“Birthday Requirements”

To start the PARTY – – one must have guests – and who else would you start with, but  the best in the FAMILY – – and we will start off with “Alan and then JAIME and Alyssa” just the very best “Grand-children – – that I could have ever wanted!

What  would  you need that everyone likes and will usually ask, “Will there BE CAKE?”

And to be sure they will like what you like – – the question will be, “What kind of CAKE is your FAVORITE?” This is where we have to consider  – some may like this and some may like something just a little off the ordinary – – so as to please everyone – – “Let’s have two CAKES – – so all can for sure – – have what they like – – and if,  there is any left – -the BIRTHDAY PERSON –  is in “7th Heaven”  finishing all the  Delicious left-overs!”

Just so we can start the PARTY – – take a look at this “Birthday Party ” table all set and ready to go – there may  be one or two things we need to add – but we are still preparing and we will be adding more- – as we pull from the closets – – the surprises!

So grateful and THANKFUL for all of  the tips that are given –  as we start our second childhood – -because everyone knows, that when the second childhood gets into  PLAY —  we can do whatever we like – – just to make up for not getting to do everything that,  we wanted to do, a hundred years ago!     D.V.

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“Little Man About Town”

When I saw this PHOTO  of “Great Grandson, Lex” just had to clip it and use for TODAY!

This is one of those PHOTOS, that have so much to say, that sometimes one would not,  know  where to begin?

At first, I just had to take a double, double look to see, just exactly what was going on? The back ground was kind of throwing me off base – -trying to figure out  what baby, Lex is doing floating up in the air? So, when I could dismiss  the building from what was catching    my eye – –  I could see that baby, LEX is dressed for the day and with that “HAT” – – as I have a thing for “HATS” – – little Lex is ready to “dance” around town!

Just LOVE those colors orange and blue together  – – just the right shade that catch the eye and are wanting to go places, NOW!  Love that left pocket with the “sun-glasses” – just has the appeal of being  in “FLORIDA” – – and ready to hit the beaches with the gang!

I just can not stop thinking about that “HAT!” It is the right color and just at the right angle on the head – – it just makes you want to be with little baby, Lex all day and night!

BABY, LEX is not walking as yet – but,  if  he had his shoes and socks on – – I just know that he would be headed out for the “DANCE FLOOR” – – you can just see in the movement of his hands and feet – they are ready to travel fast and whip a dance – – that will  be very hard to keep up with!

Come to think of it, since this is still my “BIRTHDAY WEEK” – – I hope  to be seeing Baby,Lex and just maybe dancing up a storm – – while, I can still do a dance or two,  especially with someone that has such  terrific good  Rhythm!      D.V.

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“Out with the OLD- In with the NEW OLDIE”

This is  the first time,  that I saw this “Old” PHOTO! The only thing that I know for sure is that, the “HAT” is mine and I do believe that I may still have it, in one of my “HAT” boxes!

“BLUE is my color – – the color for my  month, “September” and do try to buy things in the color “BLUE” since “Blue” is such a peaceful  and beautiful color!”

In this PHOTO, that is our brand new baby girl, Alyssa and this must be a day that we were going to Church, as I have a “HAT” on – – was  brought up that girls and women  were to wear a veil or a hat when going to Church.  We, that is my MOTHER and myself would always carry a clean and special handkerchief in our purse as  a necessary item – – just in the  case there was a new CHURCH that we would be stopping in – and would have something to cover our head, with!

You just had to have something on your head! I still have something ready and available,  for just that purpose. Come to think about it – never heard as to what would happen if you went into the Church without the head covered – -but if for no other reason – – to show respect for our “Creator” – – the one that we are there to give honor and praise – – and guessing that TODAY – – those feelings, that we should have – – have got up and went by the way  – – as  respect has also left as we are not taught to be respectful today.

Changes and more changes as we get another year older, seems that we just follow new ways of doing things – – and these new ways are hard to get used to doing – – since for an older person – – we are set in our ways of doing that which we were taught a hundred years ago. Those lessons we received from our parents in the home and those  lessons according to the Church that we  were taught in SCHOOL – sometimes mingled together in a way that has just stuck with me – – but not everyone that has had those same lessons, continue keeping them,  they just do not care about what is the TRUTH and RIGHT!

So, TODAY is my BIRTHDAY and as I tell everyone that has a BIRTHDAY – celebrate all week! “WHY” you might ask – and that is because in one day you cannot be with     everyone that you LOVE and enjoy being with – since    schedules and work and travel distance – – all of those things that we “MUST” do before just sitting back with family and friends and enjoying the memories of all of the good ole days – – “old man TIME” only allows “twenty-four” hours to a day for each of us.

Is it not “WONDERFUL”  that we have weekends as that “ACE in the HOLE CARD” that will make things work out so well – – we can manage our LIFE in such a way as to work and play  and even include a “BIRTHDAY PARTY” right there in the middle of everything else, that we had planned for  and on our schedule this week!

“Thanks be to the Almighty Yahweh – – for giving us our special FAMILY and FRIENDS – –  that with all the other exciting things that we do on EARTH – – we also receive TIME to CELEBRATE!”    D.V.


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“Do YOU Remember “WHERE” YOU were on 9/11″

 On days when something, so out of the “NORM” takes place – there is no way, that YOU will ever be able to forget!

  Immediately  after this “9/11 Attack”  on the UNITED STATES – ‘American Citizens’  were starting to pray, like  they never did before. That which happened and was being spread across the NATION – via every BROADCAST AVENUE,  brought everyone to a new conscience of what happens – when WAR is declared on the “LAND of their Birth” – putting fear into  everyone like nothing before!

