“Little Miss Beebe – – missing and found”

Mary Ellen Aldrich “Can any of the other dogs track “Beebe” to see if she is injured and needs HELP – – NOW???” *** *******

Mary Quinn Crangle When Ryder got home from school, he and Owen were playing in the yard, looking for Bebee, and I couldn’t believe my eyes…Ryder was on his moms back porch step, sitting with his head down in his hands, then, he looked up and made a sign of the cross, and put his arms up in the air, and he did this one more time before he spotted me watching him from our yard, next door,,,he ran over and said, “I was praying for Bebee!” I thank you Sacred Heart School, for teaching my grandson how to pray on his own! Sure, we say prayers together at night and at meals, but not everyday. I hugged Ryder, kissed his head and told him he is my little angel. Owen will be going to SHS Kindergarten next year, if all goes well. Still missing Bebee, but seeing my little grandson pray helps ease my sorrow. In His Holy Name, Ame

Mary Quinn Crangle Melissa Crangle is on her way to get Bebee!!! She said someone from her second job at Gettimeiers said her friend picked her up from Old Jamestown Road, and took her home. Thank you whoever you are, for contacting my daughter about Bebee! I missed her so much last night,,,and my fb post might have helped find her, but a child’s prayer is what I believe did it. Praise God for He is truly an awesome God, “Who keeps his promises” And thanks to my fb friends for your thoughts and prayers as well…Second chances are rare for me, and I appreciate this one.

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Mary Quinn Crangle
 Missing my Bebee girl…this afternoon around 1:45pm, she was in the yard and the last time I saw her was when I turned off the water and she was standing in the water bowl outside…I thought she followed me into the shed, but that is probably when she was taken…I miss you my poor doggie Bebee…and I have been crying and searching the woods for you all day since then…I hope you are in no pain and in heaven…the coyotes and owls and hawks probably took you away. — feeling sad.

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  LOOK – – special gift under tree – – Miss Beebe….

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” This is my special toy – – and I am not taking a chance of letting go – – do not want it to get accidentally …lost!”

“All is well – – that ends WELL!”     D.V.

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