“Grandsons are GREAT GIFTS from the Almighty”

“Grandma receives “BEST GIFT” from Grandson!”

To all the “Grandmas” in the world, say THANKS to your GRANDchildren!” 

“Grandchildren” are the “BEST of  PEOPLE” in the world. I know … just ask me as I can tell you all about “GRANDCHILDREN!”

A couple of weeks ago, I had seen an “AD” for a… Dustpan with handle and attached broom.  I clipped this “AD” and placed it on the dining room table? No-one even noticed it,   as I have a few other items that   are also  there,  needing attention, and everyone knows… that “NOBODY” sees anything just  because there are no “nosey” people in the  whole wide world?

I  do think that, I am the only one in this world, that I do believe  is in the “nosey” department!  It just so happens, that is if I see something different and or out of place…  I will make an inquiry  and when you inquire about something… just  sometimes,  some people think that…  you should keep your “NOSE” to yourself !

Because so often … as it happens  sometimes to ME,  they just don’t want my “TWO-Cents” worth of information… and in a way … they will let  ME know… their business is not my business?

Well, yesterday, being a  “Tuesday” and you know Tuesday is sometimes called a “good news day” and it was the best of news day for me!

My Grandson, Alan had taken the AD for the dustpan and broom set and called me… just  to be sure that I really wanted this item.  So, I  started to tell my Grandson all about the problems, that I have when trying to bend over to sweep up stuff, here and there … that is on the floor and after so many times of my bending over and picking up… well my back just starts to fall apart, due to the surgeries that I have had on my back!

I guess that when I start to tell someone of all the problems that I have… I must sound like… oh  well what word could I used other than sounding like  an “old bag of bones”  that is  getting older by the minute!

But, then Alan was telling me that he knows what I need and he will go over to a different store and get a better “dustpan set” more on the commercial side and better for a longer period of using  time… without falling apart!

Shortly after the phone call… my Grandson Alan was at my door and brought in this newer and better “dustpan and broom set” and it sure did look good!

So, today…  when I went downstairs to put a load of clothes in the wash machine, I took the dustpan set with me to give it a try out?   I had to give my Grandson Alan a call,  just to tell him what a terrific help it was for me to have this new dustpan set,  and to  NOW … be able to do   a little cleaning up and all without breaking my back in the  trying to do so!

I am so grateful and Thankful for my Grandson Alan, as  he sure does know what is best for his Grandma,  and when she needs something to do a good clean up  when I am down in the basement… “THANK – YOU,  ALAN”  for just being you… as  you are  so terrific! I am  NOW… asking for the Almighty to further  remember  you and  your kindness  for others…  to  BLESS YOU … Now and Forever!”


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  • Alan says:

    You’re the real blessing Grammy! I know you have not been feeling well this week, and yet, you still write EVERY DAY! Your dedication to our family, God and this blog is exceptional and your LOVE is the greatest gift of all. May the Almighty bless YOU with a swift recovery and continued inspiration to share these wonderful stories!

    • Mary Ellen says:

      This is a message that makes my day… makes the Sunshine come right in on me… just like GOOD Medicine … Thanks for the wonderful words… Love and Blessings to you!

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