Grandson Remembers – Grandma!

My son, Lee called me today and said that he wanted me to make a note of a memory that he had with Grandma “GoGo” when we all lived on Cherbourg Drive.

Lee was saying that today is the – 25th – and whenever the 25th comes up – each month –those are days he really gets to thinking of all the “FUN” he had when Grandma was alive. Grandma’s birthday is on the 25th of September and he sure would like it – if it were possible for Grandma, to be here now – when he would be able to do so much for her and even have her stay at his place – where she could enjoy all the animals – he has on his farm.

While we recalling all the “GOOD TIMES” and “FUN” with Grandma – one time that he really had so much “FUN” – was  – after Christmas, one year he had received a tape recorder and a lot of tapes with music that he really liked and like to play on the  recorder and on the loud, side!  Lee, said that he was not paying a lot of attention – but he turned around and saw Grandma, coming down the steps  – and then all of a sudden – he thought – “Here’s where I really get into some trouble with Grandma – first  – and then – secondly,  if she tells you, Mom – I’ll really be in the “DOG-House” with everybody!” “The music was really too, loud!”

This was – what happened, “Grandma said that she like good music and likes to dance the “Charleston” and if he had some music to dance to – she would teach him the “Charleston Dance” like they would dance in the “Roaring Twenties” – because that’s what she liked! So, all that afternoon Lee and Grandma were dancing and having so much “FUN” – and that made him so “HASPPY” that he had so much fun! Lee was asking me if Grandma, had ever said that he played the music too loud -when she was watching the kids, while I was at work?

I remember that my Mother always enjoyed listening to the boys when they would practice their music lessons and that she really enjoyed it when they would sing along, too. She just loved to sing herself and to hear the boys sing and sing along with her – that was the best music in the house! Also, I had to let Lee know, that “Grandma” did not ever think that they could do anything wrong – and if they ever did – she never told me – she just never wanted the boys to be in any kind of trouble with me – Grandma was glad to be a part of our family and just loved to be with us as often as possible.

One thing I really remember and miss  us doing –  is –  for anytime we would be in the car and driving to “Grandma’s House” – we all  – me, too – would sing as loud as we could  –  “Over the River and Through the Woods – To Grandmother’s House – We Go!” …

“Don’t forget – Remember Your Grand-parents – Because – Grand-parents Day – is coming up soon!”



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A KING and QUEEN – Forever!


At this time of year – your child could be a “KING and or QUEEN”  – it’s never too late – when the Community  that you live in  – has a “Festival” –  take  your children.  You never know –  there may not be too many children competing – all they have to do  –  is to be there!

When the child is older and sees the photos  of when they were picked  – for  the  – 1st  place  –  or as in this case –  selected for KING and QUEEN – your child will know that –  you were always thinking that  your child was  always a KING and QUEEN  – for the day!  Your family just went for “FUN”  – but –  in addition  – you received your  -15- minutes of fame –  – and maybe that will be  the beginning of more  -15- minutes of success  – all through your life?

I just “LOVE” this   old  Newspaper clipping – of children – getting attention – “they do not know what for”   – but that they just might be in the right place at the right  time?

“What do you think?”

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Life is “TOO” – Complex? – Short?

Only if you have “LIVED” long enough – can you answer the questions about “LIFE” today? How do you feel about  receiving a brochure in the mail, with the title – “LIFE is too short to clean your own home” – what is the first thought that comes to you – about cleaning your own “HOME?” Should you stop cleaning your home? What would happen if you did not clean your own home? Is there someone – in this world that could clean your home better, than you can? If you do not clean your home – anymore – what would you do? Is there something more important than cleaning your home?

Looks like everybody needs to work – today – and what better way to work – it’s to have somebody who is working get to thinking  – “LIFE” is “TOO”  short for me to do that – I will pay somebody to come to my house and do my work – so then  – with me not having to do my own work – I will need to find some income to pay this other party to come to my place and work hard – because “LIFE” is too short – and my place of employment will have to give me more work to do  – just so I can pay it all to someone else???

