“Getting ready for the biggest TURKEY DAY”

“After Thanksgiving …What To do” “Start Walking”

“3 Cheers – for the COOKS!”



“HIP- HIP!  HOORAY!”  “3 CHEERS  – for the COOKS!”

Sure hope that you remembered to say  “THANKS” for whoever made the best of meals this year, and that  you were there to enjoy all of those special selected   and only once a year foods that always put a hundred extra pounds of muscle on … since you will be sitting and sitting … since all of the food did  taste so good, you just… can not move yourself, away from the table…and  join others who have more sense …  as they are having  lots of “FUN” mingling  around the  great outdoors with others… and…… making room…… for some great desserts!

This picture was taken several years ago and this senior chef with her very  young and helpful assistant, Alyssa  is  also  my Granddaughter of two very loving children…my  extra special great-grandchildren… so,  the two of us pulled off another big feast   for all of those up at the Airport  and for everyone  just flying in …to enjoy???

In this picture you can see,  that it does not  pay to wear  something   “all white” and then have the nerve to stand near the refrigerator… which is  also…the very same color… “white”???  

This  is not  the best of pictures, since it is also a copy  and … I will have to locate the original…  just to see who’s… who and what’s… what???  

Also a word or two about being at the AIRPORT.

We did have Fun sharing our Turkey Dinners by having two Turkeys during the week… just so that all of those pilots and friends… that were stopping by would at least celebrate some kind of a “Thanksgiving”  meal… while doing their traveling … and so while having to  stay at the AirPort for a few extra hours… as they waited for those friends and family… that were going to be there… to pick them up… to also do…  a little more HOLIDAY celebrating… on the go!

Since the Airport is open  twenty four hours a day … and seven days a week…  and as we all work and travel in todays’ world  going to places,  that have many different working hours… so also  we have found that… for our own and also for  all of the  those little personal things… that  all must be done… we just have to  always be ready.

It just takes lots of time…making ready around the clock… as schedules will change and then…there always has to be  a  very nice place to take a rest… while those that have some very different  time schedules to follow…  will also be able to find their  way to the AIRPORT… we  will also try to accommodate all those that  stop in at our AIRPORT and they find that they had a nice time  and a place near by…  to be helped… as we are there for you!

 This is a quick item… since we are still doing things with the very last of  just one of the  biggest old turkeys!

Sometimes “Turkeys” can last longer…  than you want…  but… they do make…  very good sandwiches, when we are all  in a hurry!

 Hope that you will … be enjoying … some real good “Turkey! …     …. TOO???    …    ….

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“Let’s Start Preparing for our Thanksgiving Day”

“Have the very BEST of Thanksgiving DAYS”

                    “We are getting ready!”


Of all the places to  WORK… the above photo shows a small area of the BAKERY… and that is Sister Augustella…one NUN…  who…  everyone enjoyed working for… and would WORK …24/7… if that was  ever a choice.

This photo is from the … Anniversary Edition …I would have  to check the correct year … where I have an old copy –  and I am so glad to have  this… once in a LIFE-TIME  EDITION… all of the old photos,  from those years … when I was there… just to show… how things were…way back and when!

Sister Augustella would have a large “laundry  size” basket  – just full of those treats… that we would get at our  “RECESS TIME” – – in the morning and afternoon… RECESS times –  and that would be a basket for the GIRL’s side… and also a basket for the BOY”s side –  and that was a real treat, for each of us… to be able to get something  “HOME MADE”… and extra sweet!

We did not go in to the “BAKERY”… as you see in the above photo… as Sister Augustella and her workers were  always busy “baking” and there really was no room for interruptions.

During a particular time of the day… there would an older girl assigned to work in the Bakery … she would be using the Bread cutter to prepare the slices of bread for the dining rooms …  and so… just for this PHOTO… and  for all to see something good coming from the Bakery… a PHOTO  of those many loaves of Bread   has  been taken… just for you to see all those loaves of bread… and wish you could have “HOME MADE Bread” everyday of your LIFE!

Back then… when I was the size of some of those girls in that photo line…

I would work in the BAKERY –  and one of the jobs that I had… was putting those loaves of bread in the bread slicer.

Then …one or two girls would spread each  slice of bread  with “HOME-made  grape jam”… which was also made  from the grape vineyard on the Orphanage grounds –  and we also had “HOME-made Apple-butter” – from the green apple trees… also growing on the Orphanage grounds.

When you think back… these jobs that we had when we were very young…were very  good training for all of the things that you may consider doing when you are older and would have left the Orphanage.

As … we all need to work at some point in LIFE –  and what better way is there …than for young children to learn how to develop skills in a variety of   occupations…

So as to get an idea of the  type of work –  which  would be of a benefit in more ways than… one can think of –  the motivation factor in determining  –  what are our  natural talents  –  will they maybe provide the exact “road” in our LIFE… to pursue!

