“Easter is almost here”

“Getting ready for EASTER – – and this is my first “HAPPY EASTER” wish for everyone this year!”     2018 ***    *******

          “As early as – I can remember?”



Since “EASTER” will be this coming SUNDAY…just had to check through my PHOTOS – – –  just to get an idea of  all of the  many    EASTER PHOTOS – – that  would  be available for me to post and tell  everybody – – all about the many EASTER’s  – that were a part of my LIFE!

When there are small children in the FAMILY – – my feelings are to let the young children enjoy the many occasions that we as FAMILIES  celebrate together,  and always with as many of our   FAMILY members – – that are still living and are near enough to  come and  join in…  with  their  FAMILY CELEBRATION!

In the above PHOTO,  is my youngest brother, Tommy and myself hanging on – so as to not rock the swing that we received for this Easter. This “SWING” was  later moved to the back yard – – as my DADDY also dug up an area of the yard… so that he could build a small  “in the ground swim-pool”  – all concrete and  also we had  another type of  “SWING” – – so that we had plenty for three children  to play on. If you look at the lawn – you can see this is a new house –  just built  in a new    subdivision – and  lots of landscaping was needed – as you can see from the photo.

In those days…my MOTHER  had told me… later in my teen years –  – my FATHER would fix the basement up – –  with several of those large galvanized containers – so that they would have  lots of beer and soda for all  of the people to drink – – with all the food that my DAD would make – – almost as if we  were feeding an army – – tables  – chairs and benches – and they had music – so  that everyone could stay  for  a long time  with lots of  enjoyment – – for all!

“Just wishing that everyone will have the time to celebrate  “EASTER”- – at home with as many of their FAMILY  – – all will be able to be there – – where  lots of PHOTOS and MEMORIES will be made…  for  a LIFE time!”     D.V.   ***    *******

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