“Once-In-Lifetime Shot Of The Moon”

Photographer Takes Once-In-Lifetime Shot Of The Moon Dressed As Saturn

by Staff ContributorJanuary 25, 20214


Photographer Takes Once-In-Lifetime Shot Of The Moon Dressed As Saturn

A photographer in Guatemala received a great chance to capture an incredible photograph of the moon disguised as Saturn.

This majestic photograph was shot from the perspective of the Acatenango volcano base camp. Thanks to the photographer Francisco Sojuel’s six hour long hike we are able to witness a once in a life-time scenery by our eyes.

He had seen this mesmerizing event suddenly when he looked up at the sky in the early morning before sunrise. He had seen the moon as if it was dressed as Saturn.

Both Guatemalan highlands and the silhouette of Pacaya volcano is shown in the lower part of the image. As per to what Sojuel said, the cloud seems to be a cirrostratus cloud made of ice crystals.

He had seen halos around the moon when seen from different angles. The texture of the surrounding cloud has been a bit thick and fluffy. Perhaps, it is a cirrostratus fibratus or a cirrus spissatus cloud. Both these clouds are quite denser than the other ones and are often made by strong winds.

Sojuel is a well-known character in the field of photography. He has gathered fame for astrophotography and amazing landscape photography. Scroll down to check out some other wonderful shots of him.

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“Pass the Good and Best Word Around”

What is the GOOD WORD for today?

Some days – when listening to the conversation of the people around me – I have to start wondering – “are they listening to their-selves?” “Is what they are saying – just to get someone to react – and give them a word or two – of some other way to express their selves – and – maybe just take the conversation – somewhere else?”

If my Mother were alive… she would let you know, “under no circumstances … do I want to hear that kind of language!”

My Mother knew her words, and there was not a word that she could not spell and when she would take dictation, she could take the entire conversation down in shorthand and then type the whole conversation from her notes and since she worked for the government,  there was not a mistake anywhere! Letter perfect – and without mistakes.

Just listening to a program the other day about WORDS and that there were ten (10) words that are used more often than all the rest of our WORDS.

“Once upon a time” … these are the first four of those ten words… is the beginning of almost all of the stories that we hear. In fact, as I remember when as a small child… almost every story that, I would start to tell… would start with the “Once upon a time!”

Still, today it is so easy to start to tell a story with those four words… and or most any little interesting item of idle conservation… you will start with the… “Once upon a time” just to get some thoughts  together to start the mouth talking in some fashion of saying something and letting  your listeners know … that,  this is going to be  a terrific story!

“I LOVE YOU!” Those are the next three (3) words. Since February 14th is just around the corner, “I LOVE YOU” will be communicated at least a million times or more??

Everyone knows that if you can say… “I LOVE YOU” … no matter what you did…  either right or wrong…  you are forgiven, and you are now the best thing, since sliced bread!

“I’m SORRY!”

These two words will clear your slate, once and for all causes… no matter what … you are accused of doing, so that now you will be waited on  just as if you are the “KING of Hears!”

The only problem with most of us HUMANS  is that we just do not know up front…  the miraculous power for the words…  “I’m SORRY!”

If and when there comes a situation that starts to brew into something that – will soon start maybe a “WWIII” … “I’m SORRY”…  will splash water on that fire so fast,  and the best  of things  will soon follow.

“I”  – this is that last   “one”  extra special word… and  making  up… all of  those ” ten most used words…”

Just to finish…  will have  to add more to that lonely “I” … just standing there all alone.

There is something  important about the “I” standing there, and  all alone… there is  something in “LIFE…”  that will fix everything for everyone …did you guess what it is?

The only  and best way to use the  big…“I” … is to say “I LOVE YOU!” … 

And today… you will hear everyone saying… “I LOVE IT!”

 “And  –  the fact is that –  I do LOVE you!”         D.V.


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“Let Neil Diamond Sing YOU a Song”

“Do you remember this song…

If not… get yourself good and comfortable…while the brain takes action and wonderful things will start to come to mind… of you and those good times  way back,  then…when we really were enjoying each and every day…”




“Just something to sit back and try to remember of those  good ole  days and years …we  all did have,  way back and when…just glad we all  had some real good memory’s and terrific times … that will always be  right there… in our memory box… just turn them on… now and  then…to never ever forget”

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National Florida Day on January 25th recognizes the 27th state to join the United States.

