“Birthdays Do Come To A Happy END”


“It is in… the BIRTHDAY BOOK…”


………………the rest of the card… inside……. follows…………

“I knew… what I was doing…      

when I … gave My  HEART …to YOU!”


“Is this the beginning or the end…

to … my…  BIRTHDAY…WEEK??”


How do you like a  BIRTHDAY Card…. that lets you know that your children… LOVE YOU…  

In addition to  the FAMILY LOVE…

the card listed each and every animal that my son has and … each of the animals had a word or two…

to  be added … to making my BIRTHDAY – just  one of the best yet and  –  who knows –  when…

we will all  share lots of extra LOVE –  in the  “near by”   –  here-after   –   this “senior citizen”  is sometimes forgetful  –  and…

I catch myself saying to myself…  

“NOW” … what am I… here…after…???

Do not forget to always share  –  the most important  thing that we  have here on earth,  and that is our  LOVE  –  for each other!

   My THANKS… to all… for all the cards… gifts …  and the sharing of  all of those meals…  for and on … the big day –  for this old GRANDMA  –  that  BIG G…herself!     xoxoxoxoox  ME…

****** Just have to add something that I especially like *******

“Ladies and gentlemen, my mother thanks you, my father thanks you, my sister thanks you, and I thank you!”

(Borrowed from…)

By 1894 George was selling his songs to publishers and The Four Cohans were commanding $1,000 a week, a tremendous sum in those days. George had a famous line at the end of each show that became his trademark; “Ladies and gentlemen, my mother thanks you, my father thanks you, my sister thanks you, and I thank you!”

“Just feel that all of  America should hear more often and sing this song…  that is being sung, as the soldiers are marching and George M. Cohan joins them, and  then being asked… why he is not singing?

“A most powerful song”  

“Start  Singing”

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“When You receive an Invitation… DO GO”

“Did “YOU” – miss out…”


Alyssa – MOM – Jaime – having  FUN at Saint Vincent  HOME – Picnic


Another Photo taken in the CHAPEL…

L to R…  Alan – Alyssa  – G.M ALDRICH – Jaime…

Can you think of anything better …

… than to share with your grand-children – the Orphanage –  that you lived in  “seventy” years ago… and still standing – and as always  – there are children who will need a HOME –  away from  HOME…


Did you ever think  –  that you would attend  a “PICNIC” that was given for all … of the old “GRADUATES”  – of  the ….  German St. Vincent Orphan Home…

… and  them… you meet a girl from your  own graduating class  of 1952???

That   was… only  some 63 years  ago… when you – both  were  young –  and so full of vim and vigor to start a new LIFE – never gave a  thought of conquering the world … 

… but I  do know that –  I have heard that term used in some speeches –  when something is planned – and no one knows who will be there –  what a joy it is –  to find that    – you are welcomed with  friendship  and someone who really does   remember  you –   from  way – back,  and when!

L to R    That would be  “ME”  and standing in the middle is  –  Theresa Wieland-Eckerl and her husband.

The best part of meeting Theresa –  was that she remembered me… so well – that she went into great detail about one of our class assignments …and  was so exact – in  what I had said  – in front of the class – for that special “CLASS”  assignment.

I just LOVE when someone is really paying attention to what is going on – and then can remember it so correctly –  almost… and as if  –  it all just happened…    yesterday!

“I hate to…  but…”never the less”… still  have to  –  say this…”  

“But those who received the  “INVITATION”  and did not show up on SUNDAY – the 27th – missed out on a real good time!”


“WOW” and another “WOW”


St. Vincent’s Home Picnic, invitation said to bring your FAMILY…

… so this photo has some of my FAMILY!

This is my son, Al and his two daughters… which are my “GRAND-DAUGHTERS” –  that is  “JAIME” on the left… and then on the right is “ALYSSA” –

 and what better  word than “WOW” can I say???

Oh.. well – how about another  “BIG WOW!”

We, all of us… had FUN and enjoyed  everything and  meeting everyone that…  did show up –  and our rating  –   just to let you know …

that is for those who did not show up…  it was “Excellent” – “TOP DRAWER”  and you might just say  “OFF THE CHARTS!”

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“Share and Share and Share Once More”

Just have to talk about “Birthday Cakes” and check out this one that I made for my son, AL… and it was a souper duper one… if I say so myself!

