“Memorial Day” – honor the fallen SOLDIER!


Today – “MEMORIAL DAY” –  – – for those of us who  have a FLAG to fly in the backyard – –  be sure it is flying at half-staff –  – till NOON – –  we are to honor our fallen soldiers…

Today – – – “National Day of Remembrance” –  at 3:00 P.M.  –  Local Time – everywhere and anywhere you might be – – stop for one  “MINUTE” – this small amount of your time given in PRAYER – to HONOR those who have given the ultimate GIFT for FREEDOM – for all of us  – they gave their LIFE !  Let us,  always remember to observe  and honor those who sacrificed their LIVES for our FREEDOM  – by giving Thanks to the Almighty Yahweh – that  in each of the WARS – – that AMERICAN MEN and WOMEN gave their all – their Lives  for our FREEDOM – and we need to remember that we still have young men and women now – – defending our rights to LIFE and FREEDOM –  –  for we have  –  what  all other people around the whole   world – would love to have in their Country – but  – in other lands  – they do not have the “United Spirit”  that we have here  – – –  in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA!

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“Memorial Day” remembers… “Paratroopers!”



The Paratrooper’s Prayer
Chaplain Terry Austin, Advanced Airborne School, Fort Bragg
Heavenly Father, hear my call; for through the sky I will soon fall. Stand up, hook up, shuffle to the door, I pray for your will, nothing less, nothing more. One thousand, two thousand, three thousand, four . . . My canopy fill ‘fore I count any more. Give me courage, in the midst of my fear, to enjoy your world’s beauty from way up here. From jumpers and obstacles float me clear, and safely to the drop zone help me steer. Feet and knees together, preparing myself to land, never more aware that I’m secure within your hand. Guide and help me, as I quickly get to my feet, to conquer every obstacle ’til the mission is complete. In our  Almighty Yahweh’s  name –  I shall forever pray, because I’m Airborne and Prayer-borne all the way. AMEN

This prayer is for my brother –  Tom McClarren –  one of the finest “Paratroopers” from Fort Bragg – – – and  – for  all  of those young men and women that are in the  “SERVICE”  – always ready and willing to do their part to help make AMERICA – the great UNITED STATES of AMERICA!

MEMORIAL DAY – should be a “DAY” that makes us  – remember all those  – that paid the ultimate gift – their LIFE –  for this AMERICA – for all of  us  – to learn to stand together – strong  and totally “UNITED” for the FREEDOM that each and every citizen – will  be able to leave for every generation  – following  –  and filled  with joy and THANKSGIVING – just to be able t say; “I am an AMERICA!”

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“Thank your Serviceman” – on Memorial Day!

DEN & ME 001

My brother Denny H. McClarren Jr. – on home leave from “Redstone  Arsenal”  –   Huntsville, Alabama – –  he has  the best and biggest of smiles – –  he sure is happy to be on leave and at last home!

My thoughts are that on this “Memorial Day” weekend – we should all give to every “Service Man  and Woman” – a truly  heartfelt   THANKS – –  and a blessing in the name of the Almighty – that each of these young people who are defending this –  America – for us to have Freedom and Prosperity – that we can only receive – if and when we are grateful and continue to daily pray  to the Almighty Yahweh – since there are so many situations  – – that if we do not get together   in “United Prayer”  – –  we may not continue to have  the United States   of America!

During WWII – as a very young and  little girl – I remember hearing  every day  – in Saint Louis, Missouri – – on  radio station   “K.M.O.X” and at “twelve o’clock noon” – “Kate Smith”  singing… “God Bless America” – – –  this song is a prayer and we should  – and need to sing it as a prayer  – to protect all of the young   people  – – today – who are signing up to serve –  America  – and in some cases  – even having to give their –  LIFE – the ultimate gift  – that they can give –  –  and so…  we need to pray  NOW – like never before  – – for their daily protection!

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“MEMORIAL DAY – Weekend starts NOW!”


This  is   “Suzanne Somers”  – entertaining aboard the USS Ranger (CV-61) on November 1, 1981

My son Lee G. Aldrich Jr was aboard  the “Ranger” and sitting within the area you can see “Suzanne Somers” doing her dancing  and entertaining  – and all  of the men are seated on deck –  have a few minutes to relax and enjoy  the program – – as the footnote above states that   “Suzanne” did get the temperatures to raise  as in a home-sauna – – –  during this  “CBS” special.

This clipping of this special time  – when Lee was serving in the NAVY – – has been in and among lots of miscellaneous items – all that are of extra special memories  to me – –  but since this is the beginning of the “MEMORIAL DAY” Holiday weekend – just thought that  some  other service men that were aboard the “USS RANGER (CV-61)”  –  might just remember also being in this audience of our service men – –  that is at the time of this filming – –  and  would be nice to have something in the  – FUN types of things to remember???

We should never forget our young men –  – – who give of the best years of their LIFE – to the service of our Country – so that we will always enjoy the FREEDOM that our Fore-Fathers  fought for  – and never forgot to give the ALMIGHTY – – –  the Thanks for their protection – in all of their undertakings – – – to make AMERICA the best UNITED STATES!

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“Mother’s Day” is every DAY!


Like the card states… “MOTHER’s DAY”  is every day!  Little ole “MUFFINS” and little Miss  “CUP CAKES”  are my extra special and favorite  “friends” and as they are peeking around the corner – – – they are reminding me to say something special to…

All… Mothers – Mothers-in-Law – – and Grand-Mothers … that you are all very special people to all of us  – – your FAMILIES  – we Love you  … for all that you do…  everyday of the entire year  – – 24 – 7 …

Mother’s Day is celebrated on the  –  second  – Sunday in MAY  – and  we feel that  – the whole  – MONTH of MAY –  should be dedicated to give extra special honor to our MOTHERS !  We all know that if it were not for our “MOTHERS” –   where in the world would we be??? We know that some MOTHERS – have a very hard  LIFE – as we know there just is not enough cooperation in the Family  LIFE – today – everybody in the FAMILY has somewhere to be on  their own and  private road –  where  to – no one knows –  but just let the alarm  of danger or mishap  rear it’s ugly head  –   however and whenever harm knocks on our door – – – that’s when –  we all know we have our –  MOTHERS  -to call on for HELP – immediately!

“MOTHERS” will go to the ends of the earth – just to help their children – no matter the cost and or  whatever it takes  – Mother will not let harm come to her child  – she knows that the Almighty will help her – all she needs to do is to call on him –  to help her FAMILY!

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“Early to Learn – Players…”


These  – “Early Music Learners” – want to play beautiful music – just for you!  This  is  Lee,Jr., and his baby brother Al –  and they  are ready  to go on tour for any and every gig – that is  – if you need good music for the soul – they want to play your tunes – if you are not feeling too well  – – and are looking for a cure to what is ailing you, now…  – they will have you up and on your feet – and they will play till you can get up on your feet and dance   in complete happiness – this will be the best day for you  – it is a cure  for you …  and  will make you feel wonderful!

When you make your request for  – “Youngsters in the BAND” – we can offer any age group of players and be sure to request the  musical instruments  – that is the  “Music Lovers” have all kinds of soothing types of music available  – and most music is good music to the ear of the beholder! Remember – we aim to please the most discriminating listener….    “We know… that… you know…  that when you hear young children play “music”  from their “hearts” with all the LOVE … that only young children can put into  what they are giving you  – – – what ever you hear – – – you will know this is “True Love”  – – and it is a once in a Life Time!”   “Always and only for YOU!”

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