Thanksgiving with Grandma!

Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s House we go…” That is what I will be hearing, as everyone comes to Grandma’s (my house) for the  Thanksgiving Feast!

When I was a little girl and we were on our way to “Ohio” to see “Grandma”  –  we always sang  –  that is what children do when they are happy. As,  small kids we were always  happy!

Today, as old as I am, we are a family that likes singing and playing various musical instruments. I believe all children should learn to play some musical instrument, if at all possible, an adult to teach the children to sing  –  taking the time as early as possible  to start singing. It’s so good  and you will always remember the good times as your very best memories.

My Mother,was positioned on a swivel type  piano stool (still have the photo) and she would sing.   Remember , she was the 13th child in the Brady family,  and some of her older brother s  were already married! Mom  looks like she is scare-ed   –   but she sang    –   she had a very good and sweet voice. That was “when” families  celebrated  the Holidays  – together,  each member of  the family contributed  something  to the occasion  –  where  merriment excelled!

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Schooldays – Memories – Found!

November sure is the month to Remember and give Thanks, to  Our Creator and Giver, of all the wonderful and good gifts, He put in our Life!  I am   Grateful and Thankful, for  so many  memories!

I feel  like the ‘Little Old Woman, in the Bible’ who found the two (2) mites, she had lost! I am so  ‘Happy’ to have found two (2)  Autograph Books, from my grade school days  – I just could not find them for the longest time! My search took  me into every little nook  and obscure place,   and places I would not even have dreamed  a possibility to find them?

My son, Al  was over to pickup some music CD’s, and as we were looking  through the boxes  – a very small box  with little thin books, 8×5 and less than a half-inch thick booklets  – crammed  together like sardines in a can! It’s a wonder that we even took the time , to see  and to find the  the Autograph books, among vitamin and health booklets

I am so grateful and happy  that these books  are now found  –  will now have to re-read  all the well wishes and happy thoughts  –  all the blessings the Nuns  wished  for me  on the road of ‘Life’  – to follow  –  and I have traveled!  For all those who requested  God to bless me,  Thank You!  I have been truly bless!

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“Curious Tommy Boy”

Just when you think you will be going to Vallejo, California  you catch  –  the Mumps,  from your younger brother ! I kept saying I felt good  –  but my face and neck was telling my parents a different  story.  It was toward the end of WWII, and my father was called up to do what he was trained to do  – welding on ships!

My brother, Tommy was over the Mumps,   and really feeling good that now he would get to travel to California! So my Dad  and little brother  took the train  from  Saint Louis to California,  and that was when the trains were full of Veterans and Service men and women, doing their part to protect America! There was a Boarding House where they would be staying and a woman care-taker for Tommy. My Dad would be working at Mare Island Shipyard, and Tommy highly inquisitive, managed  to sneak around without being caught in places where he had no business!

One story, my Dad sent to us was about how  the “Cook” was putting trays of cookies with fresh icing on, to set,  and cookies were disappearing?  She had to make plenty for all the boarders and was getting pretty upset , not finding the cookies that were suppose to be for the dessert?  Well,   little ole’     “Tommy boy, ” found the trays of cookies and a   hiding place  – where he licked all the icing    ‘off ‘  of the cookies   and hid them!

Another  story , was that the alarm clock was left to wake Tommy up at a time after Daddy had left for the Shipyards, and everyone thinks Tommy did not like the noise  – took my Dad’s alarm clock and threw it out the window.  May not have been too bad , but that was from the second floor!

Years later, laughing about it  –  we like to say Tommy threw the clock out the window  – just to see  Time Fly!

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Orphans Must Watch Parade!

In the early ’40s,   especially when  WWII  was going on,   America was very Patriotic   –  we had Parades ,   with lots of  Bands playing  the songs of each branch of service!    We,  my two (2)   brothers and myself,   knew the words   and sang the songs  as loud as we could.

