“The day to play a FOOL’s Trick”

Food For Thought – For Tomorrow!

Look at your calendar… some will see…  the “DAY OF DAYS”  when you can play a “Trick” on someone and not get into too much “TROUBLE!”   

Starting the Day… Right and having Fun with lots of “Laughter!”


April 1st, 2020 … The day to play a FOOL’s Trick on someone?

Some things you might be thinking of  to do,  just may need some preparation and planning Now! You may want to start something in the early, wee hours of the morning…  before those in your household have a clue as to what is going on   and you and everybody will achieve a bigger and better laughing   session with so much surprise…  that you pulled off such a terrific “TRICK”  one that takes a “CAKE!”

Standard old tricks, but new to you and your family if you have never tried these before… switch the SUGAR with the SALT for those in the household that would have their eyes closed, or at least half-closed in the early hours of the day? 

You can blame the “LITTLE PEOPLE”  that come in the night and do these kinds of things to unsuspecting people. That’s just in case some times some “early in the morning people”  with their eyes have shut cannot take a joke?

This is for the person you live with and that cannot get up early in the morning… You will need to sometime in the “WEE HOURS”… get up (on the quiet) and go through the house and set the clocks all ahead an hour… even sleepy-head’s watch … and their vehicle. 

Everyone at work will be surprised to see that they were there before them, and your “SLEEPY-HEAD”  will at first wonder “why is everyone so late” …  how did “he” get through the traffic and get so early to work for a chance?

Chances are you will really have “FUN” after all the  “HOW could YOU have done this TRICK to ME “…  and if you can just not pay any attention to some   of the “STEAM”…  and other words that sometimes come out of the mouth  so fast sometimes…  the words would even surprise the average  “Truck-Driver!”

Remember “LOVE”… start the evening before with “LOVE” … early in the morning adding more “LOVE”… You and YOURS will end up with lots of  “Fun… Happiness… and Joy!”

***** and if that does not equal… “LOVE” …  I’ll  even eat my  HAT!

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