Does this all sound “TOO COMPLEX” – it sure does to me! I’m guessing that I heard this from my “MOTHER” – it goes something like –“A Fool – is soon parted from his money?” She would also say something else, about these people that dream up these schemes – “Some people waste their lives, dreaming all-night long – how do I concoct up something to make money – some kind of quick-rich story – where I can take the “FOOL” to the cleaners?

Today, more than at any other time – everyone wants a “quick-money-making” idea – and some are just pure scams – the police should arrest these “Schemers!”

If you do not want to clean your own home – live in a “PIG-Sty” – if that is what you prefer? Why buy a brand new home, if you do not want it to stay nice? There are always some rentals – where they include – maid service – for a price?  Maybe there is some “group-live-ins” where you would only have a room for yourself – and all share the rest – and I would bet that there would be a, TOP “Sergeant in charge” that would make living tough – if you did not clean up after yourself ! How about joining the “Army” – they will have you clean and clean – until there would not be another thing – in the world that would need to be cleaned!

Learn to stay clean – don’t dirty anything – then you will always be clean! It’s a “Complex Situation” – just thinking about having “stuff” that needs to be cleaned – and then working so that someone else will want to clean my “Stuff” – and to do all this  – because “LIFE is TOO Short” – for “WHO” – is what  – I would like to know???



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“Turn Down The Volume!”

Years ago – you would hear the remark that – “It is a Rat Race, out there” – it was getting to be “TOO” much for some people to keep up with. So, if that was the case then – what kind of a “RAT RACE” is it TODAY? Do you get the feeling that with all the “marvels” of today, we really have too much “VOLUME” to contend with – on every level of our great advancements in this 21st Century of improvements –  to our life?

Would you say, that – that – when you walk into a room – and everyone in the room has their fingers working 100 miles an hour on their personal “Hand-Held” gadget – “something is wrong in Denmark?” What is it – that no one knows – in real time where they are? Is there not another thing in this world today – that you can think to do – without burying yourself – into the gadgetry?

There was a “JOB-POSITION” advertised in the Newspapers – the address and qualifications and the time to be at the “EMPLOYMENT OFFICE” were all spelled out. So, on the appointed day and time – the office was beginning to fill up – just more and more applicants –all wanting this high paying position? Everyone just took a seat as directed – and sat and sat – all –  while waiting,  pulled out their gadgets – entertaining their selves as they continued to wait?

One “MAN” came out of an office – announcing “You can all leave, now – I got the “JOB” – I got the Position!”  Evidently, no one read the Newspaper Ad – stating you must know the “MORSE CODE” – There was too much “NOISE” in the room and everyone buried into their own little world. With the room full – only one person was paying attention to the “MORSE CODE” message  – repeating over and over – “The very first person – who hears this message – come to my office – that person – will get this “JOB-POSITION” – come,  now!”

So, it looks like we need to turn down the “VOLUME” – turn down the “NOISE of LIFE” – we all seem to be somewhere, other than where our body is? With all the “Gadgetry” to keep us busy – or should I say “Busy-Bodies”  – into everybody’s business – we miss out on the really important messages – we all need to hear!

In today’s life – if Our Creator was trying to get in touch with us – would we hear , HIM? One never knows  – when an answer to a prayer is coming our way – “we ask and beg the Almighty for something – but we pay no attention to Him trying to get our response to His calling?” Sometimes He needs for us to do something in response to our request – you know in reading the BIBLE – most of the people making a request – had to do something on their part to make the perfect connection  –  for the “DOOR” to open – for us to “RECEIVE!”

“Be quiet my busy “HEART” – I am turning the “VOLUME of NOISE” down – now!”


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Digging Deeper – Daily Guideposts

Today’s reading seem to be for us in Missouri – especially near and in the Ferguson area – since so many have so much to say about the situation –as is the case – when anything like this hits the  “World Wide Media” – “Lots said – Little done!”