My Father had been in the  Army , with General Douglas MacArthur, in the Philippines , I still  have his Photo Album!    So, he wanted   his children to be able to watch the  Parades  and always be able to do our part   –   you’re never  too young to learn to do something   that will benefit  ‘more.’

Later on, in the ’40s, when we were in the  Orphanage, we were never allowed to go to a Parade, who would take  “200”  Orphans?   It   just was not  done!

The story changed though, when we were in the Orphanage!    Several times,  there was a   Parade   in downtown – Saint Louis, Missouri   and   my Father was at the   Orphanage to get his children!      I have no idea what he said or did,   but the “Nuns” were in a real scramble – getting us ready to leave !

We were   so happy to be leaving   –   we were singing   all the songs we knew , and everybody   hearing us   –    could tell   we were   the happiest kids ,   alive!     In those days   –  God   blessed   America   and   Orphans!

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It’s Important To Remember Our Veterans!

Words and music that immediately inspire you to do something or  to  take  action  –  are what these times –  cry out for!  Wanting to  hear some Veteran Music, played  the first video  on Google, and now want everybody to know the words and hear  and see the video.  Check out  “terry”  ********* You will feel strength and vitality  –  you will be able to fight the good fight!



“They fought and some died for the Homeland.  They fought  and some died  – now it’s our land.  Look at his little child, there’s  no fear in her eyes,  could  he not so respect   for other  ‘Dads ‘   have died?    Take two minutes,  would you mind?    ‘It’s  a  Pittance of Time’   –  For the boys and  the girls who went over  –  In Peace  May They Rest?

May we never forget why they died?  ‘It’s a Pittance of Time.’      God forgive me for wanting to strike  him   –  Give me strength   so as not to  be like him.  My heart pounds in my breast  –  fingers press to my lips  –  my throat wants to call out  –  my tongue dearly  resists,  but two minutes,  I will bide  –   ‘It’s a  Pittance of Time’  – for the boys and the girls who went over  –  in Peace My They Rest  –  may we never forget why they died  –  ‘It’s a Pittance of Time.’

Read the letters and the poems of the ‘Heroes’ at home  –  they have casualties -battles and fears of their own.  There’s a price to be paid  – if you go  – if you stay?  Freedom’s fought for and Won  –  in numerous ways!  Take two minutes –  would you mind  –  ‘It’s a Pittance of Time’  –  for the boys and girls all over  –  may we never forget  our young  become “Vets,”  at the end of the line  – ‘It’s a Pittance of Time’  –  It takes courage to fight for your own war  –  it takes courage to fight someone else’s war  –  Our Peace-keepers tell of their own living hell!  They  bring hope to foreign lands that hate-mongers cna’t kill!  Take two minutes  –  would you mind  –  ‘It’s a Pittance of Time’  –  for the boys and the girls who go over!

In  peace time  our best  –  still down  –  battles rest    and lay their lives    on the line.  ‘It’s a Pittance of time’    – In peace   may they rest    –  lest we forget  –  why they died. ‘Take a Pittance of Time’!”

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Remember our Veteran

Stand up for America! I am proud to be an American! Give  thanks that we at least set aside one day to give  honour to the ones who give their  Life for America, our Veterans!

Almighty God  bless our Veterans! Tomorrow more of our young men and women  will  be signing up to do their part to  protect America with Your help –  help  “US ”   to correct our evil ways  – so that all that are called  to do their part in protecting the USA  – come back home  to their families  –  to enjoy  Freedom, Family and Country!

We have so many   Veterans, that  are only thought  of   once a year  –  that is not enough  –  the Veteran deserves more benefits in compensation  –  more than  those that  are elected to offices in this Country and do not as the people voted.  Programs in this Country should be for those that are  “True Defenders of the USA!”

Our  Veterans make so much more  – a greater sacrifice –  given with  Love of Country,  God  and Family   –   they are willing to give their  “Life”  if that is what it takes  –  for Peace!

Now,  is the time  –   to make a change for  –    our  Veterans   –  His true benefits for   –  His Life!

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