“Remember When We Could All Celebrate Together”


“Here is the Latest and Greatest!”



Here is the “LATEST and GREATEST”  –  – – “Alyssa at her BIRTHDAY PARTY” – – with a new gift – – and we know   –  these are the gadgets that  will make “Alyssa’s”  life easier   – –  and take a look at the plate of food!  

Now you know where to go, when you are celebrating  any occasion… just look again at that plate of food … sure makes everybody want to join in the  “FUN and GAMES!” 

“Is this a “HAPPY OCCASION”  … or not???  

“I sure hope  that “you” put a big amount  of “dough” on that  last bet!!!”

Just looking at Alyssa… you can see that she is really enjoying this party…  your best of “Parties”  start with your Family and Friends… and  it  sure  looks like… the main  ingredients are here and … we  all will mark this occasion down in our books … giving it  an  “A+ to the 9th power”   just hoping that we, all  will be around again next year… so that we, all  can do it again!!!

The best of things, in  LIFE are basically  “FREE” …  the Joy  and Happiness comes about  in  the having of  the  best “Family and Friends” … that LOVE you … and with you” … when-ever you  might decide to celebrate  any event, and  or celebrate any occasion, one may  first start…  with just talking about getting together  and that could just be, the first step   of  just one, or many communicating  on that new social train…   and before you know it, you are on the top step, of getting something  very  exciting   accomplished,  for all of  your FAMILY and FRIENDS … as well as… for yourself  and everyone who will help to make this   new  “get-to-gather” just the very best   and “FREE” – for all –   that you are  in communication –   with!!! 

“DO  IT  UP  RIGHT – “NOW”  –   ENJOY  IT   –   LATER!”


“Birthday Party for Al and Alyssa”


Yesterday, I invited everybody to come and join in the Party for   “Al and Alyssa” … there are a few others standing around, as I have lots of  their  pictures, too…  for the “SHOW and TELL” … so if you were not here, last night… mark your calendar for next year…  be  right here…  same time and station!

“How do you like that poster for  the “1904 World’s Fair” on the wall, that should tell you exactly where to meet for all of  our   “FUN and GAMES” … next   year!  

In my “BOOK”… I feel that everybody should celebrate their  “BIRTHDAY” for at least the whole week!   You  do need at least a  week’s time, to get adjusted   to being a year older!  

When I was having children, and that was a long… long  time ago, and I even remember my Mother saying that, “When you go to the hospital to have children, they  will keep you   there, three  weeks!” —

 “Keeping you and the new child, for three weeks… helps you to get adjusted to taking care of the  new baby… bonding  and getting to know each other and the main reason  is to celebrate this new child’s birth… because this is the best  new “EVENT”  taking place for the year!”

Getting together for “FAMILY” occasions is the most important thing that a person can do and every chance one gets to partake  in  a “joyous occasion”  to  help celebrate with family and friends is what we Americans… should  all  strive to do, and also  Vote to have “family get-to-gathers”  designated as the very most important  thing, that one  person and family can do for their country  and  for all man-kind! 

Just so you know, there were some very  “LUCKY  WINNERS” in our group!  

There must have been several  in our group, that were born under some   “LUCKY STARS” …  and you know what happens…  when you have “LUCKY” people standing right next to you…  some of that   “GOOD LUCK”   stuff … rubs off and on to you …     “WOW”  –   “LETS ALL   –  do it again!”      D.V.

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“Let Us All Celebrate the Ninth of January”

It is a “#9” Day!

Is this  a “Good Day” or what? 

What did we say when  we were kids… at least a hundred years ago or so… 


“#9 riding on  the Chicago Line!?” 

 Today… that still sounds good,  but have no idea … just exactly to what  we, children are thinking, when  we were jumping rope  and keeping  in time,  with a lot of   very fast-pace  –  sing-song  verses.


Come to think about those days of  jumping rope…All  of those magic verses  for us to keep in  TIME with… we  have now so quickly forgot… when it came to entering  into our teens.