When “Senior Citizens” have a “BIRTHDAY”… now, I am referring to myself… only, because at last… I can claim status in that category… as those years just seem to accumulate…  when you are going through all of those  “extra” many years … at least,  that is what I am  being told!

My very good LUCK is to have a “Birthday” on the very same day as another family member… and that family member is just so much younger than…  “Poor ole ME!”

So… just in case you and your family have a similar situation… you may want to follow what we did this year… and you may just like it…. if you  also like lots of  “CAKE!”

Since the “BIRTHDAY” is on a week day, when most have to work… we were “all”  of the families … invited to one of the family homes for a “Sunday Birthday Party” for the both of us … that will be getting  just one year older in the  next week.

As per usual… we each had some “Cake” to take  home and enjoy as we wait for another day, that being the correct “Birthday date” to hit the calendar!

The “13th”… as LUCKY as it is… shows up… just like clock work… and we each have a “Birth DAY Party” at home  with family.

Then … two days later ” we” the “Birthday people”… have another  “BIRTHDAY PARTY” at the home of the youngest  of the two “Birthday” people…. and you did guess it right!

The most exciting thing about having a “BIRTHDAY party” is that extra special “BIRTHDAY CAKE!”

It seems…  that I may have said out loud, a long time ago… that I like  good “CAKES”.

So… at each and every party that I attend… it just seems that I do enjoy a nice size piece of cake and a very nice serving of the Ice Cream, and have never ever said… that I could not take an extra piece or two home with me … when  was leaving.

Now that I have had… all of that extra “CAKE and Ice Cream”… I am so happy to say …. I have done a very job and finally finished each and every piece  of cake, and now  I feel like … I have jumped up one extra year… celebrating my “BIRTHDAY” so many  extra times this year… maybe, I could even say… that I am even older than I look!

Just have one more thing to add… I do believe that eating all of that extra special cake and ice cream does help you, to strive to do your best all year long… so that you now have all  of the extra energy you need… to do all of those things you have been forgetting to do … over those so many long and glorious years… it just seems like “FUN” now … when you do accomplish lots of extras… that you never gave a second thought to… before!

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“Our Nation Founded on Torah”

Torah & Declaration of Independence

Dear Ellen,

Recently, I was speaking in Florida, applauding the efforts of conservative citizens to flip their school boards in favor of new members who will uphold and advance the truthful teaching about America’s history and heritage. Liberal watchdog group the Right Wing Watch grabbed a clip from my speech and spread it abroad as if I were a danger to society.

My inflammatory statement? “Our nation was founded on the Torah.” The fact that I have received such scathing treatment for such an obvious truth has caused me to pause once again about the future of our great country.

Were the founders of the United States influenced by the Bible? Did the Old Testament, and specifically the first five books of the law, known as the Torah, impact their thinking? It only takes a quick search on the Internet to discover that answer, which is a loud and clear, “Yes!”

In his first draft of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson began not with the word “self-evident” when describing the nature of our inalienable rights, but with the two-word combination of “sacred and undeniable.” This same document goes on to describe these rights as belonging to all men “created equal and independent.”

Imagine that. Mr. Jefferson, known as a leader and trailblazer of liberty, is also regarded as a deist by historians. He famously struck through every mention of the miraculous and supernatural in his own version of the New Testament, which he called, “The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth.” But even this notorious cut-and-paster acknowledged the truth that man is created and his rights to freedom and choice are “sacred.”

“Can the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we have removed their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people that these liberties are the gift of God?” Jefferson wrote in his Notes on the State of Virginia. Very true, Mr. Jefferson, counter what many on the left are saying these days. This quote can be found on the northwest wall of the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C.

On June 28, 1787, Benjamin Franklin, then the governor of Pennsylvania, spoke to the Constitutional Convention and challenged them with these stirring words:

“In the days of our contest with Great Britain when we were sensible of danger, we had daily prayer in this room for divine protection,” he reminded them. “I have lived, sir, a long time, and the longer I live, the more convincing proofs I see of this truth, that God governs in the affairs of men. And if a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without his notice, it is probable that a new Nation cannot rise without his aid.”

A new nation cannot rise except by the power of God. A powerful and stirring idea. And where might Franklin and the other founders have been inspired by such an amazing notion? The answer is found in Franklin and John Adam’s recommendation for the first national seal, which features at the center the crossing of Israel through the Red Sea, found in Exodus 14.

