“Tomorrow I start singing… HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLENE”

  ********My Lottery Winnings – for you!  ********

Darlene…   you are in “LUCK” – since I WON the LOTTERY … – and you are having a BIRTHDAY –  – – what could I do…   but share my WINNINGS with you! “How do you like this card?” – ‘Who” was the BIG WINNER… – I do not know…  – but my WINNINGS gave me just enough to get this beautiful card and send it    right … to you!

Just thought that I would also mention to you – when it comes to the LOTTERY… I allays…   consider buying a ticket a “donation” – – – since I have not heard of anyone  – that is in the last ten years  or even more  – –  ever winning any size-able amount of money  – I do not think there are any real winners???   Next time  – that I think of a Birthday gift – I think that I will just go to a store and buy – – something  – – that I can see – since I think the Lottery money must be sent to another Country  – since America has no extra money???

img196“What do you think???”     “Happy Birthday”       “Darlene”  and don’t forget  to…     –    have the best day ever!”

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