When it comes to this time of the year… Thanksgiving TIME…

Just having had the chance to work in the BAKERY, with and for Sister Augustella,  has been of a great benefit to me.

As now, that I  am thinking back…  I have such good memories of getting ready for these  extra special HOLIDAYS… and I sure do enjoy telling everyone, the  how and why, of all that,  I do…  and what I do –  since everyday of my LIFE… just seems… that each  and every day, and going  all the way back  to then… was a real good  learning lesson… just  preparing  me… for each and every next day to follow and the very next “NEW” year!


… Remember to have the very best “Thanksgiving  DAY, this  year”…

For  our World…  as we know it TODAY…

Has the habit  of  always changing !   

We just never know … what  each of our tomorrows… 

Will  bring  to each and everyone of us? 

Blessings  and with Good Wishes

To Each and Everyone!

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“The Best of Best GIFTS is Music”

It just seems to me,  that everyone does LOVE Music!

While we were living in Fort Lauderdale Florida… there was a Restaurant that also had a Nite Club named “Toppers”…  which was having a management change .

Since we were in the restaurant business … with two others restaurants… friends of ours were inquiring of us… to find out if we would also, like to join them with this Restaurant that was located along the North Federal Highway?

My husband LEE,  and his brother AL, were invited to a meeting regarding this new business to see… if they had the time to take on a new challenge … and most importantly the connections  that you need to make this entertaining business a real hit … with the top entertainers that would bring in the business that this type of business really needed!

Sometimes when you least expect something new and exciting, it  just happens to call on you… to give it a good try  and to flourish… and low and behold… you have omething terrific to work with… that you never ever gave a thought to doing before… but then…in LIFE… that is just what happens … when you least expect something terrific knocking at your door!  

So… on one special occasion, my husband LEE, Sr. did take our young son LEE, Jr. with him … to see and hear all of the things that were going on in the mew restaurant business … they were  together at  “Toppers”  during the day time … while some of the musicians were  working with different instruments… that they would be using…  for the evening entertainment in the evenings…and one of those men, ask my husband… if his son would be interested in learning to play music?

That was… “Just the right question to ask”… as we were always interested in good music and would like for our children to learn to play music, as it is also… so good for the overall learning of all of the child’s learning at school.

So… for just being in the right place and at that right time in our lives… this man ask if he could bring a small organ over to our home… for our “Little LEE”… to see, if he could teach him how to play the organ and see if he had  any interests in learning to read and play music?

Lee at keyboard 001

So… the above photo… is a photo of our Little LEE when the  above organ was delivered to our home.

Since this happened at just the right age and  correct time in my son’s LIFE… because he was then able to take lessons and  learn to read the music  at an early age… it did  also help in all of his school work through out  all the years he was in school.

At this early age of learning to play  and read music…Lee was also able  at a later date … to join and platy  in  the School Marching Band… and then… later on…Lee was able to take Orgon Lessons from the Instructor  for those that would learn to PLAY the ORGAN in Church!

So I am a firm believer … that all children should learn to play music at the very earliest of age… as it helps with  the developing of all of their learning  at school and  in so very many more things in LIFE!

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“I Certainly Do Feel Like a Dunce”

When you are going to High School and that School requires that you wear a uniform… and then… one day there is a Bus strike… what do you do?

When you have a “Bus Strike” … you have a big problem for a whole lot of people… all those that depend on that “Bus” being at that corner… every day and at that… right time of day.

Back in that day of  of the early 1950’s … there were more people depending  solely on that “Bus” being their only transportation to  work and to school and back to their homes… and to the downtown stores and any and all entertainment.

That “BUS” being at that designated corner everyday and at all those assigned hours to pick up and deliver all theses’ hundreds of people each and every day… to their correct designations.

So… I am in High School and the radio announces that there is a “BUS” strike… “What in the world … do I do?


Freshman 001

“I just had, to have my MOM take a picture of me on… my bike!”

Just had to add that “Dunce cap”  to my head… as this was going to be some kind of a real challenge  for me… since I live so far from Rosati-Kain High School on Lindell Boulevard.

From the vicinity of Carter and Linton Avenue… and then travel  going  South along Vandeventer … Southwest till… I run into Lindell Boulevard.

So… wearing a skirt on a boy’s bike  and then having to balance my school books and lunch in a separate container of some kind… that is if I took the time to prepare something.

Thinking back to those days … riding a bike to school several days in a row… there must have been some curious people just waiting to see… if I could make it to school each and everyday and on this bike… with a load of stuff that…  and just waiting to see if I would loose something and then…  maybe  have to make a stop or two on the way… to stop and pick up stuff that fell off the bike… as there would be one day a week… that I would  need my GYM clothes to change into…  and then there was always something different going on… to  be in need of…

Just always had to be prepared  for that, one unknown thing …I would need at school… and on that particular day… at school 

But I was for sure … so glad when that “Bus Strike” was over.