Franklin and the other founding patriots were fortified in their resolve by the story of the Exodus and Israel’s delivery from their Egyptian oppressors. “Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God” encircled the image of Moses and the children of Israel walking through the Red Sea unharmed. The founders took this important message from the Torah: God hates tyrants and oppressive government.

In 1778, speaking to the General Assembly of the State of Virginia, James Madison stated clearly and unashamedly, “We have staked the whole future of American civilization, not upon the power of government, far from it. We’ve staked the future of all our political institutions upon our capacity … to sustain ourselves according to the Ten Commandments of God.”

And of course, we must ask, where do we find the 10 Commandments? That would be Exodus 20:2–17 and Deuteronomy 5:6–21, the second and fifth books found in the Bible, and both part of the Torah.

And while the following citation comes from the Nevi’im, or the prophets, rather than the Torah, it is important to remember that our division of government into three branches—judicial, legislative, and executive—was inspired by James Madison’s application of Isaiah 33:22:

For the Lord is our judge,
The Lord is our lawgiver,
The Lord is our king;
He will save us …

And while God can be trusted to perform all three roles in the affairs of man, the founders were painfully aware this was not the case for humans. This is where another citation from the Nevi’im bears remembering, especially in these days of increasing confusion about who we are as a nation:

The heart is more deceitful than all else and is desperately sick; Who can understand it? (Jeremiah 17:9)

As I consider the assault on the origins of this country and the influence of Torah and the rest of Scripture on their thinking, I am reminded of another statement from Jefferson:

“Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just: that his justice cannot sleep forever.”



Laurie Cardoza Moore
President/Proclaiming Justice to The Nations

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“Planning to FLY Over To See YOU”

Some days you just receive,  that extra special feeling… you just know…  that there is something… right NOW… that you just got to get  your  whole body … soul and mind in gear  to receive … and wait for no dilly dally delays of any kind … you are feeling it all the way down and into your bones… you gotta  just get  to that  going… just as fast  and faster than ever before…  as you can!

Just take a look at my hair… the wind is blowing me  almost off my feet… just a real good thing… that I have my heavy boots  on… just  so good, to keep me on the ground, when the wind takes a notion to get so wound up…  as if it were a hurricane … and or getting my attention to get a much  faster move on!

When you just love to be flying… you see all of these obstacles as top priority challenges and you just have to start working faster and keep your mind on  just exactly that which  you are doing… watching out for something  off base… coming in a hurry and just so off base… makes  for you to start to wondering… am I taking any unnecessary  challenges or what?

Just letting everyone know… that I am up and  way up and above and doing… all of that which I was taught… from day one…

Just keep your eyes up and looking for me… when I fly by    and wave!

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“On Sunday We Go Flying All Day”

Here we are…

We are just so excited … because all three of us…  are going flying and…  we are going FLYING all day long!

On “SUNDAYS” … there is… just something extra special about “SUNDAYS”… for the three of us, something like us three,  being those “three musketeers” you may have read or heard  about… a long time ago.

We just get together and make plans for something exciting to do, and or  for the three of us … to go somewhere and do something that will  be… by the end of the day… ending up being just  a big maybe … and or  most probably, a for sure being most exciting for us and sometimes even more so  for others!


This is our most wonderful Alyssa, and she takes to flying… just as if she were a “bird with wings” that can take you where ever you want to fly…

Up and beyond the highest of high places to see and inspect  everything … over and over,  since it is just  so much fun, and  to keep on flying, all just  for the  fun of flying so high…  as you can see forever and ever… it is being  so much fun!

Now is that time… for the three of us to take a flight all  over the area and really take a second look or two…  and or maybe even a third look…

While you are up and enjoying the scenery as the day begins  to turn into evening, and the lights all  over the earth… start to turn on… just adding a different dimension to the beauty of   our earth and the evening sky …

And now… for us to see… someone is adding a twinkling star or two…  for us to fly by, and give to them…  a wave to… just in case there is more  than we know … that also enjoy this very late  hours flying…

There is just so much more to see and for us to enjoy… while we do this very late hours flying,  and…  we are  surely enjoying these late hours out,  and our flying  over all the earth below…

Just a flying as a very good watchman  would … just making sure that all is just right… all around the earth this night!

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