“Still Giving ‘Thanks’ for Thanksgiving”

       “3 Cheers – for the COOKS!”



“HIP- HIP!  HOORAY!”  “3 CHEERS  – for the COOKS!”

Sure do hope,  that you did  remember to say  “THANKS”  to and for what ever  terrific  help  that you had  –  all those extra hands  that were able to make a master piece  of the desserts and  the best of  all meals this year –  maybe just the biggest and juiciest of   “TURKEYS”  – and surrounded  by the best side dishes that were so well made and designed – that everyone had to enjoy seconds and thirds since one was so much better than the other –  and you  and all  of the guests were there to enjoy  and give THANKS to the ALMIGHTY for this most bountiful dinner and  for the topper  – everyone had more time to have lots of  “FUN” just putting this all into their memory book – as one of the very best of times to get together!

This picture was taken several years ago and this senior chef,  with her very helpful assistant, “Miss Alyssa” – the two of us pulled off another big feast – for everyone to enjoy???

In the above  picture you can see    –   that – it does not   pay to wear  something   “all white” –  and then –  stand near the refrigerator?   This  is not  the best of pictures, since it is a  “copy”   and,   I will have to locate the original – just to see who’s  – who and what’s – what?    This is a quick item – since we are still doing things with the last of the turkey!

Sometimes  “Turkeys”  are so large that you end up with    more than you expected  and  it  can last longer – than you wanted, so the best thing to do  now – is prepare containers for  some slices of that  left over Turkey and freeze for another day –   just remember  you can  make good sandwiches  when you  are in a hurry – everything is all ready – and so good  – that  you will  be thinking of always having some extra “TURKEY” all prepared and ready – for those quick snacks  – since  you took the time to think ahead – so while busy getting things for the “CHRISTMAS”  date – always  coming so fast and furious,  in these  few days between getting ready  for -and, all did and done!

 Since most of us only prepare the big “TURKEY” once a year – -I keep telling myself,  – “Next year year it will be a very small bird” – for some reason or the other – that is one thing I am very good at forgetting – since this is only a once a year thing to do – guess my memory feels it must forget what I said,  so I can do it  – “Just one more time” – – may as well   think of something else to forget – and keep on doing that which makes for a wonderful “THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY”  – and that all the FUN and FAMILY together – makes for a better memory book!

Hope that you are also – enjoying the last of your  Turkey and saving the good memories of this year to pass on down to the next younger generation – and that each year,   after having given THANKS to our ALMIGHTY for all of the wonderful  gifts,   that we did receive – our FAMILY and FRIENDS –  we also  want to remember to share  with neighbors and those that need a helping hand – to make LIFE  more enjoyable for all!     D.V.

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