If you do not fix a “BIRD”…

“We are open  “24/7” and just across the street from the
Broward General Hospital”

Work 001

We  are always open  and ready to serve you and your family  and or friends for  we give to you the best of service  and have two other  restaurant  businesses – as each is different  – for variety is the spice of LIFE!

Serve anytime …every day…and we have  happy people who just  LOVE to TALK  and  we are offering  –  just a little “Southern Hospitality!”


“You could be in LUCK…just talk –  nice –  to the BOSS… and he will personally serve you…the best meal ever!”

“The Door on the far left –  is for inside dining –  and they also serve drinks –  to those who can show  the proper identification!”

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“Thanksgiving…FOOD and or… FUN…”

On this day of your life,
Mary Ellen, I believe God wants you to know…


..that food was never intended to be used as fun.
Food was intended to be used as nourishment.

When you use food as fun, your body has no fun at all.
It works harder, and it ultimately can’t fight off the effects
of mistreatment. It carries more weight, which puts more
strain on your heart. Its arteries get clogged, which does
the same.
You could, of course, define fun another way. You
could decide that “fun” is being healthy and happy. But
you might have to change your whole idea about food.

Do not think that you have not received some important  information.  On… THANKSGIVING  – – one must enjoy just being with the FAMILY – – –  some FUN…but …share the FOOD  –  – –  with those that really need it…You will feel so…. GOOD!

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“Is…anyone…paying …any…attention – – to me?”  “Is there anyone …at all…paying any attention…at all to Me?”

“Do I have to stand on my head…or do some other drastic type of “DANCE” around here…to get someone’s   attention?”  “That is…   if someone  with ears …up there can hear and see  ME  – –  can any one … with ears to hear — – hear  ME…  look down here… do not keep pretending …that you can not see  ME – – and that you “UP THERE”   – any ole FRIEND to the “cat family”  – – ME, I am standing here and I  have my  “BIB”   on –  and  – am “ALL”  ready for some good  “Eats”  – – – if only  someone, who is …   highly important – will just give to little ole  “ME”  –  the “Time of DAY”   down here!”   

“I only –  am the most “Sophisticated CAT” in this neighborhood… I personally take  special care…that your home is free from all those  hungry    mice – –  I, alone  –  am the protector of this house- hold  – – –  I  can see and hear…everything that you are doing – – and I know that you are getting ready for “THANKSGIVING” – – so… if  there are a few  special pieces of that  “OLE BIRD”  – – that you feel that you will not eat…well…look down here – – here I am…patiently waiting for a little sample or two or more… – – THANK YOU.. – – .from the bottom of my HEART!”

“Remember…this  is the one and only  CAT…that protects you from all  of those little ole pest -eee – mice – – BIG – small – or in between!”      D.V.


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“Happy Thanksgiving…to all!”


Just imagine this table full of FAMILY and FRIENDS and another table just as long and with … more FAMILY and FRIENDS…

Today was  the beginning of the “THANKSGIVING”  celebrations… when you have two “GRANDMAS” and a  Great GRANDMA siting at the same table…you know that there are  FIVE GENERATIONS  sitting around the tables…celebrating and giving THANKS… for just being in this very special FAMILY…and all with so much to tell each other of what they have been doing…and then what they are expecting to be doing in the NEW YEAR 2016 – – and that is only if the   ALMIGHTY CREATOR  has decided …to close this door and open up a new window …for our  new and well thought …earthly plans???

So…this week …depending on who will be able to travel to   nearby and  surrounding Cities and Towns – – there is always  some special extended FAMILIES and FRIENDS…that we need to visit and let them know…that we all are sending our LOVE…as they are always in our thoughts and PRAYERS – and we want to be able to do the best thing that we can –    and that requires that some of us do some traveling from City to Town!

This month and next month are when FAMILIES  remember what means the most to their survival…from a child and as they grew up – – HOLIDAYS  –  were when you would remember …hearing… – we must visit… the   OLD HOMESTEAD – – must remember our HERITAGE – and renew our FAMILY bonds – – as we also… all heard at least a   hundred and one times…”Blood is thicker than Water” – – so what ever you are thinking about doing…remember your FAMILY…and start NOW!


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“Is this “BIRD” big enough??”

T-Day 001

At this time of the year… You almost have to fight your way through the crowds…just  to find the  right  “BIRD” that will satisfy a hungry FAMILY!

Don’t wait till the last minute to do your grocery shopping… unless you like lots of people… that –  all reach for the same ole “BIRD” – – the   ole “BIRD” never got so much attention…in all of its whole lifetime.

Why  don’t we figure out a better way to do all this  – – “last minute” shopping … the ole “BIRD” is only one of the things that I like – – that pumpkin pie…maybe even an apple pie,  too –  and then what kind of side dishes… do we “DARE” to mention – – and with great hopes of – – – no complaints from the “CHEF” – – that there will be enough  “TIME” – – to make all of our favorites…and… all done with perfection and   naturally … from scratch!

“WOW” – – Sure hope that I am not dreaming of too many good things…all being prepared with the ..A #1…ingredient… that everyone wants to be sure was used??    “Do you want the name of that special ingredient…that is used in our home???”

“See if your CHEF …will answer…it is all made with… LOVE!”  DV

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5-10-2011 105720 AM


“STOP the ACTION… HOW can we make something  – – when Eleanor does not have her apron???”   “ON?”

“Do you think that we made anything…this day that we are… all –  dressed in our best…and without a big squabble…we all decided on some special spot to stand… and look like we…  were going to do something… exciting and important???”

Take a look at the photo …the two tables are set for eight (8) to sit down and drink a glass of milk. Well…what about the other two in our class of ten girls… two (2) of   us  will get to stand – – or just be the “servers” – – as we are all ‘used to serving’…we have been doing that… for years…so what is NEW?

After… this photo was taken…we did not have anything special to do…so a few of  us  did stay there in this kitchen – – that was in the basement part of the new “GYM” – – and no sense to go back to the “HOME” part of the Orphanage – as there was nothing special for us  to be doing  – – now that we were done with the “PHOTO” set-up… and as you can see some of the “PROPS” were still there – – to make this photo really look like we were actually learning to cook???

So…one of the girls poured some of that milk in a bowl and someone  else  cracked a couple of those nice eggs into the milk and started stirring. Well…without even  a half of an idea… of what we could have made  – – some sugar was added and then a little of the different spices – – and we asking  – – “WHAT can we do with this???”

Well…there I am with a “COOK-BOOK” in hand – – “did I even think to really check out the cook-book –  – what could we make…just for FUN – – using the ingredients – – and if necessary – – send someone to the bakery for a few more things to actually make something????”

I only thought about this a couple of weeks ago… (only some sixty years  – too  late)…when… I was making some “FRENCH  TOAST” – – “All  that – – we needed then… was…some of the “HOME-MADE” bread from the BAKERY – – and  then …we  could have had … something  really good to eat – – that is the few of us  girls  – – – that were  just hanging out???”


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