Learning how to use – “Attach!”

When you are a “Grandma” – learning new computer skills are way pass “Dumb Dora’s,” ability!

This is one such day, for me, the “Grandma” … when the learning just does not want to go into the right part of my BRAIN.  When, like in my case, have some pictures that someone would like to put in their book…  that they are writing…  and to be published soon…  had to get instructions on, “the HOW TO DO” …  and my biggest mistake was not making written notes, as I was doing  the first couple pictures.

My Instructor walked away and said “I’ll check and see if what we sent has been received?” “Go ahead and do the next picture and send it, just like we did the first pictures.”

“Dumb Dora”…  that’s my name for myself…  when I have a task assignment to do and I feel completely out of my realm as to what to really do…  being afraid to make a mistake…  I start out as I think I remember and as I begin…  the sequence seems just a little different and as I cancel and try to start over… I feel like I am so far into the “FORREST” of mentally  being lost… there has to be a step or two…  to do…   that I have forgotten?

When you have a picture to send on the email, and you keep going over  and getting the picture and you are looking at the email and everything you see… looks good to go  and you click the  “SEND” and you receive no response….  that the picture has been received?

You  now have to wonder… what the heck am I doing?

What am I forgetting to do? Should I get up and go to the desk that is waiting for the picture and really be so “DUMB” so as  to have to ask,  “Did you receive the picture, yet?” 

 And then, what I have to do is just tell them….  that I sent the picture several times… just  have no idea…. as to why it didn’t get where it was supposed to go? And then have to say, “Would you come and show me how to do it  all over again?”

So, we go over the sending of a picture with the email again! I,  sitting there and doing one step after another … just as I am being told and then, the  magic word is said!

“Hit the symbol for “ATTACH” – “WOW” – I had to say the word “ATTACH” – several times!

That’s what I forgot to do. Every time I went to send the email…  never gave “ATTACH” a second thought…  so no wonder no picture was  received on the other end?

So, nowGrandma,” do not forget…  if you want someone to receive “SOMETHING”…  You do have to give it…  and the only way you are going to give it… “YOU have to ATTACH it!”

“That’s Right: “HIT ATTACH!”

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