“Songs… Favorites…Have not heard in awhile”

and…  the words…

Blues in the Night (My Mama Done Told Me)
My mama done tol’ me, when I was in pig tails
My mama done tol’ me,
” Child a man’ll sweet talk”
And give ya the big eye,
But when the sweet talkin’s done
A man is a two-face,
A worrisome thing
Who’ll leave ya to sing the blues in the night
Now the rain’s a-fallin’,
Hear the train’s a-callin,
(My mama done tol’ me)
Hear dat lonesome whistle blowin’
‘Cross the trestle,
(My mama done tol’ me)
A-whooee-ah-whooee ol’ clickety-clack’s a-echoin’ back th’ blues in the night.
The evenin’ breeze’ll start the trees to cryin’ and the moon’ll hide its light
When you get the blues in the night
Take my word, the mockingbird’ll sing
The saddest kind o’ song,
and I always need… only… five minutes more…

and then…

and… one of my MOM’s favorites…

and… just one more of my favorites… could dance all night too…

“If only my feet would cooperate with me – -when I want them to pick me  up and move around the floor  – just like I used to do!

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National Scribble Day on March 27 inspires children to kindness through art.

Each of us starts out as a little colorful, wrinkled up human being with eyes, nose and sometimes a shock of hair. Our personality develops as we go. We’re a bit like a scribble.

Children’s scribbles become more than just scribbles when eyes and a smile are added. Somehow a personality leaps onto the page and with it, encouragement for children to grow and express themselves. The positive result looking back at them spreads a surge of joy that is infectious.

That’s what’s so wonderful about scribbles – anyone can make them no matter their ability. This means everyone from Grandpa to the smallest family member can join in the day.  Gather up the crayons in every color and scribble up smiles for everyone!

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalScribbleDay

Scribble with a child on National Scribble Day.  Whether it laughs, dances or grins, it doesn’t really matter. The child can laugh, dance and grin, too!  Educators, visit new.dianealber.com/scribbleday/ for resources and to sign up for stickers.

Families, you can participate at home by bringing out the crayons and art supplies. Let the kids of all ages get creative with their scribbles. Art is an excellent way to relieve anxiety and there are no lines to stay between here! Here are some fun ways to enjoy creating scribbles:

  • Challenge your household to scribble sudsy scribbles – you know, ones that use the right amount of soap when they wash their hands.
  • Have fun naming your scribbles.
  • Turn your final scribbles into a game of who’s who. For example, whose scribble looks most like Mick Jagger or Marilyn Monroe?

Educators, also visit the National Day Calendar Classroom for projects and ways to celebrate the day with your students.

Use #NationalScribbleDay to share your scribbles on social media.


Diane Alber, author of I’m NOT Just a Scribble, founded National Scribble Day in 2019 to share a message of kindness and acceptance and to encourage children to create art no matter their ability. Every artist started with a scribble!

The Registrar at National Day Calendar® proclaimed National Scribble Day to be observed annually on March 27th.

There are over 1,500 national days. Don’t miss a single one. Celebrate Every Day® with National Day Calendar®!


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“When the CALL for Laughter is NOW”




All selections viewed and found to be just plain good  old time stuff… that was good a long time ago… and for today … should fill the bill… A OKAY!

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“So you need to self-quarantine the family”



Sometimes we just need a reminder of the things that we usually do not think about… when we are worried about catching some disease…  that we do not want for our family and friends.

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“1918 influenza pandemic survivor interview: Mrs. Edna Register Boone”

Mrs. Boone, 100 year-old resident of Mobile, tells how her family was the only family in a small rural Alabama area that did not contract the flu during the 1918 flu outbreak. Mrs. Boone’s family all became responders in her community. Her parents become instant nurses and she delivered soup to the door of ill families.

and…  Since Mrs. Boone did mention “Baking Soda” just thought that… at this time in AMERICA… there just might be some interest in the uses of the “Soda” …  that Mrs. Boone was talking about.

We all need to work together to help out our neighbors with helpful ideas as to what might help… as  all products in the stores are not all available… and with the shortage… have to now be creative with  items that can handle a variety  of necessary  ways to keep  our families and friends germ free!

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“For KIDS interested in OUTER Space to Color”

Color  the Glory Spacecraft

and…  now all you need to do is to copy and color and hang  on the refrigerator for all to see…  or  the very best place of all would be…  in your bedroom for you to dream about… when you are going to sleep… and you want to dream of being on a secret mission … when you start working  at NASA.

and… Your next assignment might be to take a trip … on a special … Cassini Mission to Saturn… color  first…   and let your parents and friends know what your ideas are in your traveling  beyond EARTH… to discover “New Frontiers”  for  our American travelers.

…. and, NOW   after that  above…. Cassini Mission to Saturn…

This will be FUN to color by each and  everyone.


Color the Glory Launch Vehicle

“FIRST”… Just sit back and look this  picture over… give us all the secret details that you need to put into operation to get this “Launch” off… and  for it to be a complete success for all mankind!

Deep Impact Coloring Page…

When everything… out there in our great wide open spaces that are circling our Planet Earth… and for some unknown reason… something that we do not have any kind of controlling to help this situation… maybe something like you see in the above picture happens… and you are NOW the only one with the picture to color and post… as a notification  for all  of your family and friends to see… what a marvelous job you did in  posting the very best  of what happens… when it is “Curtin Time!”

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