“56 Years and still married to MR. Wonderful”

On the “Twenty-fourth” – 24th – I posted the Wedding Photo  of this couple you see in today’s article – – enjoying a terrific dinner together – – just as if they were back in the “teens” – – those years when you are  just full of joy  and so  happy about everything – – almost as if the WORLD – – did not have a care  – – just more time to share LOVE!


Mr. Wonderful, himself sharing one of those smile’s – –  that all of  the Lucky Irish  just love to pose  and give to the inquiring audience – – since to pass on lots of Laughter with even more LOVE  to everyone – – is noted to be… one of the best of pre-meals  type of medicine – – for it makes for better  digestion enjoyment of the meal.

This PHOTO is proof positive that “56” years   of married life with the one and only “MR.Wonderful” is  very much possible… since  there are folks that do NOT  live the “Wonderful LIFE” – – which is very possible…  if they but put there mind to doing it.  And since more and more people would like to know  – – the secret of “HOW” to stay married for many years – – and  always LIVE and LOVE each other as much  as this couple – – just perhaps  and sometime in the near  future – –  a book will come out… on just  “HOW” it is done!

So…Let us wish this  “HAPPY COUPLE” many more years of  living the HAPPY and WONDERFUL LIFE – –  – – since they have received this  special  Blessing from our Almighty Creator… himself – – and will do the same for all of us – – that will only take the time to ask. – – For in asking – we receive!     D.V.

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