“Baby Beebe!”  “Sending BEST BIRTHDAY WISHES to DARLENE”

**********     “Best Wishes- from Baby Beebe!”  **********


No…    “Birthday”    could be complete – without a very “Happy Birthday to Darlene”  –  – – this message  is coming from one of your very favorite  “Chihuahua’s”  baby pups  and sister to the smallest of our breed,   – – you still have  my baby sister,  “little –  Miss  – Termite” – so a very big  and merry ole “Happy Birthday” – – and many more…

I’m sitting on my new owner’s sofa – my new owner “Mary” is just so in  – LOVE  – – with me – that she has me all dressed up – just so everybody will notice me – that’s because I am so small – and when I am wearing   something – –  fancy –  – everybody just has to stop and say  – how terrific…  I look  and they are always – so surprised that  – I am full grown –  – just because… “I’m so little!”

I was just thinking…  that everybody would really have something to talk about –  – – if they saw my baby sister, “Termite” and me together –  – since she is only half of my size – – –  “Termite”  is just a beautiful … small,  little and  most delicate  – “tea-cup” size Chihuahua – – and  the  one and only special Chihuahua!

“Darlene” – – I’m sending you a great big hug and kiss  – – from,   me – your little “Beebe!

Also… all friends and relatives up here in the NORTH and colder part of MISSOURI – – are sending LOVE and BLESSINGS from our Almighty Yahweh – – to bless you  – – since you LOVE and care for so many of my ANIMAL FRIENDS – – and… we want this  to be the best of BIRTHDAYS  ever – – just for YOU!    D.V.

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