The Sunshine State is home to the oldest established city in the country. With over 400 years of history, St. Augustine’s streets and colonial architecture have stories to tell. Founded by Spanish explorers in 1565, visit the city and walk in the same footsteps as 16th-century bishops, ponder the escapades of pirates and the whereabouts of lost gold and learn about the lives of European settlers.

East and West Florida became the 14th and 15th British Colonies after the end of the French and Indian War in 1763. However, in 1783, after the end of the American Revolutionary War, The Treaty of Paris returned Florida to Spain.

The present-day borders of Florida were absorbed through two transactions: The Louisianna Purchase in 1803 brought East Florida with it (but not without dispute from the French) and through a U.S. intervention in an uprising in West Florida in 1812 causing West Florida to join the Mississippi Territory. Florida joined the Union on March 3, 1845. 

Sun and Space

With an average high temperature of 79.5°F, it should be no surprise that Floridian John Gorrie brought refrigeration and air conditioning to the world in 1851. Add to that, more than half the year with partly cloudy to sunny days, the invention of sunblock would be a necessity, too. Hungary born pharmacist, Benjamin Green, invented a sunscreen in 1944 which later became a tanning lotion known as Coppertone.

Cape Canaveral and the home of the Kennedy Space Center in Brevard County has come a long way from its first launch in 1950. From Appollo missions to Hubble Telescopes and Mars Rovers, Cape Canaveral continues missions well into the future. Missions include commercial ventures including SpaceX launches.

Florida offers more than enough to do and see. From man-made worlds and relaxing beaches to long, colorful and intricate history, the Sunshine State’s open spaces and sunny faces require more than one visit.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalFloridaDay

Join National Day Calendar as we dig into Florida’s sunny beaches and rich history. Seek buried treasures and explore all Florida’s fascinating culture! Look to the past or look to the future and use #NationalFloridaDay to share on social media.

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“Today the 24th of January…Denny’s Birthday”


“Happy Birthday Baby Denny”


Denny McClarren Jr. in the arms of his Mother – Today the 24th will be the “Big 82” –  “Happy Birthday Denny” from all of us!

Denny on DeSoto 001

This looks like maybe you… the new born baby,  “Denny’s”… “first trip”  from the hospital to home!

At that time, over eighty years  ago, when this picture was taken,  the hospital  would keep the Mothers’ in the hospital for at least two  full weeks  and sometimes three weeks… but,  that is not the case today.

That’s Mom’s writing on the  top of this photo.


“Happy 82th Birthday Denny”

Denny 75 001

L – R  Mary Ellen – Denny Jr. – Marie B. McClarren

“First “Outings and Pictures” of our new addition to the Family is our extra special little, Denny H. McClarren Jr., himself”

So, today… Denny is 82 and I am 83. Looks like we are playing the game of life in growing older,  but better each year! 

Thank you,  Almighty Yahweh… for  always blessing  our “Family” with  all of Your extra special  and perpetual care,  that we have received all of these  wonderful years… for each of us… to be here on Earth… to do that which You  directed for us to do… according to that which… 

I have read in the Bible… Psalm 139…as we all, are so grateful and thankful  for your help at all of those times, we were in need … and giving us the opportunity to pass on to others, that special message …that we hope all of us… will share here  and  – forever! Amen.

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“Something Special from Tommy, himself” “Mr. Wonderful”

Image result for fisherman souwester | Regenmantel, Klabautermann, Maritim
The Irish Fisherman
Cold rain was coming down outside O’Connor’s Pub.  Outside an old man in an oiled rain slicker was holding a stick with a piece of string dangling into a puddle.
A gentleman going into the pub stopped and asked him, “I’m curious Sir, what are you doing there?”
“Fishing,” he replied while continuing to stare at the puddle.
The gent says, “Come in out of the cold.  I’ll buy you a drink if you’ll tell me about your fishing.”
They sat near the fireplace where a peat fire was glowing.  As they sipped their whiskies, the gentleman asked, “So, how many fish have you caught today?”
“You’re the eighth,” replied the old man.

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