“Karen and Kathleen”

Have to remember my sisters,   Kathleen McClarren and her identical twin, Eve Karen Francesca McClarren Scott (01-31-1996).  Life here…   just too  short  –  also, to remember both of you  –  had Masses said at   St.Francis Assisi on Telegraph road.  Have to believe that you are both with the Angels and Saints, spending time   with  the  Almighty Yahweh!

Will have to post the pictures of you and Tom when we went bowling, and when we went ice-skating  I think Tom was home on military leave at the time?  It’s  good to take pictures to help remember all the good fun times   –  so long ago?

Also…  was looking at that notebook that  you used to write all of your stories,  and  so… Alyssa  my Grand-daughter will have to do all the art work and help to get that published for you. Alyssa can work wonders illustrating the stories, and with an original work like your book…  it is just what the  “writer’s market” wants today!

So, Karen, and Kathleen,  just so you know   – neither one of you will ever be forgotten! Everyone  who ever met you  and even everyone I tell about you… always ask for more information, since you have a real story  that needs to be told!

I can only say … “you”  may be absent from the body, but I do   know…  you are both in the presence  of  the   Almighty our Creator.   May blessings… be with  you both…  forever more! 

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