“You are Digging… for GOLD”

********  “IT is… a Whatchamacallit…” ********


“OKAY… WHAT in the world are  you digging  for – – in that “HOLE” it  is getting pretty  BIG – – and we could get into  – – some real BIG trouble??”  “ARE you going to stop digging  – – for a minute or two – – and let me know – – WHAT is going on  HERE??”

“ARE you the only  ANIMAL around here – – that does not know what is going on?”  “When the rest  of us  small   ANIMALS  – – are communicating – – –  – do you just sleep and or close your ears – – are you not at least a little bit  interested in what the rest of us are all  doing??”

“I am asking  NOW – and in a very  nice way – – I will even  HELP –  YOU… dig – – if you will let me  share in whatever – – we all are suppose to be doing!”

“WELL!”  “Since you want to HELP – and share … It is “DARLENE’s”  BIRTHDAY – – and all of us small  ANIMALS  are digging up some of their best  hidden  “prizes”  some of our “treasures” that we were saving for  a very important time  or occasion – – and so – – “NOW is the TIME”  – – to  “FIND” the best we have…  and wrap them up  and put them by the door… for “DARLENE” to  “FIND”  for her BIRTHDAY!”    “OKAY??”

“LOOKS like  there is a lot of hard digging  – – to be done – – and I want to “PARITY”  – too… so NOW…  we will have lots of FUN with the one person that really LOVES us all – – and always has such “good treats”  for us all, too!?”



“Did you hear every thing  – – – that those old “DOGS” outside were talking about?” “Do you want to join in  – – in getting some of your “old TREASURES” ready for “DARLENE” – so that we can have some FUN…  at the PARTY, too?”

“I have an old “Whatchamacallit” – – that I have been saving  – – for a very long time and an extra    special occasion  – – and NOW – – I will go and  find it  – – and place it by the door – like the old  “DOGS”  … said to do –  – – It sure is a good thing – – that we have this special place by the window – –  just to see and hear everything – – that all of  the other   ANIMALS – – are doing and even planing on doing!”   “DARLENE” – – she,  sure will be so  surprised – – with all of the  “FUN  GIFTS” –  that she will be receiving  – and all  of us  – her special FRIENDS… to   HELP  her  in  celebrating – – a very extra and special  –  “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”  – – time!”

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