“Hold on to Your Hat – Dear”

If you don’t  hold on to your hat  –  today –   you will be running  faster than you have,  in a heck of a long time!  The wind is cleaning up the streets in our neighborhood – blowing everything not tied down  –away!

A man across the street was running after  his  trash can  – what caught my eye was a big white floating  bag  –  must have loss half of its  stuff  – and floating up and down,  as he  went to grab,  for it  – down it went,  and back  –  out of reach. Looked like a ball team at practice  –  throwing a ball here and he would just  miss it,  and then,  up  and over there, till   finally he got it,  and threw it  – swiftly  into  the can!

That’s what happens,  when  you are  too much of an  eager beaver  in following  after  the putting out  of your trash, too early.  Have to give the  guy  credit on his report card at home –  doing the right thing  – get the trash out of the house, and  in to the cans  –  and  then to the curb –  should just  have waited for a  later time!   Wind blowing at almost 65 mph –  even the snow flakes were having fun – slapping each other  up and down and around  – why hit the ground – when you can have so much more fun flying around  – as if you have some place more  important to be?

Even  the Birds  took cover – do not see the usual suspects  that are invited to my  back yard  – must be staying in their   “bird house”   or in a  much safer place in the Park  – taking  good cover  – safely?  If,  only I could put the  “roar of the wind”  on paper  –  so you could  just hear it a  wailing  – away !  No trash cans out here,  at our location  –  “Dear!” – just not  in the mood – to run up and down the street!

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