“Tomorrow…Starts My 2nd Childhood”

“It sure does look… like I have my arms full!”

The PHOTO is just a little  – – too blurry in the area of  ‘whatever’ … it is…  that I am holding? Could it be a small puppy or… even a small kitten – – since it looks like  there is  a long tail… hanging down from my left elbow? “What does it look like to you???”

My lips are forming a big “OH” – – –   maybe indicating that I am about to drop – – ‘whatever’  this is in my arms – –  and or…  if it is alive – – – it is trying to wiggle out of  my unsafe arms… in the  tight  holding  it…  position???

On the back of this PHOTO – – My MOM has written…  “very good” – –  and I am tickled “PINK” that she  thinks so!

The above PHOTO was hard to find – – I remember seeing it  – – and then I could never find it. I just could not rest until – – I had finally  had it once again in my hands – – and now everyone can see it.

All I could ever remember was a PHOTO – – of ‘ME” standing at the front corner of the house – – but what…  and why  – – and just exactly what was I holding ?  If ever…  I am asked that question… “What are you holding”  – – or   “ARE YOU holding” – – guess if you look through some of my PHOTOS – – “YOU would  have to say…  ‘YES’ – – – YOU are always HOLDING!”

“I am getting ready to start my second “childhood”  – – at “eight… twenty” … “in the morning” – – guess there comes a “TIME” in your LIFE – – when  You start with all new beginnings – – and try to do better than before – – since you have had – – so many good years of leaning and practicing – – and NOW – – is the proof of the pudding – – will I now…  be on the right road and starting with the “RIGHT” foot?”

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