Remember hearing when… I was a youngster  – “youth is wasted on the young”  –  the only thing  I can think of  – that – that  means  to me, today… I just don’t have the strength  of   ole “Sampson”  to do, all those things that are  needed… to be done today?


When I was young  and had so much strength  –  I hate to say it – but  did  waste it  – not doing those  much more  important  things in “Life!”


If only we could  inspire our younger generations, with more understanding  of this “Life”  thing…  as it will be  unfolding,  and just exactly what they will need, and at what age –  so as to have a  wonderful “Vision” – a –  “Goal”  … workable  ideas with plans  to strive to something that they will enjoy doing… because to work at a job that you do not enjoy doing…  You will never ever succeed.


To succeed in the work that you choose to do everyday…  that “WORK” must be something that is like “Play Time”  as when you were a youngster… YOU wanted to do it all day and  everyday  and all night… if only they would let you!


Some of us never receive instruction along those lines… and all through LIFE are looking, but, while not receiving … he guidance from someone that really cares to instruct and work with you …  your days and all of your time on Earth… just do not seem to be fulfilled in that way … “YOU” were dreaming, that they would be.


Always working toward and  being fully committed to accomplish that  most important “DREAM”  that you had in the very beginning of your young LIFE… never ever, let it ;slip away!

   So, that and  after that  “Half-way Mark”  in LIFE… one can  NOW…see their  “Prize”  before them!  And, ultimately in their  hands!

“It is a great day to be born on the “9th!””


“Happy Birthday to  “Al and ALYSSA” – my Son and Grand-daughter – both born on the same wonderful day  – the “9th” of JANUARY!”   D.V.

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“Starting “2021” off with our January Birthdays”

“Big Birthday Greetings to Al and Alyssa”

“Happy Birthday Al and Alyssa – Dad and Daughter”



Sure  HAPPY to see   “HAPPY FACES’ on some of my very favorite people –  and that we are  now … and that is all of us,  will always  be as  “HAPPY”   as we all are today … to be celebrating with  a  very good  getting together – even though it is not our “BIRTHDAYS” … since I do know … that  all of the rest of  our FAMILY   would  just  feel  and share in the LOVE  for one another … if we all can  just join in,  on the being  so extra…  extra… “HAPPY” – too!

“You did see  “LITTLE ALYSSA”  sitting at this very same office desk  and even as those  years  have  now gone by… “LITTLE ALYSSA”  is  now, just a little  bit older here!”

As you can see “ALYSSA”   does continue to keep a very tidy and clean desk  just  making sure  that she  has her paper and pencils handy and  ready  for some quick  questions,   from  those customers  either calling on the Telephone,  and or just as  one or  maybe   more walk-in  customers and Pilots,  will walk in those doors,  with more questions and wanting information on materials and or current maps and locations for what is available in town, and  some will  even be asking our young “Miss Alyssa” a Question like…”Can you tell me how to find a special friend, and have them pick me up?”

Everyone new to our area…has to know right now… answers to a “yardstick length” of paper just filled with questions … and thinking that I am that wonderful person that knows  all of the correct answer…  will start  on down their list…  with a whole lot of questions…  and even  some… wanting some  kind of extra  special information.

Our  wonderful “Alyssa”  is always so good and helpful with finding  on the computer… those answers, that they need to be  making  their “AIR” travel easier…  and if you are taking notice of the name “Alyssa” –  TODAY  –  “Alyssa” is that  very same name …  that is busy all day long… always giving  out lots of  extra friendly  and  helpful answers to one and  to all!”    xoxo

“With each and every “BIRTHDAY”   it  just seems best, to continue with the   “POWER”  of that  “Prayer that our Almighty Creator” has taught us… to call  on HIM…  to ask for  HIS extra special   BLESSINGS  for those… that We LOVE,  and  for those that want for  HIM …  to always remember their special needs and requests… since we all have  needs… and  so… for me to also ask in prayers of the one and only  Elohim… for those extra BLESSINGS that  we  will all  need  and  with believing … we will  for sure receive… if we  will, but only…  remember… willingly take the time to ask HIM!”         D.V.

