“Each Day of the Year…Something Happening”

July 1
July is the month / Fireworks light the night sky / Like a christmas tree

August 1
August is so hot / Elves want air conditioners / And snowmen are scarce

September 4
A Christmas sunrise / makes a beautiful morning / for a boy’s delight

September 13
Silver and blue claus / loaded with toys and apples / for good boys and girls

September 25
Santa has red cheeks / a big thick mustache and beard / a very warm heart

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 25
It’s one month away / a most special Christmas day / Ready for the cheer??

November 28
red and green berries / hung on the fireplace mantel / bring joy to the heart

December 5
Fifth Day of Christmas / Rings all over my tables. / No one used coasters!

December 13
Christmas can be fun. / For Santa, this can wreck it. / Reindeer with the runs!

December 25
A Merry Christmas / To all of you, From us at / Vaillancourt Folk Art

January 1
New Morning Has Come / Welcome to two-thousand-ten / A Year of great things!

January 5
My first Chalkware piece / Given with Love, Affection! / New tradition born.

January 9
Presents under tree / And Children are under foot! / Break out the egg nog!

January 24
Christmas Treasures Bright / To build a small child’s delight / On a Christmas night

February 2
Father Christmas says, / “You better behave,” / “for a few more months.”

February 13
Did you hear the one? / How the reindeer all have fun. / North Pole limbo, mon!

February 16
Heard scratching at night / opened the locker slowly / elf was locked inside

April 30
April brings showers / Mrs Clause plants flowers / Elves work long hours

May 18
Painting at Vaillancourts / Mine is a work in progress / Painting is close now

Everyday of the year…we are working hard… Christmas is sooner than you think!    D.V.


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