“Remember – EASTER – 04/14/1963”

Easter Sunday and an “EASTER BUNNY” – is all  foreign    information…  for a fifteenth month old baby – –  and we can see – – that baby Al – – sitting in the “high-chair” just has no real idea of what all that stuff is doing on the dining room table – – – and so early in the morning?

The table is set up … for four boys – – Tom in high school gets the smallest basket – – and  for  baby Al – – the youngest boy gets the largest basket – – – but it is not the size of the basket that makes you feel good – – it is all of the sweet treats that are spread out on the table …  that – –  when  being  bigger and older  –  you  know – – there is   more  that your hand can reach for  and grab –  – all   without any help – – every  thing   on the table is there – –  for each boy  to enjoy  while they   just share and even  enjoy sharing with their class mates when they  can come over!

“The early bird gets the worm”  – – he who gets up early – – can start to try out some of those colorful and fancy wrapped candies – – mostly chocolate – – who wants any thing else – -but who will get the  big “Chocolate Bunny” – – some of the larger size…  are now made hollow inside – such a  big disappointment – – I always enjoyed the solid “Chocolate Bunny” as you would have more of the good stuff –  – and the longer it  will last  – – the more you think about  “EASTER”  and all those goodies — – I can see you  and your friends  are enjoying “EASTER” – too!”

That’s big brother, Lee  serving baby brother, Al   with some  of the “EASTER” treats … the ones he knows he can give to  baby Al – – but … he is big enough – and knows  what he likes – – as  Lee has been around  a little longer – – and NOW  – – can tell  – his  little baby  brother, Al – –  all about the way – that things happen on  “EASTER” –  – so nice to be the bigger brother – – the one who  NOW   knows  and has  all of  the answers –  – just knows so much  – – for being   “so” big … four years old.

“PHOTOS” taken along time ago – – always –  have a good story – – – – and help one to remember the “GOOD” old days!” ***    *******   D.V. 

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