1930’s Anne Smart Brady

Anne Smart Brady visiting son, Thomas Brady St.Louis City Deputy Sheriff.

1930's 001

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Anne Smart Brady – 1916

Evon Yuonice Duiguay and  Anne Smart Brady and Marie Brady

MOM 1920 002Marie Brady is almost faded out of this picture wearing something too light in color  compared to  her   Mother  – Anne Smart Brady’s  dress and their friend ‘s  dark long dresses worn in those days. Marie  just has the sweetest smile  on this picture and I wanted for everyone to see her true beauty!

Never heard of anyone complain about those long dresses and all of those extra long “petticoats” that the ladies wore back,  in the day of “HIGH” fashion!

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1913 Marie Brady age 13!

Marie Brady on the right – standing.MOM 13 001Irene Brady,   Mae Lauth,  and  Marie Brady are standing and sitting on left  is Jimmie Brady (adopted) and  the  little  boy is not known to me.   The eldest brother of  Marie, James D. Brady and his wife adopted little Jimmie as a baby. In the pictures  that I have are a good many pictures of  little Jimmie  while living in Missouri  before they moved to Texas.   James  D. Brady  had an important position with the  Swift Packing Company  which required he and  his family moving to  Texas.

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What’s in the Future for US?

Mom Irene Mae 001Left to right: Mae Lauth, my Mom to  be and Aunt Irene to be!    Marie Brady is in the center of this picture. Her sister Irene Brady Riley  is standing on the right and a very good friend is on the left, or on the right side of Marie Brady. There is  15 years difference between  Marie and Irene.  Remember this is the  “Brady Family”  and Marie was the  thirteenth child in this family. Marie’s oldest brother James was 22 and married  before  she was born. When Marie was born, almost everyone thought  she was  James  first born baby, just could not beleive that  Anne  Smart Brady was still having babies!

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Did You See Dinosaurs?

Dinosaurs 0011967 Dinosaurs come to South  St.Louis County!  At the time we lived in this area – I remember a Bank – Grocery Store and Famous Barr Department store in the  corner of South Lindbergh and Lemay Ferry Roads. Today everything has just simply expanded so much so that this area is highly congested in the Fall of the year  –  trying to accomodate all the people that find this to be the best shopping area. This section brings in moe money than any other area of St.Louis County! That’s because this area welcomed the Dinosaurs!

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Tallest Man

Tallest Man 001Tallest Man in 1967.   That is Al Aldrich and Lee Aldrich standing next to the  “Tallest Man”   and  Al said  that  he remembered this visit and everything we were doing this day!

This is the same year their father died and I did try to be  “Father and Mother” and everything else – just to make up for  no longer having their “DAD”  – someone that they loved and were missing.

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