids make long chains of decorations  – mixing all the colors of the construction papers that she had cut in just the size and lengths for us to glue little circles and  to keep  on adding to the chains and then, my Dad would put  the long finished chains on the tree. We also made some other little decorations  – these were small and had each of our own special designs – some of these – probably no one –  would even know, just  what we were thinking of –  but,  each one was given all the highest of praises from my MOTHER – she  always thought  that we were doing, “TOP” prize
–  pieces of art! When we were done – our Christmas Tree was a “First  Prize Winner”
 – that is if anyone was giving out prizes?

Sometimes for Christmas – our Grandma  – who lived in OHIO – would come and stay with us for a week  with an  UNCLE and AUNT that would do the driving  –  during those HOLIDAY VISITS – we sure enjoyed having lots of fun and a whole lot of different things to do and see.  That’s what really makes Christmas – just having  “Out of TOWN” “FAMILY  – living with you for a week!

Sometimes I wish – that I was still that little girl  – everything was new and FUN – and so exciting – and we were always praying for those that had it worse than us and for an  end of WWII – and the Almighty did help us to WIN – putting an end to WWII –  and the whole world was HAPPY to be working to make things better for everyone! Thanks be to the Almighty for prayers, answered!

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“BABY FACE” – You have the cutest little  “BABY FACE” – when I look at this PHOTO – that song is all that pops up in my brain – and you got me singing that melody – even when,  I am trying to do other things. Just guess, that I am not going to get too much done – just thinking about the sweetest little “BABY FACE” of my  “Great GRAND-SON, LEX!”


Just so, that everyone will be able to sing –  all of the words – and remember,  that when they see a “sweet baby face” – that you all can sing to the  sweet baby – and let them know – just how much you LOVE them – just –  as I LOVE my sweetie pie, LEX!


Let me know – if after the first time of listening to this  song,  “BABY FACE” –  if you are also – singing it to yourself – without  even knowing that your singing “BABY FACE!”

May the Almighty Creator –  Bless all of our beautiful BABIES – and keep them safe and well –  providing for all children  just  the best of parents – that will LOVE and SING to their  children – making for a very happy FAMILY –  where,  they  will always have the best of memories –  forever!     D.V.

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“EVERYTHING that I tell my favorite, “Chihuahua” – she believes”

When you tell  “someone”  or even your own,   very special  little doggie   some  “tall” tales –  – they sound so true – that just maybe – they are believable  –  because you LOVE each other – and  my little “Miss Beebee” – is just  so cute – and I also  know – that  she believes every word I speak to her – and also,  in her  own language!  “Bow -WOW!” –  and an extra  – “WOW and a WOW”    


     “Little Bee-bee Baby – celebrates CHRISTMAS”

This PHOTO of my little “Bee-bee Baby”  – – is without a doubt – -just the cutest little  –  miniature  “German Shepherd” – – that you will ever see.

Whenever we were taking a walk in the “SUNSET PARK” – -there would be other “OWNERS” of dogs – – walking their dogs – – and I just have to tell this one story – – on one of my “walks with Bee-bee – – as she would always  receive admiring  looks and comments.

On one of our  after-noon walks – – we were near to  the top area in the PARK – – where you could see forever- – up and down the Missouri River – – and  there  was another couple with their dog – – it was a “Jack-Russell” – – if I am remembering the correct name of that  dog-breed – – and they were just watching us – – that is my little “Bee-bee Baby”  – – and me talking to her… as we walked – – and they just had to stop me – – to ask “What kind of dog is that?”

This was one question that I just had to give a silly answer too – – as  the size  of little “Bee-bee” tells you – – what breed she is – – but…  I just had to play the “GAME” – – and I answered – “SHE is a “miniature  German Shepherd” – – just one of a very specialize breeds – – that I was LUCKY to have received.”

Well…  we stood there as they looked and whispered to their-selves – – in dis-belief – – that they just never thought suck a thing possible. So they then…  just had to tell  me … that they have a special breed of the “Jack-Russell” – – of which I knew nothing – – and  I just was not impressed with.  – – So… this was just too good – – I just never thought that someone would half believe me – – when I said … “MISS BEE-BEE” WAS A MINIATURE “GERMAN SHEPHERD” 

Well – – I could not keep from laughing – – so I had to tell them – – that when I look at “Miss Bee-bee Baby” – – to me she is so cute and sweet – – and with her coloring and features – – she sure looks like a miniature GERMAN Shepherd – – and I just love to talk about her – – and tell everyone – – how terrific she is – – that sometimes – – I do get carried away – – with telling “TALL” tales – – and after awhile – – I sometimes start to believe the stuff – – that  I tell about the cutest and sweetest little “Chihuahua” – – and when we take our daily walks – – “Little Miss Bee-bee”  walks – – just as if she is “ten foot tall” – – which would bring her up to the size  – – of a full grown German Shepherd – – in her mind – – after all … that is what I tell her – – so it must be  true and  by all means… correct!

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“Small – getting bigger -I’m in School NOW”

“We all start out – in the “small size”  department – and,  it is a real “WONDER”  in those first months of  LIFE –  that every day, we are learning all kinds of new stuff – all of which – will be needed in the future!”

I just LOVE this  old  PHOTO of baby, LEE – it is written, in his face – such  “amazement” – he had this box in his hands – and,  just so fast – it disappeared – landing on the floor,   giving him  this  empty box to play with – I knew that sooner or later it would land on the floor –  and no harm  would be done – nothing that could break – and  the only one getting the exercise of picking it up – was me – and,  NOW  I wonder if  little “LEE”  knew,  that this was was more work for me – but soon –  we would   be taking a walk outside in the “Sunshine” and that,  is the best part of the Day’s FUN!

Next is baby, LEE  getting “BIGGER, and Older”  – now going on “THREE”  and  – just for the “FUN” of it  – Lee would blow the candles out – and then wait for me to re-light – so we could all sing and,  he could “BLOW”  again and again,  – so that he could make a  whole  lot of good wishes,  for everything – and  to just having more  FUN!

This is hat time of the year – “Christmas TIME” and we always had to have Lee’s Birthday  completely celebrated and over, before we would start the “Christmas Celebration”  – so  as  – not to mix and or combine – – as some children miss their own Birthdays  – when they are too  close to the Christmas  Celebration.

This PHOTO is one that was taken at the “South County Famous Barr Store” and “LEE” could be in the First or Second Grade – as there were lots of things happening in those first years that we were now living in Saint Louis – after having been in Florida – prior to our move back here.

I just LOVE this PHOTO of  “LEE”  as he could almost pass for the twin brother, of  “Bernard Riley”  the son of my Aunt Irene and  Uncle Wm.B. Riley. There is a very old PHOTO,  that you can find of little “Bernie”  – he was not suppose to be in that PHOTO – but, sometimes,  things happen for a reason – and that reason was for me,  to see the resemblance of our families and ancestors – and,  this is where I have found  – that the Almighty will let us see – some things,  that are – and were – and just as a special Blessing – can be found  – If we but take the time to LOOK!

It is wonderful,  to look and find – to understand some of the mysteries of our LIFE – here on EARTH – and to give THANKS – for the many BLESSINGS we receive – while keeping our eyes open -just to  receive and  then, believe!

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