“Love and Kisses to Everyone Staying HOME”

                  “A BIG KISS – to YOU!”


“Look what we found!”  

“This is the biggest “KISS” that we have ever seen and we found it….  and we hope it is filled with only “HERSHEY Chocolate Candy?”

“Alyssa,  as soon as we see Daddy… I’m going to ask him if he can put this “BIG KISS” in his truck…  so we will have candy for everybody… when we get back to Saint Louis, Missouri… OKAY?”     “Okay”

When you travel with children…  it is good to find  monuments as big as  possible and especially… when they remind you of something that you like…. such as those wonderful “Hershey Chocolate Candies” that  are also so good for you!

It seems that a long time ago… that I heard,  that the good dark “Chocolate” is good for the “body” at Ten o’clock in the morning  and at Noon and at Four  o’clock in the afternoon…. so, that  being  the case… having a large “Chocolate Kiss” as in the photo… the whole  “City  and County of Saint Louis” would be ever so happy… and for a long time, and would just LOVE us … for bringing it home for all to enjoy!

“Just wish that we had… such Good Luck!”

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