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“It is GOOD to Share Goodness Today”

Rejoice and Be Glad, Today!

This is the day the Lord has made, Let us rejoice and be glad, PS.118:24!

  And, would you believe – Today   the Sun is shinning brightly on the sparkling  snow,  no wind  at all … just real nice peace  and quiet  and  looks like this  “world is standing still”  for  us to enjoy… as it seems… the WORLD  wants  its picture to be taken NOW!

That PS.118:24 wording   is on the inside of the egg carton, and for years “Grandma” does need to use a magnifier  to read the  small print.

This was a real “Discovery”  for me…  to start my  “Day”  with  that  small prayer. 

Its right there – you  just have to read it  –  to start the  “Day” properly!

Most mornings start with “eggs” and  what a “good habit” to get into  – a Bible verse also will help make this  day, just perfect!

We do need to start checking the carton and wrapper and all the attached paper work with our consumable merchandise  –  its better to know what you are using before its too late   – and its never too late to bless the companies and corporations  for providing the best quality  items  needed to  keep “America” strong!

To the “Egg Industry”  my “Thanks” for starting my “Day with a wish for gladness and joy!

After some time… I did tale the time to call the “Egg Carton  Provider” just to say  “Thanks” for giving me an inspirational message, and that I hope that their “Company is well blessed!” 

My wish was for them to pass my thoughts on to all the employees for a job well done.  I’m guessing they never received a call about something like that?    D.V.

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“Master Lex, himself…ready to Fly, NOW”


This is just the best Photo…if ever I saw one… in my BOOK… this wins “First Prize and receives a Blue Ribbon!”

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“Looks like You have the Biggest Turkey”

“Did – You – get too much – TURKEY?”

T-Day 001

The day after “THANKSGIVING”  … will you be  asking yourself…  “Did we get too much Turkey … since we had to go to several homes for dinner, and we were expected to eat as if … we were really… ready for a full- course   feast???”

That’s  the way it goes each year… 

Sometimes…  you are invited for a “SUNDAY Thanksgiving Dinner” … and  then on   “Thursday… Thanksgiving Day” … you are expected to be at three (3) more homes !  

You have to put on  your “HAPPY”  ready to eat lots  more of “TURKEY” face…  and all the time… you are  now feeling so “STUFFED”  … “You are almost feeling like… you are turning into a “Turkey” and being stuff…

You just don’t know …  “where  in the world,  do I, or can I even put  another …  Turkey dinner???

Here’s the solution,  the month before…    YOU start doing without  “LUNCH”  and see if  you  lose a pound or two… and if you  are not losing a pound or two… try a few liquid meals! 

Need to do something faster,   just eat an “APPLE” cut in very thin slices for one meal !  Next day  make  it two  apple meals… you cut-up and start  eating very thin slices of apple!  

 An “APPLE” a day keeps the “DOCTOR” away and you will be regular, too !!!  

It will be, just  for a couple of weeks  and then,  you will start looking so good and  terrific,  that you may want to do the “APPLE” a meal thing,  even  after   “Thanksgiving”  just so you can look and really begin to feel, like that  highly active and creative  person you know you can be… but, only if you  really want???

 The main idea is  to be the “LIFE” of the party at each dinner, enjoy  what you are doing,  take part in everything, everyone will love your company, and  guess what…  they will ask you,  to come back… next year!

“The name of the  – GAME  – is  to  have  “FUN” and share  all  of your past good times …with  more wonderful ideas for all  of the  guests…  hanging on to all those  future plans to have many more Happy days of celebrating Thanksgiving  in future years… 

So…as  this “Thanksgiving”   will also be stored away with all of our most enjoyable days and times for sharing LOVE … one to another and as we are finishing this year,  with just one  more month to go, so…  we will be  adding  more HAPPY OCCASIONS…  to  all  of our HAPPY TIMES….  making that which… we will all call … “HAPPY MEMORIES!”     D.V.

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