This PHOTO shows the aftermath of  complete devastation – a million questions are being raised – but first “Where do we begin?’ and that is followed with, “WHO are THOSE, who  will run in to disasters,  when all else will be running  away?”

Our POLICE and FIRE Departments have men and women that train for every kind of a realistic problem – – but when the end of the WORLD is staring back at YOU – – only our CREATOR can give HIS Guidance in a situation like “9/11” and empower the workers with the super strength they need!

Everyone has a memory and what was going on and LUCKY to not be in the “NEW YORK” area and having to FLY and then,  for those “TALL Buildings” with so many workers and even those in the near by buildings and on the streets going to and from that “targeted”  area- – “PRAYERS” are the only thing that came to mind – – start praying like never before, for so many in need of “HELP” – – but what can we do here in Missouri?

Working for the Government on the eighth floor and for all floors in the building, caused an immediate awareness to be sent through out and to all employees,  and with an orange alert!  Everyone had to  have their badges on and visible and  for the next morning coming to work,  the lines getting into the building were single file – – everyone’s badge was checked like never before.

What makes this so memorable to me, I was shocked when getting in line for the morning check in – – and there were a couple of people – – maybe high ranking – – and running late – did not get in line at the rear – which was now out side the building, but instead saw a friend, and came into the building and this friend allowed them  to step in front  of his spot.

Within seconds, a GUARD was there on the spot – – now taking these “Line Crashing Agents”  and so quickly escorting them out of the building and to the  very end of the line, somewhere outside the building.  That quick action of how the “checking in of workers” was done – put everyone there to see and know,  this  is serious business,  that being on a higher  “ALERT” – that business was business and no one escapes  being completely identified – – when people are being killed in New York!

Back then, everyone was getting back into the going to Church and  even more were praying and interested in securing AMERICA on  a higher than usual scale – – but since then – – there has been a definite  drop in Church attendance and PRAYERS – -everyone it seems  today, only has room between their hands for their hand-held gadgets – – we do need to get back to PRAYERS  and security  – like never before!

May the Almighty Yahweh continue to bless AMERICA and  all those families that were destroyed  with the “9/11”  happening!     D.V.

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“Do You Have a Regular WORK Schedule in the HOME”

September is a good time to start to do some cleaning around the house – – as the children have started back to school – – and  now it will soon be, that time of the year  for “Birthday Parties’  and “Thanksgiving Day” and then there is “Christmas” followed by that extra special  “New Years Eve”  parties – and there just may be a few extra together parties for every kind of a just having a “FUN TIME”  – and what does that house look like – – “Is it ready?”

So, for myself – I thought that I would post a note of  work to be done  “schedule”  similar to what I was used to doing when in the Orphanage!  You would almost think that you were in some branch of  “SERVICE” as everything had to be done on a certain day of the week –  and at a certain time of day  – and depending on the “Season of the YEAR” – -just some extra special things had to be brought down from the “ATTIC” – – which meant even more cleaning and preparing for that “SPECIAL TIME” and all of us little worker bees “Orphans” did our helping things along!

From this “schedule, you can see that we did have a day of  “REST” which was “SUNDAY” we were all in Church, but there were still some daily tasks that were even done on SUNDAY!

Everyone does still “eat” and so the workers in the “KITCHEN” for each meal as well as for the “Dining Rooms” – there were those that had to prepare before and afterward, the cleanup crew – to prepare for tomorrow.

Every one had to “Make their own BED” except for the small children – – there were older children that had that chore. Since this would be “SUNDAY” – – we could not neglect  some special chores, so children with the chores of running the dust mops up and down the halls – – NEVER know when a “VISITOR” would be at the HOME – – and we could not be accused of having “DUST   BUNNIES” blowing around on the floors!

When we are having children,  I feel that it is a very good idea for the young children to start to learn  some easy to do tasks that will help the “HOME” always look good – – no matter how well the first “little one”  helps with the work to be  done – – it is the idea that if this is the “ROOF” you are living under – then we teach them  some things  are necessary to be taken care of – -and there are plenty of opportunities to try to do something useful for the benefit of the  whole FAMILY init!

There was an old saying, “The Family that PRAYS together, stays together”  and we could change a few words to,  “The Family that Plays together” and “The Family that works together” what ever the FAMILY does together – – will always keep the FAMILY united under their own “LOVING UNIT” – – that no one can break!

That is what a FAMILY  has working for them – – that they are always UNITED under one ROOF – – always looking out for each other – – sharing their LOVE to last for a LIFETIME!     D.V.

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“Happy Grand-Parents and GREAT GRAND-Parents DAY

September has to be a wonderful month because,  we have the opportunity to remember those that are most “DEAR” to our hearts! Sometimes in LIFE we become so busy, that we forget those that were there, for us when we were  but “Little Tikes”  and needed someone to fill in for DEAR ole MOM and DAD!

 So, here are the best of BEST GRAND-CHILDREN – Alyssa, Jaime, Alan – – and they are the best gifts from the Almighty himself to me!

 If this isn’t the best  “GRAND-ma” PHOTO with my best of best gifts – – right there with me – “I’ll eat my hat” and I have plenty of  hats!

“NOW this is what I call a BLESSING above and beyond all that one could ever expect – – to receive a “GREAT-GRAND-Son, LEX” – – and just look at him – – He is ready to hug and give you all of his kisses – –  this is what you call being extra specially  BLESSED by our CREATOR – – and I am so grateful and thankful to be the receiver of these kinds of GIFTS!

May the Almighty Yahweh always have a place in the ALDRICH Home – – now and forever!   D.V.

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