More so than any of the other students…. mainly, because I lived so far from the School and then,  all of the different kinds of stuff that,  I did have to remember for that particular day… that I would need.

But one of the most important things on the going to school on my bike each and every day was… that I did not have those  last few minutes to study something  special that… I really needed to remember for a particular class… as I was used to getting very good grades !

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“Getting Just a Little Better .. Each DAY”

Are you missing something?

When I was a little girl, and that’s been a long time ago, it seemed to me that “TIME” just stood still.

I can remember sitting on benches with some of my little friends, and we were talking about – “How long do we have to wait for supper?”

We also were saying, “The clock just is not moving – how do ‘we’ get the clock to move faster?”

It was as if we did something or just maybe… could even try to do something special to get  “that “TIME”  of the day to move faster and just keep  moving  faster, and  then we could really have something to do?

When you are little, and I’m guessing this goes for all little “SMART  and Little TIKES” – that’s the class of “SMARTIES” that we thought we were in – and we had to get the world to move… just a wee bit  faster?

So now, I’m putting my foot  down on the “BRAKES” of time – we do  need to slow down “TIME” – it’s  just going too fast – I cannot keep up with what I need to get done  in just  one (24) hour day!

I find myself complaining about things that are not getting done, especially…  since I am either just too slow… and  or this day is just going too fast!

There is so much that I have – that is … that I want to read, and if I take the time to just sit and read – the day is shot – all gone?

And, I have a whole list of stuff, which just has to wait for another day – hopefully a much longer day  and or a  much  faster me?

In reading … something that may just seem to be that which … I really need to read – something to  inspire me to stop all of this  complaining about … that which, I cannot change and think more about the blessings…  that I have received, and ask blessings on everybody and everything…  that is requiring just a little  more time…  than what I can give… at that time!

In other words…  just learn to realize,  that as one gets older, one must also learn to slow down.

Today, we are on a very fast  journey, which is turning into a “rat race” – and this “body” being used today…  has already used up the best of its energy a long… long, time ago.

So, I am doing a better job, because I am “blessing” everyone around…  as I go, and I’m  finding…  that by “blessing” everyone that I meet each day… on my daily rounds – I feel like I have more energy and strength to get more done each lovely day  – more so…  than in the past.

I just “LOVE” blessing everyone as I go –

You know that…  “what you say is what you get back” –

…  and getting all those “BLESSINGS” is the best part of this day’s  journey!”

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“Wishing Birthday Blessings for November Birthday Family”

November “Birthdays”

Just dawned on me…  to wish a  Very Happy Birthday, to  all of those who have a  Birthday this  wonderful month, November! 

When you get to be my age,  you are allowed to forget  half of what I thought I did know  –   and that which remains – I can not be too sure of any more?

What I have said  – is that … I am sure your Birthdays are in  November, but for  those dates  –  I can no longer remember … just exactly what date goes with the four (4) Birthday Girls?

Sister Margaret Mary,  you were my 7th and 8th grade teacher, and we  did become very good friends over the many years… as   we kept in touch over those…  so very many good years, you even  visited my home, and  you did play the Lowery Console  Organ  in my Living room, with  so many  of the very best Irish music,  almost thought… that I was in Heaven!

Judy McClarren, is my younger brother  Denny’s wife and  at that time in his his LIFE  and for a good while… was also taking good care of  Denny, which did  require  a whole lot  of extra care time! I am also  so glad…  that  you are also able to keep me  in the loop …  with photos and also his  many care updates!

Rose McClarren,  wife of  my brother Tom, aka  Mr. Wonderful, and…   I also am always happy to see you both on  “TV” and in the “Newspaper”!  You are both doing a fine job with the flowers and garden arrangements… that you provide  in your community! Also sure  do hope that YOU, Rossie did receive many more than the Eighty Birthday Cards you were expecting  for your “80th”Birthday… must have kept the Mailman very busy this last week!

Char Bay, another extra special Grandma! Our united families  have brought forth the very best of  “Best Grand-daughters – Alyssa and Jaime! Sure glad to see you and all of the family… when we have the many get-togethers during the year … for so very many great occasions, are always taking place in our wonderful family!

Almighty Yahweh   has  truly blessed me with these   wonderful    November   – Birthday     –  People!    

I am asking    Our Creator, and  Giver  of all  good gifts to those chosen    –  that is for  those good and perfect… 

to  also Bless each and everyone – abundantly from His generous bounty.

“Thanks be to our  Almighty Yahweh!”

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