“Gift-Giving” at “Schnucks Grocery Store”

When you get to be my age…never  gave it a  second thought…  that I would be … as old as I am – – because…  there is still … a very  young – –  “18 year old”  – – running around  – inside this old – –  “bag of bones” – –  still trying to do … that which…  “she” used to do!

So… the other evening… my son, Al said  that he had somewhere to go – – did I need to go anywhere? Well… of course I did want to get some things for the… “Thanksgiving Dinner”  – – and  “if”… he would be going near the  “Schnucks Store” he could  just drop me off – – for a few minutes??? So… I grab my store notes and purse – – have to wear a coat – – as it was getting cold – – and when outside – – it had started to rain – – what a combination of weather to have to go out and…  into  – – but  – “Thanksgiving DAY” was only two days away!

 In the store… I have the  “SCHNUCKS STORE” sales  for the week with me – – the items that I was interested in – all circled  -putting different things in my basket – forgetting to mentally keep track of how much I was getting  – in dollars – as I had cash  to use first… with me – – and would then… put the rest on my bank card.

NOW… in line to pay for the groceries – – and when the young man behind the counter gave to me the total – – I began to count out the cash… and ask how much more – – will put the balance  on my card – – – There I am…  looking through every thing in my purse… – can not find my “card” – Almost turn my purse up-side-down – – but… every kind of CARD not the right “CHARGE” CARD!

Pulled out my check book… and ask the “Clerk” – “what was the amount again… I’ll write out a check for the balance?”   The young “Clerk” said as he was wrapping up my “register receipt” – -“There is no balance!” – – –  I replied to him, “But you said… ” there was a balance” –  – and I am ready to write out a check!”

The young CLERK – -hands me the wrapped up ticket – and said… “It is all paid up- – for you!” – – To that … I said “How can that be???” He is  NOW… looking down the row of customers –  in this line… without saying “WHO” – “It has been taken care of!”  So… I turn to the next customer in line and start to “Thank him!”  That man backs …  out of the way of the customer, “WHO” is  behind him,  and … just pointing to the woman behind him – – so I  then … move down the row…  to thank her – – and I just get carried away with many  “THANK YOU’S!”

My last words — –  and so as to not block customers any longer  – – reached out to “HER” – -and said…  “May the Almighty Yahweh Bless you –  exceedingly more than you would ever expect – – I am surely Grateful and Thankful!” —  I was so nervous – – could hardly believe what had just happened  – to me – in the store – – such generosity – never ever happened to me  – nothing  just like this.

Pass it on…” there are daily MIRACLES!”


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