“Grandma’s Treasured Heirlooms…”

When you take the time to think about “GRANDMA” – you almost immediately think about all of her “Treasured Heirlooms” – that she has collected over all these  many and long years. So often you will see something new – something that she may have had hidden and wrapped for safety and protection –since it is difficult to display “fragile items” for everyone to view – when little children may be playing in and around and not know to be very careful???

Well, this “Grandma” does have some true “antiques” – something well over 100 years – and since it does not seem that  most people “TODAY” are interested in “OLD” stuff – and also most young people are not collectors of the finer types of collectibles – as their parents were –there is very little value – since there is no interest? And , so – I  -too-  now – have the same thoughts – since the general thought is – “”everything is too electronic – everything is going too fast – and we cannot take  all this collectible junk with us – the world is now in a “ME ONLY AND FIRST” mode – since the “FAMILY” is no longer as it once was???

This “Grandma” does have a different kind of “Treasured Heirloom” collection and one that even when I leave this earth – I’m taking my “Treasured Collection” with me! I am betting – that you are wondering what can you take with you – when you leave this world?? “If you give up thinking – I’ll tell you!”

The answer is; “My FAMILY!” – So now you ask “How can you take your FAMILY?” “Here’s the answer” – ever since I was a little girl – I started saving stuff  – when I was in grade school, there were notebooks with all kinds of important information that I wrote and every so often – when I am looking through those keepsakes – I remember all the good times associated with the real life memories that come back as if they were just yesterday, again. Not only my own important papers and photos and even some items of all my FAMILY members – living and dead – all bring a special remembrance, to me.

As the oldest – I always thought – what if this item is wanted again by the FAMILY member that left it behind – it is now safe – and if they ever want it – I’ll have it for them. Of course I have some special things that did belong to my Mother, Father, Grand Father and Mother and even my Aunt Irene Brady Riley – and if they are looking down on this earth – they all can know that I am taking good care of their special “Treasures” and hope to pass all of these items on to the next generation – weather they like it or not??? So much – for the older folks in the “FAMILY’ – and what I call all of my “Treasured Heirlooms!”

Now, for the  “Treasured People” – in my life today – “my Sons and their Families” – “Where do I begin?” I just really cannot say that I did anything special to deserve such a wonderful and precious gift – “my Husband – my Sons – my Grand-children!”  These are the very best of “treasures”  a person could have or ever receive – and I owe all the “THANKS”  to the one and only   “Almighty  Yahweh”  – the true and only “Giver” of all good  gifts!

“Memories made here – –  will go with me to the next realm of my journey!”

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