When I was a little girl – in the 3rd or 4th grade and in the “Orphanage” and our teacher, Sister Florence had a good way – with stories with excellent examples – for we were learning about being gossipers – as some of us kids were told by different NUNS – “Empty Tin Cans Rattle the Loudest!” If someone knew something – in the Orphanage it was so easy to have that story spread – like “Wild Fire!” And the story ended up – not having much “TRUTH” to it.

This lady in a small town went to confession and in her list of sins to the Priest – the lady said that she had done a lot of gossiping and that she was now sorry. As in all confessions – the priest gives to you a penance to do. He told her, “Go home and bring to the Church a pillow filled with feathers – take it up to the top of the Church Steeple – shake the pillow, so that not a single feather is left in the pillowcase – and come back to see me.” Well, that is exactly what the “LADY” did and then went to see the Priest.

The Priest now tells the Lady – “Go and pick up every feather that you shook out of the pillowcase – everyone and bring the pillowcase full of the feathers back to me!” Well, the Lady almost had a heart attack, saying, “I can’t do that – there’s no way – those feathers flew all over the “CITY” and lots will be hidden from me- it’s just too impossible for me to ever do!” “Exactly, friend, every story that you repeated and added  embellishments with extra information  – just to make your gossip sound better to whomever you were talking – your rumors have ruin more lives – and now you will never ever be able to mend the damage to all  those  –  you talked to and talked about   – do you have any idea what you have done ? “ “My giving you forgiveness does nothing to cure the “WILD FIRE” you started!”

I don’t know about the others in my class – if that story rang any bells – making them stop and think before deciding to judge others and the “situation” at hand – since none of us have been so appointed. The reading from “James 4: 11-12 ends with the words, – who are you, who judges your neighbor.” None of us – gossips were at the scene and have no real facts to make judgments – usually we let the “COURT” decide – and we do have all kinds of paid people in the government to investigate – and if all that falls short of the correct measures that have been put in place to secure the correct answers – we may have forgotten that Almighty Yahweh is still in charge of His world and we need to get down on our knees and pray for  forgiveness – before it’s too late for all of us. “God Bless all of us in America, now!”


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“Wednesday’s” – Waiting While Wondering?

“Wednesday” the 20th of August – is the halfway to the future and then again it is the “HALF-Way” done – over – all gone – in the past – cannot have to do over – even if we wanted, too?

Right now the week is half-way over – have to start to think about the “WEEKEND” – and what will we want to do? This week is the week – which we are wondering what needs to be on the “PLANNING” calendar.  Some of “SUMMER” is over for this year – we start School next week. If we did not get to go somewhere for an exciting “VACATION” – too late, now! So, when we are in class next week and the Teacher asks – “What did you do this summer – write about your Vacation – and make it interesting – for “CREDIT!”

Starting School, next week should be exiting – everyone has so much to tell their friends – everywhere they and the “FAMILY” went – including all the bad times and complete mess-ups – because you are so glad for School – just so your life can once again be regulated and everyone on a “Perfect Schedule” – or so we hope?

Maybe, you are the one and only one in your class – that went to “SUMMER SCHOOL” – because instead of having “FUN” – you intend to graduate early – having earned extra credit instead of just wasting your time – “YOU “ have important plans – your “LIFE” is mapped out – either by  your parents or yourself? “Congratulations to you – I did the same thing!”

“Wondering while waiting” how the “TIME” flybys so fast and you would still like to be able to say you had some kind of “FUN” this Summer – just look at the “Calendar” for this is the time for you to make arrangements for the big “BLAST” holiday – “LABOR DAY” – check all the store ads, for the best buys and everything and anything is possible?

If you were so “LUCKY” to have started back to “SCHOOL” – and you did not know – who you would like to have this last “BLAST” of “FUN” with – you will have made some new friends – you just met and they will only be too “HAPPY” to help you have some fun – as they also have been making new friendships for this next school year. Isn’t it wonderful to be “young” and have so many “IRONS” in the fire – things to-do –  places to be – just hurry and hurry some more – “TIME’s” a flying – and good old “WEDNESDAY” keeps on coming  – and all we can think –it’s next week – before we know what happened!?

“Do plan on a “HAPPY” and “SAFE” Labor Day Weekend!




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