Downtown on Sunday!

When ever My Dad  – right after work  – would call from downtown St.Louis  –  for a last minute  “Happy Time”   – the magic words  were “Forum Cafeteria!”   This Sunday, my Mom and I caught a bus and met my Dad a couple of blocks from the  Forum Cafeteria and in the 1950’s  –   there usually were  “Street Photographers” taking pictures as you walked by. My Dad could pass for  “Clark Gable’s” double, and the photographer was really trying to get  a picture of my Dad. I wish now that she was faster or more determined  –  would have been nice to have today!

Anyway, there we were  – you really did not need to know the address for the  Forum Cafeteria,   –  the  “nose” knew the way  –  the smells were so good  –   it was hurry up and get in side and in line –  with your tray in hand – slide it along and stretch your neck to see what looks like the best choice to try today!  Something new  to try – just to get ideas of combinations of foods to make when home? I was in  “High School” at the time and always like a piece of pie and scoop of ice cream.  Those were the days when I was thin and ice cream was a favorite at anytime available? Find a table for all of us and take our time enjoying.

We knew how long we could take our time  because we would be going to the “Theatre” and it was only a few minutes away! So with about “10” minutes to walk and  get our  Theatre tickets – these quick get-together  were the best!

This was top drawer living for me!  –  I sure miss the Forum Cafeteria!

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